a birthday party, for eleanor.

on saturday we had a little birthday party for eleanor. since valentines day is right around the corner, we went with that theme. i gave myself a very little budget for her party as i realized early on how easily i could get carried away with everything. ;) i made homemade valentine invitations and decorations and kept the menu to some baked treats, fruit kabobs and a little spring salad. my sister bekah came into town for the weekend and saved the day with all her mad kitchen skills. she was such a big help and having an extra set of hands is how this all happened. we’re trying to convince her to move in with us for the summer…or permanently. ;)
we got lucky and had some of our favorite people in our home saturday. friends from the district, the dc area, even a few of my closet friends from college came down for the day from new york city. we’re really thankful for all the love our friends have shown eleanor over the past year. to be honest, we felt their love for her before she even arrived. as she’s growing older, i hope she feels it, too. so thank you, friends, for making this year extra special for our family. it was wonderful to spend afternoon with you celebrating our little girl.

happy birthday, once more, baby girl.
we love you.
  1. The whole table spread looks adorable. That miniture cake is perfection :) Everyone looked like they had a wonderful time. What a lovely way to spend your first birthday!



  2. Allison

    You are an amazing mum! I love the cake and, well, everything else! Looks like everyone had a great time.


  3. Meg

    Such cute invites!

  4. Jessie

    Nothing beats a first birthday party! Eleanor is so cute and so pretty! Way to go, Momma, for putting it all together so perfectly.

  5. Cate

    I really love this idea! It is even more impressive that you did it on the budget!

    I saw you and your sweet family at the SLC airport last month. I seriously felt like I ran into a celebrity! I was so excited, I even called my husband..haha You and your family are just as beautiful in real life! As silly as it sounds I am always amazed that my favorite bloggers are actually "real" people :)

    P.s. I am having my second little one around the same time you are having yours! It is such an exciting time.

  6. Kristina

    Love the valentine theme party – so adorable! Eleanor is lucky to have such a creative mom!

  7. Ashley

    What a sweet party. This is such an exciting time in your life.

  8. Elise

    Her birthday party is stunning!

  9. From the looks of things, Eleanor had a great party. Also, she has awesome parents!

  10. The party looks amazing and E is so cute! And did you get new glasses? So cute, where are they from?

  11. So sweet and charming! Happy Birthday!! xo

  12. it turned out so so sweet! i was so excited to see the full post after watching the instagram photos roll in. LOVE the invites forever… can bekah move in with me, too? is that weird?

  13. jamie

    you really are the most beautiful, adorable, and blessed little family!

  14. I love parties like that… I hope that she had a good time.

  15. Ashley

    Both babies with their wee hands over their mouths? KILLING ME WITH CUTENESS!

    Happy Birthday Eleanor!

  16. wow! what a lovely party! you did an amazing job.
    and eleanor is adorable! she is so smiley!!

  17. that CAKE! love it. and that family photo is so cute!

  18. emily

    I love it. you are great with the parties, lady. I can't believe she is already 1.

  19. nybred

    This is the cutest! I just stumbled upon you blog through the Bloglovin Awards and I am so happy I did. I am a new blogger and would really appreciate some feedback or a new follower so if you could stop my my blog I would love it! Thanks <3


  20. Chynna

    Everything you do is SOO glamorous! What a fabulous life you must live! Eleanor is lucky to have such a great mama.


  21. Samantha

    1. I totally get trying to stay in a budget.I'm struggling with that for my little mans bday next month. 2. People in DC must b so stylish bcuz 1yr old parties where I live r all jeans. 3. Eleanor's outfit…Soooo cute

  22. congrats! she looks soooo beautiful and happy!

    But why no gifts I wonder? Our little Ella turns 1 in June and we were going to request books.

  23. congrats! she looks soooo beautiful and happy!

    But why no gifts I wonder? Our little Ella turns 1 in June and we were going to request books.

  24. congrats! she looks soooo beautiful and happy!

    But why no gifts I wonder? Our little Ella turns 1 in June and we were going to request books.

  25. congrats! she looks soooo beautiful and happy!

    But why no gifts I wonder? Our little Ella turns 1 in June and we were going to request books.

