we love when friends come to visit!

josh and i always talk about how we selfishly wish we could somehow pick up our best friends who now live all over the country and plop them all here in dc to live near us. now that would be something! until we figure out how to do that, we’ll just be grateful that we get to see some of them on occasion when they come visit us or pass through the district.... Read more

what’s that on your face, baby girl?

if eleanor could have her way, her preferred meal 3x a day, plus snacks in-between, plus all night long, plus whenever it’s inconvenient for mama in public, is breast milk. but we’ve come so far the past few months (especially this last month) with our progress on eating solids consistently! it usually requires mama and papa clapping in unison after every bite she makes, and sometimes distracting her a little bit to get more bites into her mouth, but folks… it’s happening!... Read more

my grandma b.

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my grandma b. (far left in photo of the three ladies). over christmas break while at my parents house, i went through a huge box of old photos of my mother’s parents. i was really close with both my grandma and grandpa b… they lived with my family for a number of years towards the end of their lives and i’m grateful i got to grow up around them.... Read more

a 20 week baby bump!

time is flying by, i tell you. eleanor turns 1 years old in 2 short weeks and i am half way through this second pregnancy. before you know it, we’ll be putting back up those christmas decorations! ;) i swear my belly button popped back out by day 5 of this new pregnancy (perhaps that has something to do with my abs never fully coming back together from the first time around….... Read more