life lately, according to my iphone pictures.

…and some from josh, too.

ps. my baby girl turns ONE tomorrow. ONE.
i can’t believe how this year flew by.
so i’m off to go stare at my beautiful baby girl
who is napping right now
while she’s still a “something-month old”
for a few more hours. xo
  1. Lovely. Thanks so much for giving us such a personal peek into your life. (And happy almost-birthday Miss E!)

  2. aw how delightful are these! i hope that Eleanor has a wonderful 1st birthday!

    Sometimes you wish you could just freeze time, but its so fun to watch them grow too isn't it!

  3. Wonderful! Have you decided on a dual stroller for Eleanor's future sibling?

  4. mm you two look like you're always having the best food.

  5. CC

    LOVE your blog :)

  6. Gaby

    Wow, I can't believe Eleanor is already 1! Time flies. She looks so cute in that last photo eating the berry. Happy birthday to her!

  7. this year has flown by! happy birthday eve, little lady!

  8. JH

    loving the pink chucks!

    (i wish i had a pair for mySELF!)

  9. Luisa

    I can't believe it either that it has been a year! That is crazy.
    Happy early birthday to E :)

  10. I cant belive Miss E will be 1 tomorrow! Time really does fly by.. love all your pics, their so cute!

  11. Devin

    Oh gosh, that is so amazing! How can she be one already?! Happy-almost-birthday to your sweet baby girl!

  12. You have such a sweet little family!
    Amy :)

  13. That one of Kingsley is priceless!

    Pensive dog is pensive.

  14. looks like 2012 started off great :) happy birthday E x

  15. oh wow, what an exciting time. enjoy every bit of baby e's time before she turns into the big one. you are both such great parents to her. yay!
    oh, and of course these images are beautiful!
    xo TJ

  16. I hope birthday-girl will have a wonderful day.

    Congrats to mom, dad and E.

  17. Ash

    what fun to have family birthdays so close together- it's a month long celebration! enjoy every second (: great pictures!

  18. wow! i cant believe she is turning one! great pictures!

  19. Michelle

    Happy birthday to Eleanor! I'm so happy I've got to see her grow in the past year. I remember checking back to see when she would decide to arrive!

  20. Brandi

    Love your i phone posts. Happy birthday to your baby!!!

  21. I love your stroller? What brand is that? Happy birthday to Eleanor!

  22. nancy

    naw, Happy Birthday to Eleanor! lovely photos :)

  23. Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl!! I hope she has a great day tomorrow. :)

    Love, Jazmyn

  24. I LOVE the pic of Kingsley on the stairs. So awesome.

  25. Helen

    aww 1 tomorrow! how exciting. i love the photos of eleanor with kingsley, kids & dogs are such good friends.

  26. Tish

    Eleanor turns one!
    Cutest toddler there ever was
    Watch her as she smiles

    el fin

  27. bethani

    yay for first birthday parties!! and i love her little pink converse. so adorable.

  28. lovely photos & your daughter is so adorable!

  29. Barbara

    you all are so beautiful. no fair. :) happy early birthday miss e!

  30. How time flys! Are you having a big birthday bash?

  31. I forgot her birthday was just a few days after Josh's. That's exactly how it is at our house–Iris was born on the 24th, two days after Trevor's birthday.

    You'll have to tell me how it is having a one-year-old. We're almost there too–just a few more weeks and I can't believe it!

  32. lacey

    happy birthday eleanor! she is such a cutie :)

    i have a question for you . . . from your baby shower post that your friends had for you for baby eleanor the really cute bookmark, "children become readers on the laps of their parents" with the bunting on top do you have any idea where they got that or how they made it? we're having a library themed baby shower and i would love to make/purchase those!

    lacey :)

  33. AW Happy *almost* birthday to Eleanor!

  34. Mariana

    Love, love, love!!!

  35. happy birthday eleanor. I'm glad she's napping and I hope you are too!

  36. happy early birthday to the prettiest kid on the internet.

  37. I can see she likes ice cream :)

    Happy birthday to her!

  38. Janell

    Happy early birthday to your little Eleanor. I wish her all the best tomorrow, like getting herself completely covered in frosting from her birthday treats. That's always my favorite part of 1 yr old parties, watching the babe tear into their cake and make a fun mess.

  39. colleen

    she's one already! i can't believe it. and i love that picture of kingsley looking out off the porch. such a sweet pooch.

  40. How wonderful and special! Happy Birthday to a beautiful smart baby girl! It's amazing how fast they grow. Hope you enjoy the day!

  41. reidmore

    love that you re-wore that h&m; dress over jeans!

  42. what are you going to do when you have two babies to push in a stroller? yours looks so cool, i hope you can keep it.

  43. Umm..hi! I just wanted to stop by and tell you i love your blog. I think you are such a fabulous example for the gospel and have such a great life! Oh..and I WANT eleanor!

  44. happiest first birthday eleanor! i love that picture of kingsley at the bottom. he's so awesome!

    xoxo the egg out west.

  45. Morgan

    can't believe she's already 1!
    and her coat is gorgeous!!

  46. e_e_west

    I can't believe she's one!! I can't wait to see the posts (oh and your instagram feed :) ) of her birthday celebrations!! She's such a gorgeous little girl!

    What a great piece in Vogue Mexico! You three are my favorites!

  47. Meg

    oh such cute pictures.

  48. Tiana

    you guys are seriously so amazing. i can't get over it.
    and i don't know if anyones ever told you this (probably) but you look so much like mandy moore :)

    have a wonderful week,
    tiana of l'esthetique

  49. Norbyah

    so many special birthdays! don't worry, you can still get away with calling her a 'something month old' until she's 18 months old at least! after that, it gets confusing.

  50. 2busy

    Where's the dang "like" button? Oh, wait, that's facebook.

  51. Happy (almost) birthday to Eleanor! Doesn't seem like a year ago that you were announcing her birth and still deciding on a name.

  52. You take great pictures! And, your baby girl is precious! Happy B-Day lovely!!!

  53. wonderful pictures!

  54. sinika

    So you're not going to call her a 36-month-old someday? Hehe. Happy birthday cute baby!

  55. i can't believe she turns 1 tomorrow either. i still remember where i was last year when i saw your "it's a girl!" tweet. :)

  56. Alexis

    happy birthday to your sweet baby girl!

  57. ari

    Happy early birthday Miss Eleanor!!! Loving your coat!!

  58. love it! she is looking so sweet and adorbale!!

  59. You are such a beautiful family!! Eleanor is so adorable.. =)

  60. Lara

    Happy Birthday sweet Ms E! lots of hugs and kisses and best wishes from a 10month old baby and her mom: )

  61. When did the time fly by?! Happy Birthday lovely Eleanor! Hugs & kisses!

    [email protected]://

  62. Great pics – love those little pink sneakers! Gorgeous … Happy first birthday Eleanor!:)

  63. wow, can't believe how one year can fly by so fast!
    have a wonderful birthday!
    xo, cheyenne

  64. gorgeous photos! Happy birthday, E!

  65. Rebecca

    Oh, my goodness!! Happy first birthday, Eleanor!

  66. katrina

    are these all just made with instagram?! they are so cute every time you post them.

  67. Lindsay

    That first pic of the coffee and pastry looks delicious! I've been struggling to find good coffee shops around here (I live in Capitol Hill too!). Any recommendations?

  68. Stokke strollers are so rad!

  69. Love the chance to glimpse your life. Your Eleanor is gorgeous! So glad you guys have her. So glad she's gonna be a big sister. Really sad that none of those food stuffs exist in my part of the world. Sigh. Much love-

  70. melanie

    super cute :)

  71. Lauren

    What amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing <3

  72. I love your pink and red top – Could you let me know where you purchased it from? Thanks! (Love your blog too!!)

  73. Rebecca

    I love that Eleanor has Chucks! I had no idea they came in baby sizes!!

  74. her little squishy legs!!!!

  75. Daisy

    Lovely photos :)

  76. Maddie

    I love your photos! We are expecting a baby soon (we are 25 weeks) and I just came across your blog recently. I noticed you have the Stokke pram. Do you like it?