a 25 week baby bump!

a 25 week baby bump!
every morning i wake up to a slightly bigger belly. sleeping through the night has gotten interesting. and doing things like bending over to tie shoes and what not. and we can’t forget my three hundred trips to the bathroom every night. those are really fun. but there are also those blessed little kicks and jabs throughout the day, and a baby that is letting mama still eat burgers and fries without wanting to vomit, so we’re still happy over here.
eleanor has begun to take note that mama’s body is changing… she likes to poke at my outy belly button now and giggle to herself. good news is, we’ve finally gotten her to stop hitting it. that was a strange couple of days. it’s like she knows. ;) now she’s learned if she rubs mama’s tummy gently we’ll applaud, so naturally, she’s been rubbing my tummy nonstop.
cannot wait for june!
  1. Lottie

    I hope I look this pretty when I am pregnant!

  2. Chelsea

    Love this maxi!

  3. Cate

    My little guy has been lifting up strangers shirts to see their "baybee"…haha

  4. holtkamp

    you look amazing!

  5. Olivas

    I look you very beautiful with baby bump!!!!

  6. so cute! love your outfit.

  7. Iny

    Your baby bump is huge!!! OMG!!

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  8. Angie

    what a cute baby bump! you look lovely

  9. Alyssa

    You are glowing! I love this dress on you, it's really fun. Congratulations on your new kiddo, I'm sure he/she will be gorgeous just like mom and dad. :]

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  10. Leny

    you look beautiful and i love your dress

  11. lynda

    Looks like you are having another girl :)

  12. jennie

    Ok SERIOUSLY you must tell us where this dress is from! It's absolutely divine (as are you) XO

  13. What a pretty bump. The dress fits perfectly.

  14. seriously, you are tooooo dang cute! I love it. and I love that dress. and this blog. have a mentioned my husband wants a bulldog just like kingsley and wants to name him that. oh my we love your family.


  15. What a beautiful photo – the colours, the light, the glowing mumma to be :-) Wishing you all the very best at this extra special time. Belinda xx

  16. Lisa

    what a beautiful baby bump:)

  17. Jo(ke)

    Naomi, gorgeous, just gorgeous. This picture makes me happy! :)

  18. Faith

    You are like, the cutest pregnant lady ever!

  19. Brenny

    You look amazing! Happy weekend! xx

  20. you are GORGEOUS! love it! you're glowing, dear.

  21. Chelsea

    you are too cute!

  22. I'm Pam

    your are looking good.

  23. Sum

    You are seriously the most fashionable and rocker mama!

  24. maggie

    this is so awesome and beautiful! congrats!

  25. Mariana

    …and you look sooo beatuiful!!

  26. haley

    You are too cute! Love the dress :)

  27. JO

    Can't wait too! You're beautiful! Xx

  28. Erica!

    you look beautiful! & that dress is amazing!

  29. congrats on baby #2. i have 3 kids…and it gets busy, but it's fun (on most days). LOL!

  30. You look stunning! hugs

  31. Megan

    Hi Naomi, I was wondering if you sewed that dress yourself? It looks comfy.

  32. Cambria

    You look absolutely gorgeous! Maybe she/he will be born on my birthday, the lovely 23rd!

  33. ayley

    ah what is your hair doing?? it looks so cool! i can't say i've ever seen that before. where did you learn that loveliness??

  34. Kessler

    Oh my goodness, baby is getting bigger. You look adorable as always!

  35. omg you are too, too cute (as is your wardrobe)! p.s. how is your entire family SO photogenic? your blog is always so fun and i love following your adventures.

  36. Lara

    so gorgeous Taza!

  37. Andrew

    LOL! That sounds like our oldest when my wife was pregnant :o) Congratulations.