…was just beautiful.
55 degrees and sunny.
we tried to spend as much time
outside as possible.
after all, panda told eleanor
his face is too pale and needs some sun…

  1. naomi that day looks dreamy!

  2. Panda is just sooo cute. Not as cute as Eleanor tho.

  3. Stormy

    Is that a Pitango choco-latte?

  4. Faith

    You capture everyday outings so beautifully! Eleanor will have amazing photo albums to look at someday.

  5. I love your blog for a myriad of reasons. I don't mean to just comment about clothing!!! But…where is Eleanor's coat from?

  6. Shikhu

    Oh how I envy the weather you're having down south. Up here it's freezing, too much snow for me, but hey! That's Canada for ya! Great pictures

  7. Hilary

    So I just found that helmet at goodwill. I snatched it up like something fierce. It was in the kids section but it fits me. A few scratches, but not bad for $2.