a “stay in your sweat pants and slippers all day” kind of day.

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i’ve been fighting a mean cold all week. yesterday was my most nauseous day of pregnancy so far, and pretty sure i feel 41 weeks pregnant as of late… (only 24 weeks. despite having experienced this all once before, this second pregnancy is no piece of cake.)
eleanor and i didn’t leave the house once yesterday. we declared it a “stay in your sweat pants and slippers all day” kind of day. we made ourselves a tasty puffed pancake around 3pm for “mommy’s breakfast” and pretty much just read books, watched a lot of hulu, and cuddled in bed most of the day.
a few things that helped me get through yesterday…

what’s left of the pretty flowers kingsley did not eat
which josh got me for valentines day .

a puffed pancake in the middle of the afternoon
with lots and lots and lots of powdered sugar.

this cute little face playing peek-a-boo in the nursery with me.

wearing slippers all day long.

…and lots of san pellegrino, tea, and tissues
within arms reach on my nightstand.
i’m already feeling a lot better today, although still feeling pretty pregnant. but i suppose that feeling is here to stay until june… ;) hope you and i both have a wonderful weekend! xo
  1. BOO! Being sick AND pregnant is the worst. Lucky that you got to stay in PJ's all day. That puffed pancake looks like it could cheer anyone up. :)

  2. Eden

    i had some sort of flu just last week! I spent my day doing very similar things…minus the cutie playing peek-a-boo! i think that probably would have made me feel better!

    by the way, i absolutely love the look of your photos. i love the airy-ness, and gray tones. <3

    xox, eden

  3. ugh colds are awful. i hope you are back up and moving soon. hopefully in time for the three day weekend. :)

    also, i cant help but notice in the last photo a painting on your night stand. that is absolutely adorable (im pretty sure its of your little family). can i ask who painted it?

    sending happy healthy thoughts.

  4. Stacy

    Hope you feel better soon!

    And now I am definitely making pancakes tomorrow!

  5. Shannon

    Take care and get better soon!
    My second was way worse than my first pregnancy. The baby is 3 months old, and I still has flashback nausea when I look at photos I took last year!

  6. Elisha(:

    Feel better!!<3

  7. I have had five babies and was so sick for all of them. The only thing that got me through were my Granny's words, "The sicker you are the better. That means the baby is taking what it needs to stay healthy and strong."

    Made the sacrifice worth it, knowing my baby was healthy!

    Hang in there!

  8. Laurie

    feel better, and have a great weekend!

    ps: we love your puffed pancake recipe over at our house! we have made it several times since you first shared the recipe on your blog. nothing beats a puffed pancake with strawberries on top on a saturday morning :-)


  9. A cold is always a bad thing, but being pregnant same time makes it a lot more terrible. But the hardest part for me always was to entertain my already existing little girl while feeling that bad. I wish you all the best, the good thing is that pregnancy flews by sooo fast when you already got a child but of course it's much more stressful too. Thinking on my first pregnancy just hanging on the couch after 35 weeks pregnant but no chance to be that way in the second one while a 15month old child still wants her entertainment!

    Best wishes!

  10. Hope you feel better soon! At least it's for a wonderful cause :) Funny fact; in the UK we have something that looks similar to a puffed pancake, it's made from the same mixture as crepes (just flour, milk and eggs) but we would think it really weird to eat it with sugar and strawberries, we call them Yorkshire puddings and we'd eat it with a roast dinner (particularly beef) and gravy! :)

  11. Gisela

    Get well soon!!!


  12. Feel better!

    The shots of your home are so sweet — and I really love the drawing of your family on the nightstand! Who did that?! So talented.

    Happy Friday!


  13. do i spy an illustration of your pregnancy announcement photo on your nightstand?! ah! show us! and feel better.

  14. Oooh, I just got over this exact same cold– so I know exactly how you feel! I hope you feel super better real soon– while some people say that Ricola is a "placebo", they're tasty and soothed my throat all the time!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  15. Feel better! And I think I recognize the artist who did that illustration… is it Ashmae?

  16. colleen

    glad you're feeling better. as for feeling pretty pregnant…only 4 more months! yay…but in all seriousness, hope it flies by and that your weekend is wonderful.

  17. i hope you feel better!! sounds like a lovely day though (minus the cold and sickness) cuddles with your little one, puffed pancakes and all in your sweat pants!

  18. feel better! who did the super cute portrait of the fam on the nightstand?

  19. that portrait of your fam is adorable! would love to get a better look!

  20. thanks everyone! the portrait on my nightstand was done by Ashmae from etsy. it's the photo from our family christmas card/announcement. i love it.


  21. Emily

    Love Eleanor's peek-a-boo face!

