utah trip.

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our time out west with family always goes by way too quickly. before we know it we’re back in d.c. and missing everyone terribly. it’s the one thing i really hate about living on the east coast… being so far away from family. but we enjoyed our time while we were there. especially eleanor. that little one sure loved being the center of attention for 7 days straight.

and here is eleanor riding
my old red wooden horse below with my dad!
she loved that horse…
  1. Kelsi

    Oh my goodness, Utah is so pretty!

    And Eleanor is looking so grown up these days. So sad :(

  2. love your family :) glad to see you all doing so well! your parents are still the cutest!

  3. Rachael

    Being out West must have been great, and great to get away from the cold! Brr.
    Your daughter looks so cute on that horse!!! She makes me smile every time I see her!

  4. Heidi

    Your trip looked amazing! So glad you had fun.

  5. Oh what great fun!! Eleanor sure has some amazing parents that make sure she has such a wonderful, happy life! ;) She is just the most beaming lil baby girl!!

  6. Gia

    Awww what a beautiful pics! And an ADORABLE baby

  7. Lara

    simply wonderful pictures, beautiful family! thanks for sharing. hugs&kisses; from Bucharest, Romania

  8. what a lovely trip back to home. when we lived away, i always loved going home!

  9. The one thing I hate about DC is that it is so far away from my family, too. You all look like you had a wonderful time! I am getting even more excited about going home in a few weeks….

    And Eleanor on that horse!!!

  10. Sonja

    These are wonderful! Seems like you guys had a great time. Utah looks so beautiful.
    also that horse is so cute, so cool that you can share your old toys with her.

  11. so lovely pictures !

    love your blog <3

  12. Kate

    i'm a new reader…do people tell your husband he looks just like the dad on the old tv show denace the menace?

  13. Such adorable photos.x

  14. Eleanor has got to be one of the most stylin' babies ever! You have great style and it translates very well to her! Lucky baby and lucky momma!

  15. I just love little E's clothes!! I swear that I just wore a yellow sweater and red tights 3 days ago!! I hope I can find clothes for my future baby that are just like hers!

  16. Daphné

    How fun! Eleanor looks so grown up on the last two pictures!

  17. love the pics of Eleanor riding the horse! She looks so big!

  18. Bine

    I LOVE your blog! It's so nice to see your child grow up :)
    The pictures are fabulous!! ♥

    Bine ;**

    Maybe you wanna take a look althought it is in german. :)

  19. Margaret

    Is that your parent's backyard? I would miss it too. That is nothing short of an AMAZING view. Your folks are blessed. We don't have scenery like that in Houston!

  20. I have that exact same rocking horse. THe red one with black paint. It was my dads way back when and we just gave it to my cousins who are four and almost two. When I showed my family this blog they were so surprised that someone else had the rocking horse!