we love when friends come to visit!

josh and i always talk about how we selfishly wish we could somehow pick up our best friends who now live all over the country and plop them all here in dc to live near us. now that would be something! until we figure out how to do that, we’ll just be grateful that we get to see some of them on occasion when they come visit us or pass through the district.
our dear sarah who lives in LA right now is spending the next few months in NYC so we get to see her more often this spring! she came down to see us for a few days last week and let me tell you, it was such a treat! she’s one of my best and closest friends and we haven’t seen her since june so having her here for a few days was extra special! plus, our friends brett and chanel were also in dc for a few days last week (we haven’t seem them in a while either), so it was like a big fat juilliard reunion for the day! last week was pretty wonderful in my book.
but seriously. can we just have them move to dc already?
  1. Eleanor looks not as thrilled as the rest of you, but nevertheless adorable.

  2. I love how you mix colors…i'm such a wuss when it comes to anything bright, but you pull it off like a rockstar (no pun intended ;)

  3. Breanna

    I just moved across the country a few months ago, and I talk about wanting to collect all of my friends and bring them with me wherever I go all the time. Glad to hear I'm not the only one! It does make those times when you see each other all the more special though.

  4. Sonja

    Awww cute!
    That's fun! It is hard when friends and family live far away :oS.
    There's gotta be a time machine like invension coming out soon to transport them, there's gotta be!

  5. I love the colors on you! and Eleanor seems so cute :)

  6. Cute dress! May I ask where it's from?

  7. Mrs. Ham

    I sO fun having friends so close!! glad they could visit!

  8. i can most definitely identify with this. Went to college out of state, lived abroad, went to grad school in the UK, lived in Texas, now back home…friends are everywhere!

    Trying to convince one of my faves to move here…thinking I might be successful!


  9. colleen

    one of my best friends moved to nyc, where i live, this past fall and it just made my heart so full. i hope at least one of your friends will one day find a job that leads them to dc – it is the best!

  10. @sally mae, thanks! from h&m;.

  11. Melu103

    there is nothing like having
    your best friends around :)
    i am happy for you ♥

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  12. Looks like you had fun :) One of my very best friends moved away when she got married + now we hardly ever see each other :( It's sad. So I can empathize with you! I wish we could pick a city + all move there.

  13. Allie

    I'm that way now that I live out of state! I love having people come visit me because it's like a little piece of home. :)

  14. I know just how you feel. My best friends live out of state and it always saddens me when I realize we can't see them every day.

  15. seriously, it doesn't get much better than a good group of friends!!!
    xxo em

    Have a good weekend!

  16. Marijke

    I am so glad I live in Belgium! The other side of the country is just 1,5 hour away from here so actually all of my friends live close. Looks like a fun reunion!

  17. Totally agree! I also think this about my family. All.The.Time!!

  18. beth

    I'm with you on that! Friends spread across the country are good for vacations, but I'd rather have them close on a permanent basis.

    Looking adorbs as always!



  19. Rebecca

    I love how you paired that cardi with your dress/shirt! Great color combo.

  20. oh goodness, best friends are just the best! i love that you can see everyone's personality shining through in this picture. you are adorable girl! love your outfit!
    xo TJ

  21. Agreed on the wishing everyone was in one place! Especially with me in Europe and my world getting bigger all the time!

    Cheers to best friends, no matter how far away!


  22. i know just what you mean, wanting to keep everyone as close to you as possible. maybe someday they'll invent teleportation, so we can just visit quickly that way :)

  23. agreed, you always look so great! tips on daily nutrition for the rest of us?

  24. Meg

    eleanor looks adorbs


  25. How fun for you guys! Having friends visit is the best!! I like your outfit, very cute!

  26. The Egg

    its such a joy when friend's come into town! so glad you had a great time~

  27. I know how you feel my friends are all over the country and I miss them dearly!

  28. Jennifer

    What a beautiful group of people!

  29. Andrea

    TMP peeps!! I think you should visit them in Boise…I'll be your tour guide. Born and raised in Boise, I know you and E would fall in love with Boise.

  30. Allison

    I love searching for signs of your growing bely in all your pics – can't wait to see it grow bigger and more beautiful every time!

  31. So glad i came across your blog…too fun! looks like a fun time!

  32. hahaha i love eleanor's faces amongst all of the goofy faces :)

  33. buhdoop

    Is that a bloom high chair in the background (and previous post)? If so, how do you like it? We have heard mixed reviews.

  34. I love your outfit in this picture!! Fun colors. I also love Eleanor's less than thrilled look. Too cute!!

  35. I know what you mean. Before I left Vancouver (I've just moved to Australia, from Vancouver Canada), my best friends (since high school, in Ottawa, Canada) and I were talking about that exact same thing. Getting all our dear friends and placing us all in the same living areas. That would be a dream come true.

  36. Dana

    OK, I am a fashion blogger in Boise & I LOVE Brett & Chanel (also used to be on the TMP board of directors), so cool to see them on your blog :) Here's mine: dkgstyle.com

  37. what a little cutie!!!! love the pics xx

  38. Awe yay! I love seeing good friends! I am glad you got to spend some time with loved ones! These are lovely pictures!

  39. Kelly O

    Hi Naomi
    Where's the print from in the background?

  40. DC seems like the place to be! Sweet pictures, Naomi!

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  43. You've got such a pretty girl there! And your style is amazing. happy birthday to your hubby! (ps: my middle name is Eleanor – named after my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. Its a strong name!)