a little update.

hope your weekend was great! and your monday…. and tuesday. ;)
eleanor has started walking…finally! we still have a ways to go but she loves to stand and dance all on her own and is finally putting a few steps in there, too. we are very proud. there has been a lot of cheering and clapping going on around these parts lately. sometimes, cheering and clapping for 60 seconds straight! this new phase has got to be the greatest.
josh somehow talked me into going off of candy, desserts and soda with him for a month. a month!! in the moment it sounded like a fun challenge to take on together and oh so doable, but then suddenly there is key lime pie on every menu i see, a forgotten stash of dove chocolates in my car, and a whole lotta ice cream sandwiches staring me in the face every time i open the freezer door. but our bodies are going to feel so good soon, right? RIGHT?!
there is so much more i want to blog right now but i need to upload photos from my camera and that seems really daunting at the moment. so i am going to bed instead. have a wonderful night! xo
  1. hooray! I bet she looks so cute walking too.

  2. haha welcome to my life story. we are off candy for a year! and i have found twizzlers in my car, and dove chocolate at my apt! we are going on a cruise in a couple weeks, and are trying to prepare our physique! haha


  3. that it´s really a beautiful phase, i´m now waitng for the talking part. you have an stunning baby girl. congrats for your blog.
    rocio from http://blogmodainfantil.es/

  4. Aw! Eleanor is the cutest baby girl ever!

  5. Carly

    From the pictures you've posted you and your siblings all look so much alike but Eleanor especially looks just like your twin sisters in that shot, very cute :)

  6. Woot! Do it!!! I don't think I could go off desserts . . . they're too lovely. But I think it's an awesome challenge.

    Also when babies start walking it's so happy . . Just wait till she starts running!

  7. Char

    OOhh candy! I don't think I could do it! If you can, you are a definite goddess! haha! Good luck with the walking! That's such great news.
    Char xo

  8. Lisa

    Such a sweet little girl!

  9. She is adorable and how fun that she's walking! I am in week 3 of no sugar/no carbs and have 3 to go for my goal…when you set a goal, it's quite attainable!

  10. Emily

    she is absolutely precious!! i am off candy/desserts for lent and i did it for a month back in the fall too. my tip would be to eat lots of fruit and smoothies — they become quite the sweet treat and definitely helped me feel like i wasn't depriving myself. good luck!!

  11. Halili H

    definitely my favourite picture of eleanor !

  12. mir.

    I see such a strong resemblance between Eleanor and your younger twin sisters!

  13. You have the cutest little babe ever! I want my children to look just like her someday… :) love your blog!

  14. Elisha(:

    she is sooo cute!!!

  15. she is THE BEST! what a little blessing!

  16. This picture rocks :D

  17. Iny

    Custest girl ever!!! =)

    My Sweet Pearls


  18. haley

    Congrats Eleanor! What a great idea to go off desserts for a month! I think I may start that on March 1st :) A little detox would be good :) And good luck to you guys!

  19. I gave up sugar and all other sweeteners for the month of February, and although I am looking forward to March 1, it hasn't been nearly as brutal as I expected (except the first few days). My staples are dried fruit, nuts, and lattes!

  20. Ashlae

    Yoooooou know, there are a lot of great raw dessert recipes out there that aren't considered actual desserts. I mean, can something made solely of dates, nuts and coconut be dessert? Nope! But it tastes like it :) Good luck with your month long fast and YAY FOR ELEANOR :)

  21. Margaret

    Here in Texas if you leave chocolate in your car, no matter the "season", you're in trouble. It's been hot enough to melt chocolate into the tiny spaces some days this winter!

  22. Kathy

    Eleanor's smile is so contagious. You can't help but also smile as well.