  22. I am absolutely loving your blog. It's so sweet and honest. And that baby! So cute!

  23. A cute face indeed! Glad it's Eleanor keeping you company :-) And I'm sorry to hear that you are still sick into your second trimester. Bummer. Keep your eyes on the prize!
    Hannah at http://www.thrivingthirty.tumblr.com

  24. Hope you feel better soon! The puffed pancake definitely looks delicious.
    I'm only 20 weeks pregnant and I feel very big already too!

  25. Steer clear of Foggy Bottom! There's at least 85 cases of some sort of norovirus outbreak at GW. :)

  26. gosh I can't imagine dealing with a cold and pregnancy! I've had a cold all week, too, and I am SO ready for it to go away! I'm guzzling tea as I type this :). Hope you start to feel better too!

  27. Oh my goodness, may I ask where you got that adorable illustration of you and Josh on your nightstand?

  28. Oh my goodness, may I ask where you got that adorable illustration of you and Josh on your nightstand?

  29. Oh my goodness, may I ask where you got that adorable illustration of you and Josh on your nightstand?

  30. Oh my goodness, may I ask where you got that adorable illustration of you and Josh on your nightstand?

  31. there's nothing a puffed pancake can't do to make use feel better!

  32. Mariela

    Hope you feel better very, very, soon!, a big hug to you : )

  33. Awww, being sick is no fun. Hope you feel better soon.

    Kelly xo

  34. That is no fun feeling crummy. At least you had a friend around to keep you company. Glad you're feeling a little better! Love the photos.

  35. Heather

    oh man, I could totally use a pj's and slippers kind of day!

    Becoming Heather

  36. Maja

    feel better!
    it looks like such a nice day though :)
    kisses to you and E!


  37. Mrs. Ham

    I'm dying to know how or who drew that picture of you announcing baby #2??? I love it!!


  38. love the artwork on your nightstand!
    get better soon!!


  39. melanie

    yum yum how does one make a puffed pancake?

  40. I am upgrading you to modern heroin status! You were sick, while pregnant, and managed to cook, take care of a baby and play with her. When I'm sick, I lay still in my bed and wait for my boyfriend to come home so I can eat again.
    Hope you're feeling better!
    Love, Diana from http://thegirlwhocouldntbeafashionista.blogspot.com/

  41. Im glad I never got morning sickness, but oh man, I'm 35 weeks now and pretty sure I can't roll over any more. It is too much. Good luck with the weeks ahead! The exciting little package that awaits is what makes it all worth it.



  42. melanie

    why do cats think it is important to eat the flowers? I can never have them in my house {the flowers, not the cats, although sometimes I could trade flowers for cats in a heartbeat}! I hope you feel better! I am jealous of your "stay in sweat pants and slippers" day!

  43. Chelsea

    What really helps with feeling sick when you're pregnant is peppermint oil. Just even simply sniffing the bottle when you feel yucky really helps. You can buy it at whole foods. I put some on my fingertips and rub my scalp when i have head aches or put a few drops on Conrad's feet when he has a fever and it helps take his temp down.

    ;) feel better soon. love the pic of E in her nursery!

  44. I just came across your blog last week and it is my favorite for so many reasons it would be hard to list. You have a lovely lil family. Praying for a restful, peaceful weekend for you all. :)

  45. tell us about the trainnig sleep, please!

  46. Lauren

    I hope you are feeling better! We're sick in my house, too. Bummer!

    Also, that drawing on your nightstand is adorable!

  47. Sarah

    Aw I'm kinda feeling the same way here. I'm also due in June. Even though it's our 2nd time around it's our first time chasing a toddler. I remember a lot of lounging last time…not this time haha. I hope you feel better =)

    – Sarah

  48. jen

    i hope you feel better soon.. love you both!!

    A Charming Chaos

  49. 2busy

    I would think that Eleanor's sweet smile could make anything better.

    And you must post the recipe for the puffy pancake. Looks delish!

  50. Jessie

    I totally understand about the second pregnancy not being any easier. For me, it's worse! And combined with a cold… you poor thing. Get better soon!

    P.S. A puffed pancake for lunch sounds perfect.

  51. I hope you feel better! It's no fun feeling sick and I can imagine it's even worse with a baby to look after. A relaxing day at home always helps, though!

  52. Feel better! Baby smiles cure anything, though, I hear! xo

  53. awww no fun! call me next time – i will bring you treats and groceries or whatever you need. but it does sound kind of nice to cuddle with your baby all day long! silver lining!

  54. So sorry you're sick! Being a sick and a mommy at the same time is SO hard!

    I don't know about you, but sometimes those "just stay in" days are my favorites. I always think I'll go nuts, but we find games to play, eat picnics on the floor, try out new movies. It's nice to have some comfy, cozy downtime!

  55. feel better love! I'm 35 weeks pregnant and have been sick twice! It is the worst!! But theres nothing wrong with a PJ's all day type of day ;) xoox

  56. Bridget

    gah. colds while pregnant are the worst, colds while caring for another are the worst, but both?! hang in there, naomi! spring is upon us!!