  26. what a beautiful party! she will love looking back at these wonderful memories her parents have created for her ;)

  27. Kelsi

    I think Eleanor looks so much like your little brother! That probably sounds weird, considering she is a little girl and all, but she has so many of his features! So precious. Happy birthday again, Eleanor! You did good on that party. :)

  28. I'm no girly girl, but I love Valentine's (Valentines?) Day for all the hearts and all the shades of red and pink.

    Anyway, how did you make those invites, I'd love to know!

    Great job, Naomi and family!

  29. May I ask what camera you used to photograph miss Eleanor's birthday? What a lovely family.

  30. That table looks divine. I love all those heart shaped cookies and cakes in various shades of pink. Perfect.

    And I love love love those adorable invitations.

    Happy Birthday, Eleanor!

  31. sophie

    Happy Birthday, Very Happy, Eleanor! :)

  32. The Ls

    Adorable! Valentines theme was such a great idea. I bet Eleanor will always be surrounded by that much love – if not more! :)

  33. BOI

    Really, you have to tell me how do you manage to prepare such a beautifull party, with those invitations and beautifull table!! Apart form a super sister with "mad kitchen skills", wich is your trick!


  34. by r.

    your invitations are adorable! I also love the hearts on the wall, great party ideas!

  35. This is the sweetest birthday party ever!

    I love the invitations with candles.

    Everything was so adorable, just like Elanor :)

  36. Sonja

    cute cute cute! overload!
    very sweet party and invitations. And I like that you guys had multiples, my parents used to do that when I was young too. :o)
    Happy birthday again eleanor!!!

  37. Laura

    so so darling!!! happy 1st!!

  38. Elisha(:

    GREAT PICTURES!!! :) <3

    I looovee your blog!! now following you!! follow me back?!

  39. fawn

    Cutest baby in the blogosphere. ha ha!

  40. fawn

    Cutest baby in the blogosphere. ha ha!

  41. Everything looks delicious and so well organized. And Eleanor is so cute!

  42. Love the idea of a valentine theme, so sweet. Eleanor sure is lucky to have such a fantastic first birthday, she certainly looks like she enjoyed it as well! :)

  43. Sophie

    Looks like an awesome party – I envy Eleanor!

    I like your new (?) glasses. And you got so many friends with awesome glasses too :-))

  44. oh goodness, could this birthday party get any cuter? i think not! a very happy birthday, again, to your baby girl! how fun!
    xo TJ

  45. Alice

    Such cute birthday decorations. I love the invitations, you're such creative parents!

  46. MissB

    I love the invitations! Such cute decorations :) x

  47. Andrea

    So cute! Love the buffet table decorated so lovely.

  48. so pretty :)
    love the invitations with a candle, congratulations one more time!

  49. Taylor

    she's a cutey pa tootie!

  50. S + B

    Love the pictures! Happy Birthday Eleanor!

  51. princess

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  52. Victoria

    E is growing up so fast! I love the invites.x

  53. H*

    this is so beautiful, lovely… and your baby E* is probably the most precious baby girl I have ever seen (after my own one obviously ;P)

    Happy birthday sweet E*

  54. Lynda

    The flower hair clip is from Coco Penny. She does look adorable!

  55. Everything looked just perfect for your baby girl!!! So cute!!

  56. Oh goodness! This is just soo cute!

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  58. ezrazoe

    wow you HAVE TO submit this bday party to ohdeedoh.com (apartmenttherapy.com 'family') … love the invite with the single candle on it! So clever!

  59. This is just the cutest thing in the world. And look at how mod you and all of your friends are — babies included. I am pretty much obsessed.

    Along Abbey Road
    Sprightly So

  60. Eleanor is such a lucky girl to have wonderful parents who love her and are willing to document every moment of her life.

  61. so so sooooo beautiful, all around!

  62. Madison

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    i.e what happens after college
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    Do you dance?
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    sunny days!

  63. Such a sweet birthday for a sweet birthday girl!! I love the valentine theme and the adorable candle invites!! Congrats on baby #2 by the way!!

    Also, who is that cutie in the glasses and black coat!! Very handsome man! ;)