birthday celebrations all week long!

i feel like there is a ‘cool kids club’ at my house and i’m not a part of it since my birthday didn’t take place this week and everyone else’s did. but that’s ok because this new baby will most likely show up on my birthday in june and we’ll have our own little month to party!
anyway, my love had a birthday on monday! last year we went into the hospital on josh’s birthday (even though eleanor didn’t show up for 36 more painful hours. ugh.) so i think my husband and i both appreciated that we weren’t in a hospital on his special day this year. we celebrated by going out for ice cream before lunch on saturday, dinner just us two that evening, a few movies in bed on monday and shared an ice cream cake roll with a few close friends that evening. i based the cake roll off this recipe but didn’t add any peppermint extract (just more vanilla extract instead) and used josh’s favorite ice cream, ben & jerry’s mint chocolate cookie, instead of vanilla.

then, our baby girl turned ONE yesterday. we’re having a little party for her this weekend where she’ll get to dig into a real birthday cake, but we decided to have a little family celebration with eleanor’s first cupcake last night, too. as you can see below, she was beyond excited! (and so was her mama!)

we’ve been working hard on sharing. as eleanor began eating her cupcake, josh went in and asked for a bite and she kindly fed him a few! we are so proud of her for always being willing to share. although i will say she somehow shares more with papa than with mama. don’t even get me started on how she’ll randomly give him kisses throughout the day without him even asking for them. does this mean she is a daddy’s girl? someone please tell me it’s just a phase. ;)

and then, she went at it. it only took her maybe 4 minutes tops. the entire thing, people. she ate the entire thing. if there was any doubt before, rest assured, she is most definitely our daughter.

then we were a big mess! so we had a bath, and opened a few presents that our families so kindly sent eleanor afterwards. (thank you, families!)

i love having a week dedicated to celebrating my two favorite people! i don’t want a day to go by without both my husband and baby girl knowing by my actions and words just how much they mean to me. i hope they both feel my love for them. they are my world. happy birthday, husband and eleanor!
ps. thank you to all who left such kind and thoughtful comments on eleanor’s birthday post! i cannot wait to share them with her someday.
  1. Iituli

    I have been reading your blog for a while and i absolutely love your pictures and posts! Happy birthday to both and the cake looks mouth-watering :)

  2. Ningxi

    Naomi I'm very impressed with the way your family is!! Do you mind sharing how you have been teaching E to share? There are some parents out there who didn't know how to bring up their kids and they need your help =D

  3. On the 4th picture, where there is you with Eleanor (and the cupcake ;D, Eleanor looks a lot like your twin sisters! :)))
    She's definitely one of the cutest little girls I know! Kisses from Germany! :*

  4. Kelly

    I can never get over how smiley she is! And what a great sharer!

  5. H*

    Find your blog in Instagram- I'm Ediah- just think is so so so lovely! Little E is so perfect, so beautiful, so precious!

    Millions kisses from Spain!

  6. ayley

    okay how sweet is it that your wedding picture is in the background of those last two photographs? pretty darn sweet, if you ask me.

  7. carmen

    Happy Birthday to Both :) When i read your lines, im always smile :) Thanks!

  8. Sally

    So ridiculously cute! Happy belated birthdays!

  9. what a sweet little family :) happy birthday to your adorable husband and daughter!

  10. Ahahah she is sooo cute. Look at her smile :)

  11. A great big Happy Birthday to the both of them. D is the same way.. he puts up with me during the day but the moment his dad gets home it's like I don't even exist. In fact I think he thinks I'm just getting in the way.

    This is a great month though.. my husband and I both have our birthdays.. mine is today and his is tomorrow..

    But june is just as great.. that's when D was born. :)

  12. Jennifer

    Now my belated Happy Birthday wishes to Josh! It looks like you all had a wonderful week of celebrations filled with love, laughter, and yummy cakes!

  13. Happy birthday beautiful girl!!! Wow what a lovely birthday party stunning. You and your man look great too very cute.
    Love Jem

  14. I love your pictures, you have such a cute family i want the same !!!! olalal, so cute :-)

  15. I love your pictures, you have such a cute family i want the same !!!! olalal, so cute :-)

  16. I love your pictures, you have such a cute family i want the same !!!! olalal, so cute :-)

  17. I love that commitment you made to always let them know how much they mean to you by your words and actions. I guess its something I have been working hard on with my Mr B that all my words and actions are those of love. You put it in a lovely phrase.