a birthday party, for eleanor.

on saturday we had a little birthday party for eleanor. since valentines day is right around the corner, we went with that theme. i gave myself a very little budget for her party as i realized early on how easily i could get carried away with everything. ;) i made homemade valentine invitations and decorations and kept the menu to some baked treats, fruit kabobs and a little spring salad. my sister bekah came into town for the weekend and saved the day with all her mad kitchen skills. she was such a big help and having an extra set of hands is how this all happened. we’re trying to convince her to move in with us for the summer…or permanently. ;)
we got lucky and had some of our favorite people in our home saturday. friends from the district, the dc area, even a few of my closet friends from college came down for the day from new york city. we’re really thankful for all the love our friends have shown eleanor over the past year. to be honest, we felt their love for her before she even arrived. as she’s growing older, i hope she feels it, too. so thank you, friends, for making this year extra special for our family. it was wonderful to spend afternoon with you celebrating our little girl.

happy birthday, once more, baby girl.
we love you.
  1. Janssen

    I LOVE the little candles on the invitations. What a clever idea!

  2. Marilyn

    adorable.all of it. especially E's hair bow.

  3. Maria

    This is so sweet! Happy Birthday to her! It's great how much you made and how you were able to keep it to a little budget.

  4. cute party! cute fam! do you play the piano? i couldn't help but notice the children's hymn book….lds chicks rock :)

  5. nicole

    what a sweet party! it will be so fun for her to someday look back on this blog;) so cool!!

  6. wonderful photos…and is that Addy the American Girl doll I spy in one of them?!?!?! OMG my favorite American Girl!!!!


  7. A beautiful party for a beautiful little girl. Love those giant balloons!

  8. how fun!

  9. beina

    Once again, tanti auguri piccolina!!!!

  10. Eleanor

    For a very small budget you turned out one of the most gorgeous 1st birthdays I have ever seen!

    Happy Birthday Eleanor!!!

  11. What a beautiful party & family! The decorations/table set up are so lovely.
    xx. Jillian

  12. casey

    super sweet, great job! looks like a lot of fun. where do you get all of Eleanor's hair clips? I love them!

  13. I LOVE those invites! So stinking cute!

  14. great invitations and i love the big balloons! what a sweet first birthday. eleanor is a lucky girl :)
    p.s. since i, a reader, can barely believe she's already one, you must be in shock! ;)

  15. Unknown

    Where did you find her adorable barrette?

  16. Laurie

    so sweet! i love the invitations that you made for her party. looks like you guys had a great time!

    happy birthday, eleanor!


  17. Dani

    Perfect! Happy Birthday Eleanor!

  18. Adin B

    Happy Birthday! :)

    Adin B

  19. carissa

    aw! i love that photo of E and R. Eleanor's smile!

    It was such a sweet day. A celebration of the little blessing your girl is to all of us.

  20. you and your family are so precious. i love reading your posts, looking at your photos, and gushing over your sweet baby girl. :)

  21. Lottie

    Those invitations are darling–love the candles. And the theme is amazing, as is all the love that is shown in these wonderful photos.

  22. Unknown

    What an adorable, simple party. I am planning my daughter's party for later next month and am hoping to keep it simple as well. She has those same navy leggings and I just love them! You can't beat the price at $5.00!

  23. aww…happy birthday Eleanor! Looks like such a fun day. :)

  24. Such a sweet party and a beautiful little girl!!

  25. Absolutely gorgeous! What a sweet occasion and such a fun way to celebrate!

  26. You three a such a fashionable little family. So cute! Happy Birthday Eleanor!

  27. So sweet! Everything looks beautiful, people and all.
    Love your friends tights :)

  28. I love the amount of thought you put into everything, like those adorable invitations! And those balloons and those cookies! I have a feeling that Valentines Day will become a theme for her birthday for many years to come!

  29. cutest one year old EVER! she is seriously beautiful and your family could not be more adorable. i love that you all had such an wonderful time!

    xo the egg out west.

  30. jen

    Happy birthday Eleanor dear! I wish I could be there at your party too!

  31. Mallory

    Such a beautiful baby girl (and birthday party!)

  32. My birthday is in June so I have always been a bit partial that it is the best time of year to celebrate a birthday, but I think February has to be a close second. Love the theme & colors :) Thanks for sharing the pictures!! xo

  33. SO adorable! Looks like a wonderful celebration with friends and family. And the cake pics are priceless!

  34. Love the invitations. What a great idea :-)

  35. The entire party theme looked great! I love the invitations and that flower in Eleanor's hair!


  36. So darling! I love her invitations! The candle on them is the cutest thing; I might have to steal that idea when my little guy turns one.

  37. So darling! I love her invitations! The candle on them is the cutest thing; I might have to steal that idea when my little guy turns one.

  38. So darling! I love her invitations! The candle on them is the cutest thing; I might have to steal that idea when my little guy turns one.

  39. So darling! I love her invitations! The candle on them is the cutest thing; I might have to steal that idea when my little guy turns one.

