1. oh my goodness Eleanor's little Nike's just killed me!

  2. She's up on her tiptoes! Future ballerina?!

  3. Janine

    i think we live in the wrong place. you always make me jealous with the food you post. is eleanor walking?

  4. adorable! what a beautiful life!

  5. Mariela

    Beautiful photos! she is so cute : ) have a nice day!.

  6. Mel

    Thay baby on the bed is such an awesomw picture!!

    Eleanor is such a cuty!


  7. Love the photo of Eleanor on the bed! So precious, even more so knowing what she's watching (via twitter lol)

  8. mary

    beautiful! your little eleanor is becoming quite the little lady. she has such a precious smile!

  9. Adorable moments!

    Naomi, where did you get your red pants? Are they skinny kind? I've been wanting to find some fun colored skinnys :) thanks sweets!

  10. I'm totally crazy about your Instagram. Checking everyday to see what the cutest baby on earth is doing. Makes me happy everyday… So thanks for sharing this precious moments of your family life!

  11. The one with E and her cheese cracks me up. Lady knows what she wants!

  12. Allie

    You guys always have the most delicious looking food! and E is TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ashlet

    She is just so stinkin' cute. I'm also way jealous of the Sprinkles. I'm determined to try them soon.

  14. They're all so cute, but Eleanor with Rinah and the one of her looking at her papa's photo while driving….SO precious!

  15. i mean she is just the cutest thing ever.

  16. Tae

    how did you do that picture with only eleanor in focus? i would love to know! it's so nice…

  17. Foster

    She is very precious.

  18. Tish

    I can't exclaim enough that your baby has such a great disposition! Seriously!

    What a lovely little soul…

  19. i love eleanors hat, she's adorable!
    and i am lusting for sprinkles right now, jum!
    xo, cheyenne

  20. your baby girl is so cute <3

  21. meg

    Those little Nikes are the cutest things ever!

  22. Kristal

    Your life is pretty fantastic through your iphone pictures! Love sprinkles, your darling little girl and her beanie that I would love for myself, her nike's and that awesome dog just tops it off!<3


  23. eleanor's face in the photo with rinah. she's such a sweet little doll. thanks for sharing pieces of your life with us! it is beautiful.

  24. Deb

    oh yes please, which app/lens/film/? did you use for your sweet girl on the bed pic?? LOVE rocking vicariously through your starry world!

  25. Chelsea

    her red nikes are awesome.

    conrad had a pair of green white and black nikes when he was little and i'm excited to pass them down to Elliotte when she's older! ;0

  26. I love Eleanor's sweet red shoes (I want the same for me ;-)). And I think Iphone is really awesome, we can take photos of everythings all the day, it's so simple… and so precious!

  27. I love the pictures! Always impressed with your iphone photogaphy = )

  28. Leticia

    i love the pic of E digging in your purse. that's became a great "quiet toy" at church for my daughter. she loves to pull things out and put things back. maybe i should break down and get her her own little purse? maybe someday…

  29. she is such a biiiig girl now <3

  30. The one of baby girl holding the photo in her car seat melted my heart! What a darling memory!

  31. Rebecca

    That hat on Eleanor is precious!

  32. The Egg

    i wish we had a sprinkles near me. they might be the most amazing cupcakes ever. i want to hang with eleanor….she is such a rockstar!

    xoxo the egg out west.

  33. Gaby

    LOVE the shot of Eleanor in your bed, it's gorgeous!

  34. Meg

    Such fun pictures. Love it

  35. oooh, do i spy the nars orgasm blush? it's my fave!

  36. that photo of eleanor and rinah together makes me, and surely many of yours and carissa's other blog readers, so so happy.

  37. Erin

    Eleanor is absolutely beautiful. I love your iPhone pics every time. And the post with the baby bump?? Adorable!

  38. Wow, she's getting so big now. And, as always, she's so cute.

  39. Sunja

    Those little Nikes are too cute!

  40. oh goodness, the one of baby e on your bed and her in her little sneakers is just too precious for words! as always!
    xo TJ

  41. Jennifer

    adorable pictures. :)

  42. leyla.

    oh, look at eleanor's sneakers! she'll be walking in no time :)


  43. Your family is so cute! (:

  44. Faith

    I spied those Sprinkles cupcakes! They have a bakery in Chicago, too, and I occasionally stop by for a treat. :) Eleanor is growing so quickly! You must be so proud of her.

  45. Samantha

    obsessed with Eleanor's sneakers- adorbs!

  46. E's expressions are so cute! I love the one of her on the bed!

  47. Gabby

    Oh man, I usually am just not a baby-lover, but your little girl is the cutest thing ever! Melts my heart!

  48. Berni

    Those shoes are too cute!

  49. Laura

    You have the most beautiful baby ever!

  50. Mariana

    It's always pleasure to see your iphone pictures! :)
    …and this little beauty! She is so cute. My favorite is the pic with Rinah.

  51. You make life look so fun!

  52. How much do you love your Bulldog? We are shopping for dogs and I wanted one soooooo bad but when I saw the price I hung my head and cried.

    Your baby is precious.

    And so is your puppy.

  53. I love sprinkles! Looks like you have had a lovely time lately! Eleanor is just always so stinking cute!

  54. Tarana

    love sprinkles! just had a cupcake from Crumbs that opened up near my work in DC and it was delicious as well. see that you have a nars blush as well – they're my favorite!


  55. Amy

    I'm LOVING E's little red Nike's.

  56. this is just wonderful!!!

  57. this is just wonderful!!!

  58. asj

    so fun! what diaper bag do you have? it's adorable!

  59. Great photos! What app are you using to get the blurred effect in the bedroom photo? I've been looking for one to use. Thanks!