this week.

i’m not sure if it’s the sleep training thing (which is really just code for mama and papa getting no sleep), the fatigue of my current pregnancy (i could fall asleep standing up, i swear), or a combination of both, but this week hasn’t been my best.
today i feel how kingsley looks in this photo:

it’s been hard staying on top of things this week and when i fall behind i begin to feel so overwhelmed. do you ever feel that way? what do you do pull everything back together?
a few things that have helped me out this week are…
making time for yoga helps my tired body feel like myself again (even if i only have time for it at 10:30pm before bed… like this week). i’ve also been enjoying a nice big cup of tea right after we put eleanor to sleep and try to sit quietly without checking my iPhone or having a computer, book or magazine in sight. and as always, talking through my frustrations or worries with my husband helps. he’s really good at making me feel like i’m heard and coming up with solutions or ideas to solve my worries.
i’m hoping to take the longest nap of my life this weekend and make this coming week a great one. hopefully you have had a wonderful week so far, and if not, i wish you a better, more productive and happy weekend!
ps. panda got a bath! this photo made me laugh so hard. he really has become part of this family. ;)

  1. Alivia

    Love this, all of it. (Though perhaps minus the no sleep part! Boo.)

  2. Hopefully your nap gets you back on track! Naps can do wonders like that! :) BTW Panda is adorable! It's funny how little things like that can become parts of the family :)

  3. Maybe it was just one of those weeks because that is how I feel too. We aren't sleep training yet, but my 3 month old had a couple rough nights in a row. Then the one night she slept all the way til 5am (crazy, right?) my 2 year old got up in the middle of the night. Get a good nap this weekend. And remember, you are a great mama.

  4. Carley

    take a nap for me too! my 12 week old is teething… no fun over here!!

  5. i'm trying to do that more & more lately too. take a few minutes to just sit & exist instead of always being so plugged in. i swear, if i don't have the laptop in front of me or the tv on i have my iphone in my hand.

    it's nice just to sit & breathe sometimes.

  6. You really have such an inspirational blog, and just reading it every day gives me such happiness :) I hope you never stop blogging! And also feel better, things will cheer up :)

  7. Hope you got your nap this weekend! One thing someone said to me when I was (avoiding) sleep training was: she doesn't remember this.
    We worry and feel so wound up and guilty as our babies sit in their big, seems-too-empty-when-she's-in-there by herself rooms and cry and cry and cry for someone to come and pick them up, but then she falls asleep (she WILL fall asleep) and wakes up and calls for you! because babies don't remember that stuff, they don't make you feel bad, she can't hold a grudge. She won't be mad at you for making her fall asleep by herself.
    You will be so grateful for a whole nights sleep (and E and baby no. 2 will be, too)
    Hope it went well!

  8. Best of luck with the sleep training. It's no easy fete, but you will get there.

    We all have those days. Hmmm… what do I do? Talk to my gentleman (he always makes me feel better), talk to my parents (they are my superheros), go for a long brisk walk, drink tea and read your blog. I always find that YOUR blog provides a little inspiration when I need it.

  9. eleanor's love of panda is just so so cute! :) hope you feel better, naomi!

  10. Noell

    "Just keep on keepin on" is what always would come into my mind along with the thought that this time is merely a season in my life and will never be like this again – to each season there are strengths gained and given. You are one stellar mom! Thank you for brightening my day on many occasion. Hang in there… let all the unimportant (everything that is not those you love) take a back seat and breathe in your blessings.

  11. Olya

    Hang in there. Pregnancy is taxing , and a little baby can be too. But look at her when she is smiling! It always gets better, and soon it will be for you too. I can't sleep-train … It breaks my heart. But my body adjusted over the years, and a long weekend nap seems to save the week too :) XOXOXO

  12. aw, well i really hope you were able to get that big long nap that you've been hoping for. and even though kingsley looks so sad, i'm sure he's the happiest dog. and baby e's little panda is just precious. i love that she takes it everywhere :)
    xo TJ

  13. Amanda

    I know exactly how you feel! I'm going through my first pregnancy now and most days i don't know how to function between school and work full time too! i'm trying to regain my organization in my life schedule before the overwhelming feeling is unbearable lol – needless to say the photo of kingsley is the perfect way to describe that feeling. Stay strong though! You'll be just fine :) and remember one thing at a time!!


  14. Nick

    We are in the middle of sleep training right now. The first night we put him in his crib I think I cried more then he did. We are following a book that promises 12 hours a night for the baby. My cousin did it with her 3 and my sister with her 2 and all 5 sleep 12 hours a night with an hour nap in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon!