eleanor at play.

it’s amazing how much fun i can have
hanging out with eleanor in her nursery.
i mean, building blocks, story books, stacking toys!
sometimes, i feel like i’m 4 years old again.
i also love stepping aside and watching eleanor
play quietly by herself.
figuring out how to stack a tiny tower of blocks,
giggling out loud when they topple over.
this girl makes me a very happy mama.
i love her.
  1. that face with the goldfish pic is priceless- don't you just wonder what is actually going thru her head there?? i just love babies- prob why i have 3 of them;) so happy for you and your family to be adding another sweet angel to this earth.

  2. LMT

    I see baskets full of books and was wondering if you would do a post on some of your favorites? I have a background in elementary education and a sweet 20 month old son who adores books. I'm always looking for new reads for our library and love to swap favorites with other moms.

  3. Eesh

    Oh my gosh she is so adorable!!! Haha look at her concentrate on what she's doing. She is the cutest!

  4. Melea

    She's so a beauty! *.*

  5. Story books especially are so much fun, even for adults.

    And i love that you've got 365 penguins, it's one of my favorite new picture books! The graphics are <3

  6. Oh, my!!!!!! She is so beautiful! :D

    Regards from Brazil!

  7. Erika

    Love your blog. I have been following for some time now but have never commented! I am expecting and wondered if you could tell me what kind of camera you used to take these pics of Eleanor indoors. Lovely light. Is it your Canon Rebel T2i? Do you have to adjust the settings for these kind of low light pics? I am hoping for a camera with a great "auto" function! Thank you!

  8. Melissa

    She is very cute!

  9. Melissa

    She is very cute!!:-) By the way I love your blog.