a weekend in the city…

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we spent last friday and saturday in new york city as a family. we had meetings most of the weekend there, so we didn’t get to see friends or do a whole lot, but we did shoot some video together when we weren’t in meetings.
we really love that city. don’t worry, dc, we love you, too. but gosh, i think new york stole both of our hearts individually when we each moved there for school as little 18 year olds. so many memories made there in the years that followed. i can’t believe this spring marks 3 years since we moved! time flies… it really does.
ps. the prettiest little snowstorm happened on saturday morning while we were walking through the west village. it was so beautiful. i want to walk through it again.
**music in video by the black keys.
  1. Luisa

    Adorable :)
    Looove the video. Someday, yes someday I will take such a pretty video too.
    Love your little family.

  2. Shannon

    what a sweet way to document your trip! looks like fun!

  3. Dee

    I love the doughnut plant! YUM!

    That pay attention street sign is the best! Ha.

  4. I love NYC so much and leave a it of my heart there every time I visit. We're trying to move there in the fall, so hopefully I will be able to go and reclaim my heart!

  5. i love the video- thanks for keeping things fresh! also, you pull off red pants SO well.

  6. Loulou

    This is so cute. You all look so happy. I love Eleanor's pink running shoes!

    Loulou Downtown

  7. whimsy


  8. alyssa

    it is such a magical city! there is totally something about the place you strike out on your own that just never lets go.

  9. makes me want to visit NYC {never have been}… please show us more videos… you 3 {almost 4} are so cute together!!! greetings from germany, xo.

  10. This video is so wonderful <3
    I love the dancing parts :D

  11. you have such a cute little family!
    and your video is making me all excited for my nyc trip in april!xo, cheyenne

  12. you have such a cute little family!
    and your video is making me all excited for my nyc trip in april!xo, cheyenne

  13. haley

    You are adorable! And that doughnut place… I may have to trek to NYC for that!

  14. catzie

    that was simply adorable!

  15. i love this! it makes me want to go to new york. and also wear eleanor's hat.

  16. Heidi

    What a fun video! Loved it.

  17. Love the video, Naomi! It was so wonderful stumbling across your blog. I cannot stop scrolling.

  18. Love the video, Naomi! It was so wonderful stumbling across your blog. I cannot stop scrolling.

  19. Love the video, Naomi! It was so wonderful stumbling across your blog. I cannot stop scrolling.

  20. Love the video, Naomi! It was so wonderful stumbling across your blog. I cannot stop scrolling.

  21. you are the happiest family, it's so heart warming! it makes me really look forward to what's in store for me in my future with my fiance'


  22. Kristen

    Awww this is such an adorable video!

  23. Harley

    such a cute way to document a trip!

  24. molly

    even though I don't have much time to click through blogs, I find myself drawn back to yours time and time again. As a mother of three I adore that you celebrate life, family and motherhood. I always leave smiling and in this case, dancing in my chair as I eat my lunch. all the best!


  25. Unknown

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  26. I love your cute doughnut dance! I also want to try that shop… did I see a doughnut that's rose flavored?!

  27. I adore your little videos! Super cute ^_^

  28. cute and beautiful family memories :)

  29. Suzanne

    Oh my gosh I love this! Especially the part where Josh walks into the sign. Lovely little family!

  30. madeline

    Oh my gosh, so cute. My daughter (2) and I just had the best time watching all of your Eleanor videos! Totally love that you used Throw Me The Statue for one of them. Much love from Seattle!

  31. okay, you not only photograph beautifully, but even in video you are just too perfect!
    oh, and those pink converse on baby E get me every time. so very, very adorable!!!
    the city loves you all :)
    xo TJ

  32. Mariana

    this is such a cute video! omg your belly is gettting so big:) you look so beautiful too:) i love your freckles, i have my frekles in the same place as you but i only have a little. BUt you should so take more pics of your belly:) such a awesome video and i love the music:)

  33. kwistin

    did i already comment on this? cuz i meant to. i watched it a….good amount of times. then listened to the black keys at work (thanks!).

    this little video made me miss ny so much! and i love how it was all filmed – absolutely lovely. your little family really knows how to make life beautiful and capture it all.

    happy valentines day!

  34. i love this video!!! just wondering what kind of video camera you used for this?

  35. Such a great video. Just wondering what kind of camera you used to shoot it. I need one and I don't know what kind I should get. Do you recommend yours?

  36. Britney

    I always love using video to document trips–it's so much more interesting (and takes up less space) when sharing it with others! We love nyc too–we visit there at least twice a year to see my family while we're living here in Oregon. So jealous that you guys are just a few hours-drive away!

  37. Kristen

    such a fun way to document the trip! E is adorable!!

  38. emily

    thanks for this. it reminds me I need to compile my recent nyc vids! hope you had a good time and next time whether we're in dc or you are here, we will have to make a date of it.

  39. jones

    loved this so!!! your trip looked delicious

  40. Marie

    Loved the video! I love your blog, it's one of my favorites!

  41. zezee

    u re the cutest couple and fam ever(:

  42. Jenna E

    love the vid! I want to go to New York and stuff my face right now. I have to drive an 1 1/2 away to get our closest restaurant :( Not so much fun for this preg lady

  43. i can't believe the nyc sign!!!! so hilarious!!!!!!

  44. Anna

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  45. Anna

    love the video, funny you went to the Donut Plant – my addiction. I even found it in Tokyo!
    handmade jewelry

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  47. I love this video! It's so so so cute! I love it also because I work in the SoHo area and I just love the city! It would have just been so fun to run into you! Love your blog!! Cute!


  48. Julie

    Did I really just see a sign for a chocolate peanut butter banana doughnut???? i HAVE to get there STAT!

  49. It was so nice meeting you and little E while you were in town! Hope to meet up again when you come back!!