my grandma b.

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my grandma b. (far left in photo of the three ladies).
over christmas break while at my parents house, i went through a huge box of old photos of my mother’s parents. i was really close with both my grandma and grandpa b… they lived with my family for a number of years towards the end of their lives and i’m grateful i got to grow up around them. i wish i would have taken advantage of that experience more, now that they have passed. fortunately my mother is great at keeping track of their journals, photos, stories and ancestry. but it’s still not the same as sitting across the dinner table from them each night listening to their stories. i really miss them a lot.
while looking through these photographs, i couldn’t get over what a stylish and beautiful woman my grandmother was. goodness gracious, where are those clothes? and why can’t we wear hats like that everyday today? ;)
  1. SKR

    I was raised by my Grandparents and spend time with them frequently still.. their stories are something I will never forget. Hearing about what use to be is inspiring and comforting. They have a lot of photos of themselves like you have posted.. I love to look thru them on occasion :]

  2. Tabatha

    Oh I love these pictures. I just love looking through old photographs. I could probably sit for hours looking at them to. They were such stylish grandparents to.


  3. robyn

    love to see that such stunning taste runs in the family ;)

  4. Libby

    she was gorgeous!

  5. Olivas

    She is so incredibly glamorous and beautiful!!!!!

  6. Jen

    I feel the same way when I look at old photos of my grandma. She lived on a farm, yet she was always dressed in fashionable dresses, hats and shoes. I love looking at those old photos!

  7. Melissa

    My grandmother went to a dress shop by herself after work one night and bought her wedding dress. She looked like a silver screen goddess! Women today want everything to be so comfy and casual. The ladies from years past embraced the formality in clothing which makes them seem so stylish to us now. How stylish are skinny jeans, boots, and a long top?

  8. Faith

    What a classy lady!