a “stay in your sweat pants and slippers all day” kind of day.

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i’ve been fighting a mean cold all week. yesterday was my most nauseous day of pregnancy so far, and pretty sure i feel 41 weeks pregnant as of late… (only 24 weeks. despite having experienced this all once before, this second pregnancy is no piece of cake.)
eleanor and i didn’t leave the house once yesterday. we declared it a “stay in your sweat pants and slippers all day” kind of day. we made ourselves a tasty puffed pancake around 3pm for “mommy’s breakfast” and pretty much just read books, watched a lot of hulu, and cuddled in bed most of the day.
a few things that helped me get through yesterday…

what’s left of the pretty flowers kingsley did not eat
which josh got me for valentines day .

a puffed pancake in the middle of the afternoon
with lots and lots and lots of powdered sugar.

this cute little face playing peek-a-boo in the nursery with me.

wearing slippers all day long.

…and lots of san pellegrino, tea, and tissues
within arms reach on my nightstand.
i’m already feeling a lot better today, although still feeling pretty pregnant. but i suppose that feeling is here to stay until june… ;) hope you and i both have a wonderful weekend! xo
  1. Hope you feel better soon! I just got a similar cold (I think the whole North East is sick right now!)! At least you have the adorable little Eleanor to keep you company :) Also, the drawing on your nightstand is adorable!

  2. hmm, that pancake looks so tasty!
    and i hope you feel better soon!
    xo, cheyenne

  3. Hope you are feeling better…it's always hard being pregnant while taking care of a little one. I'm 26 weeks with baby number 3 and I feel huge so I feel your pain! Have you tried Gingera? My midwife recommended it and I get it from drugstore.com, it's great for nausea and also heartburn (which has already started up for me :(!)



  4. Hope you will feel better soon!

    Beautiful flowers!

  5. naomi! i need to know where you got that nightstand. it is nothing short of amazing.

  6. JO

    You can still see marks of teeth in the poor flowers! my cat is a flower destroyer too, but what can we do? haha ♥

  7. Ooh… puffed pancakes look amazing! Care to share the recipe?

  8. Get well soon!

  9. Meg

    Hope you had a wonderful V-day!

  10. i know i'm like the 100th person to say this, but that portrait on the nightstand is so cute.

  11. Madeline

    Love that you're drinking San Pellegrino when you're sick. It's the classy little touches that really make us still feel human :)

  12. Amanda

    I love days like this :)

  13. Jess

    love the flowers and pancakes!! do you have a recipe for the pancakes?

    check out the prom themed birthday party on my blog and please comment. kisses!


  14. SDiB

    You have the most beautiful home!


  15. alissa b

    feel better! feel better!

    (and great photos, btw! love the flowers from josh–they're so sweet!)

    alissa b

  16. your little girl is getting cuter by the day!
    what sort of large wooden xylophone toy is that? My mother has been looking for something similar to it for my son for a while. This would be perfect! Thanks.

  17. Elisha(:

    i love love these pics! (: