over the weekend…

we took the bikes out.

it was cold. then warm. then cold again.
i made cupcakes.
eleanor enjoyed 3 baths!

josh made chicken curry in the crock pot…

and kingsley pretty much just slept (and snored) all weekend long.
hope your weekend was wonderful!
  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend!

    Also a question…How do you do your hair? I read your Q&A; page and read that you make 2 pigtails and you twist them up, but I can never recreate this effortlessly chic look you manage to pull off. If you have time, please do tell!

  2. R. Grace

    The cupcakes look delicious! I might have to hop into the kitchen and whip up a batch right now…

  3. That outfit is so beautiful! First time reader, happy to be a follower now!

    peace&love;, Jill
    Favor the Brave

  4. What a wonderfully adorable weekend!

  5. Julia

    looks like a fun weekend! I would love to get the recipe for the cupcakes, since they are still not known very well in Europe!

  6. Monisia

    Och! nice weekend:)
    beautiful photos!

  7. blog

    I love that bike! I don't know how you manage to ride it with heels but you look fabulous doing it!


  8. caroline

    For those concerned about the lack of helmet, I'd like to speak up and say that most of the streets on Capitol Hill have very little traffic, and cars can't really gain much speed what with all the stop signs and pedestrians. There are also bike lanes all over the place. I know this doesn't prevent accidents entirely, but it's a much safer environment for biking than in the suburbs.

    I do wear a helmet– I'm usually biking during rush hour, when it's semi-dark still, down one of the busiest streets– but if you're biking for fun you have the luxury of going through quiet residential areas that don't get much traffic at all.

  9. caroline,
    there are a ton of cars in the photo posted… so your comment rings hollow. also, not every bike accident involves a car. minor bike accidents can happen from the random things like debris in the road, sewage grates, trolley tracks, another cyclist, etc. finally, not every bike accident is catastrophic, but even a minor fall could be damaging without the proper safety equipment.

  10. Rebecca

    I love how you paired your blazer with that dress and stockings. The colors are awesome!

  11. Risse

    Looks like one of those perfect weekends :)

  12. oh my goodness. could your family be any more perfect? :) you are absolutely gorgeous! and you have such an amazing style :D

    – tiana of l'esthetique

  13. Alycia

    Right on Caroline! Naomi and Josh are adults who can make their own personal choices about their health and safety. I think the helmet/no smoking/anti-McDonalds/anti-making one's own decision brigade needs to back off.

  14. Maddy

    I have those Sanitas! Mine are grey though, I wish I had red(ish) ones! Marshall's for the win!

    It's been cold then hot then cold here too. Today in the morning it was 76 and now it's in the 40s. So confusing!

  15. Joy

    aww so adorable. im always afraid that the kid will get hurt if you stop too fast :P

  16. Lovely Family

  17. Alycia,
    False. Naomi's "personal choice" directly affects Eleanor. It's selfish to not wear a helmet when others rely on you.

  18. Eleana

    Loveley post! I loved riding with my parents when I was younger. It will be so much fun to teach her how to ride in a few years!

    but… Please wear a helmet!

    Both my parents are avid bike riders (for pleasure and sport). When I was 12 my dad flipped over the handle bars breaking his collar bone in 3 places. If he had not been wearing a helmet, he would have sustained serious brain damage or worse. Even if it is just a leasurly ride it could still save your life. No matter how careful you are, you cant account for others peoples actions!!

  19. Cortney

    Caroline- I'm an avid cyclist- both as a commuter and for fun- and no one I know thinks that a helmet is what protects you from death if you are hit by a dump truck, or some other catastrophe.

    A helmet *does* protect you, however, in all of the places you mentioned- quiet suburban streets, bike lanes, low traffic areas- because if you hit a pot hole and fly over your handlebars and land on your head, you won't get a traumatic brain injury.

    Alycia- I don't think that anyone has been rude on this thread, rather just expressing concern. There were pictures on here of E without a helmet which I commented on out of concern, and Naomi was very upset that I would think that her child didn't wear a helmet. I apologized for my comment because it seemed to be so upsetting to her, although I didn't mean any offense towards her parenting skills by mentioning it. But in the end, logic would say that if one believes a child needs a helmet, one must admit that an adult does, too. Skulls are skulls- they all need protecting. Brain injuries are devastating, and usually easily preventable. Hitting a pothole on a shady street and falling head first into a curb can be life changing.

  20. Meg

    Oh that dog….

  21. Hi ALL!

    I just wanted to comment here and let you all know I actually ordered a helmet last week before this post went up. It's not here yet, but looking forward to wearing it this spring when i take my bike out more. thanks for all your concern and tips and suggestions. Duly noted.

    have a great weekend!


  22. cait

    That chicken curry looks amazing! Tell Josh to post the recipe!!

  23. Liesl

    I love everything about this…what a lovely weekend!

    Liesl :)

  24. Cute baby seat for the bike. What brand is it? I'm dying to get my little one out and about on my bike.

  25. The cupcakes look yummy! Can we get your receipe, pleeease? :)
    Nice blog, by the way!