  40. these pictures are so beautiful and happy!! great invitations and party ideas naomi :)

  41. awwwww…. what adorable photos! and what a lovely birthday!

    the perfect family


  42. Jordan

    Cute party!! :)

  43. Love your straws and cake platters. Fun, fun!

    what are the sticks with string on them??

  44. Ashleigh

    Happy birthday to your little one – I loved seeing your instagram pics over the weekend – thanks for sharing. The valentines theme is beyond cute!

    xx Ashleigh

  45. So much love. I'm just sitting here at work smiling :P thanks for sharing!

  46. absolutely adorable! i loved all of the sweet details.

  47. this is too sweet. I smile when I saw all the pictures here. Happy birthday Eleanor!

  48. i love how her little personality is evident even in the photos. she is just the cutest (i mean, duh, but….really).

  49. Ash

    what a beautiful first birthday party (: i think you did an excellent job on a budget!

  50. Britney

    What an adorable birthday celebration! Happy first birthday, Eleanor! I'm starting to plan my little guy's first birthday in March and im totally going to adopt your smart idea to limit the budget bc I, like you, can totally lose control on this one :)

  51. Melissa

    What a cute cute party!

  52. Alex

    The most beautiful little one year old ever!!

  53. I love these pics and I love this cake. I want the same one for MY birthday next month.
    Happy birthday Eleanor, such a pretty girl, sorry, I'm late…

  54. She is such a smiler! I absolutely love those heart invitations with the single white candle. So clever.

  55. brittany

    the sweet little candle on each invitation is such a clever detail! what a perfect first birthday :)

  56. love the table decoration! and happy bd, Eleanor!!;)

  57. Megan

    Lucky girl to be born so close to Valentine's Day. Everything looks so pretty at this time of year thanks to all of the red, pink, hearts, flowers, and chocolate.

  58. Mariela

    Everything looks amazing,so beautiful, Happy Birthday again, Eleanor!!.

  59. melanie


  60. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! cant wait for my little girl to be here in a couple weeks! How is your pregnancy going?! Hope your feeling great! xo

  61. Kendra

    It was such a fantastic party! Although we were rather late, I'm glad we didn't miss Eleanor digging in to the cake :) Happy birthday again, sweet Eleanor! We'll have to get together soon.

  62. What an adorable birthday party! Happy Birthday, Eleanor!
    And kudos to Mama for being wise enough to know not to go totally overboard. That was a real challenge for me when my daughter was young. You pulled it all together nicely!
    Have a lovely Monday.
    Savannah Marie

  63. good job with the party planning, mama! such cute decorations and it looks like such a fun time :) happy birthday again to your baby girl

  64. Looks like she had a fabulous birthday! What a lucky little girl to have so many wonderful people in her life.

  65. i love everything about this little party!i hope my birthday party is like this!happy birthday to your gorgeous little girl!all the best x

  66. Traian

    Happy birthday fro your sweet girl and hubby! You all look so happy!

  67. lacey

    what an awesome day, everything you did looks beautiful! i love that your outfit coordinated with the color of her little hair flower :)


  68. paraphrasing Despicable Me, "it's so cute I'm gonna die."

  69. Очень добрые фотографии!

  70. E is such a cute little girl! I love how all the cake (or whatever it might be) is spread all over here face :)


  71. Naomi, I don't know how you manage it, but you have the most adorable everything: friends, daughter, family, party. Seriously. Looks like baby E had a blast!

  72. What a beautiful birthday party, great job party planning mom!


  73. She is so so beautiful and getting SO big! I just can't get enough of her.

  74. Lindsey

    What a great invitation idea! It looks like Eleanor had a fabulous birthday with lots of yummy goodies!

  75. Jennifer

    That is the cutest party! Glad to know that Eleanor got to celebrate turning 1 with such a fun group of people! :D

  76. How lovely! What a lucky lady! Your friends look fantastically stylish and fun too!

  77. Kat

    The picture of her eating the cake is just adorable. Beautiful party for a beautiful little girl!

  78. So cute! What a beautiful first birthday :)

  79. Erin

    So many happy birthday celebrations in your home lately. Exciting! Can't wait to see more in June. :)

  80. Rachael

    You guys could be in a beautiful glasses advert! Looks like a whole lotta fun and it's good to see bloggers reiterating that you don't need to consume lovely to have a wonderful time. Rx


  81. Mariana

    Looks like a great party! :)

  82. You are such a perfect family everytime i read you it makes me dream. I'm sure your little girl is gonna be so proud of you when she 'll see the pictures and read how much you love her and what you do for her. Really you are amazing

  83. You and your hubby and little Elle are the cutest little family ever!

  84. Jessica

    This is so absolutely adorable!! We are scheduled for a c-section with our first baby on February 15th ..and I have all sorts of elaborate plans for Valentine's Day themed birthdays in her future. Thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration!!! :) And happy birthday to the lovely Eleanor!

  85. Oh my goodness, how cute! I love those invitations!!

  86. Mallory

    cute party!! For my daughters first we did a Valentine day theme! It was just seem right since her bday is the day after Valentines day.

    Happy Birthday to Eleanor!