  57. hoops118

    Oh no! Does this mean my days of nausea are not necessarily behind me?? I'm 18 weeks… Hope you're feeling better. That pancake oughta be the magic medicine.

    ashley @ http://www.thestorkandthebeanstalk.com

  58. Lottie

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

    And ther is nothing better than a much need slipper and sweat pant kind of day–especially if it involves blanket, a sofa, some tv, and lots of cuddles :)

  59. The Ls

    Get well soon! The flowers look lovely despite Kingsley's nomming efforts. :D

  60. reidmore

    sorry you aren't feeling well! Love the portrait on your nightstand.


  61. Bek W

    oh that is sucky BUT can you please post a receipe for that puffed pancake? YUM!

  62. angel

    get well soon! i'm a new blog reader and am enamored with your joie de vivre… and your sweet (growing) family! i'm 2.5 weeks away from having my first baby (a girl!) so i love seeing how you've transitioned into motherhood so beautifully. get well soon and have a lovely weekend! xo

  63. seriously, your house is just so fabulous! i love seeing little snippets of it. hope you continue to feel a little better every day. and that the baby doesn't make you too sick this weekend for you to enjoy yourself!
    xo TJ

  64. Britney

    I read this and thought, "Wow. This sounds a lot like what I do every day, minus the cold." Sorry to hear you've been feeling under the weather. Hope today is a better day!

  65. That puffed pancake looks amazing – how do you make it? Oh, and that couch in the nursery – beautiful!

  66. Hope you feel better! My first pregnancy was rough-lots of nauseousness! I know how you feel!

  67. H*

    ohhhhhhhh! hope you feel better today!!!!!!

  68. puff pancakes are the best medicine! simply known as "puffs" around our house :)

  69. Oh, so sorry you are under the weather. But the crazy thing is, I ate a puffy pancake yesterday with lots and lots and lots of powdered sugar too! I had mine with fresh lemon juice and strawberries as well. And I ate the entire thing by myself… not pregnant.

    Here's hoping for less nausea and more energy for your weekend!

  70. Erin

    Other than being sick, it sounds like a pretty awesome day. Happy weekend!

  71. Janell

    I've never even heard of a puffed pancake before now. Am I completely out of the loop? At any rate, it looks like it was pretty tasty. Where did you find the recipe for it? I understand those days all too well. I'm more of a yoga pants and hoodie kind of a gal on those days. Hope you are feeling better soon. Xo, Janell

  72. love those days :)
    hope you feel better soon xx

  73. Is that a walker in Eleanor's room? Where did you get it? I need one for my little guy! Don't worry, you will rock this pregnancy and soon enough you'll have another sweet bebe. :)

  74. Elle

    perfect day I say.

  75. Luisa

    I really hope you feel better soon :)
    Those pictures are really pretty- like all of yours.

  76. wait…the picture on the night stand…its your 2011 christmas card picture right? but cartoon like? SUPER CUTE!

  77. Brenny

    Oh no! being pregos and sick is the worst! I hope youre feeling better for the weekend:) xx

  78. Liesl

    How sweet, just sorry you weren't feeling well, but PJ and slipper days are meant for days like that! :) That mid-afternoon puffed pancake looks delish! <3 Feel better and have a lovely weekend!

  79. Olya

    It can be really hard to be preggers, but you are doing a marvelous job , and even find time for blogging:) and when you get s lovely mini Eleanor, all bad memories will vanish. Sending you lots of love! xoxoxoxoxo from livingnotes.com

  80. Olya

    Meant livingnotesfromnyc.com – but you know what I mean :)

  81. a puffed pancake looks magical!

  82. Taylor

    First, your house and daughter are just gorgeous! The wood floors, the white, the little smile and cute brown hair!

    Second, I posted today and it was completely inspired by you. What a good idea! I hope you do not mind:)

  83. Hope that you feel better soon! Those pancakes look sensational, by the way… x

  84. Quiqui

    Hope you are feeling better today! I got a cold while I was pregnant too. It was the worst! The pancakes look delicious! Have a nice weekend!!!

  85. Hope you feel better! Lovely pictures!

  86. Wow, what a wonderful family you have!. Im addicted to your entries, the first thing i do in the morning is to look up if you wrote something new!. Also I'm a recent mom and I wonder how you do to look that great all the time and cook all those delicious meals…I don't have so much time!!!. Also I have a full time job so it's very time consuming, do you have any house cleaning service? Im really impressed because hours fly away in my home and i don't have so much time for all. Im just so curious and also I'd like if you could tell me some tips on home organization because after all the great things you cook, clothes you wear and social life you make I'm thinking I need some advice!!

    Thanks and keep up this very nice blog!.

  87. shamim

    hope u get better soon:X