happy birthday, husband!

happy birthday to my love!
i loved you so much before,
but watching you take on the roll of “papa”
so naturally this past year,
i can’t believe how much more i love you now.
looking forward to seeing you as a “papa of two” soon… ;)
i love you. xo taza
*polaroid from a trip to mexico a few years ago.
  1. oh and its a great day to have a birthday on…its my dad and my brother's!

  2. Best wishes Josh! Hope you have a very special day with your lovely girls!

  3. 2busy

    Very sweet!

  4. Happy Birthday Mr Rockstar! Hope you both have a fabulous day celebrating with cupcakes and burgers a plenty x

  5. i remember reading about that trip on your blog way back when… how funny, now, to think that the two of you ever existed apart from eleanor. ;)

  6. Janell

    Happy birthday to your hubs! I just recently started following your blog and I just wanted to tell you how interesting your posts are. Your little family is beyond beautiful. Congrats on your bun in the oven, aswell!

  7. Sophie

    Today I stumbled across your "I love you more than burgers"-Card and the awesome cheeseburger-cake you made and I realised it's tht time of the year again ;-)

    Happy Birthday Josh!

  8. Rhianne

    Happy birthday Josh :)

  9. :)

    Have a nice celebration!

  10. aww happy birthday to him :)

  11. you guys are too adorable! Biggest of birthday wishes!!

  12. Michelle

    Happy Birthday tiesandfries!

  13. Awe, so sweet :) Happy Birthday to Josh!

  14. Happy Birthday to Josh!

  15. Sarah

    Happy birthday to Josh! xo

  16. janis

    happy birthday josh!! :)

  17. We are strangers but happy birthday anyhow! It's my birthday today too!

  18. Rachael

    Hope he had a wonderful day. Did the three (and a half… four and a half if you count Kingsley) manage to do anything nice? Hope you feel a bit more like your usual sunny self this week. Rx


  19. nina

    love the colours in the polaroid!
    happy bday josh!

  20. Happy bday to your husband :)
    have a lovely day enjoying your beautiful family.

  21. Happy birthday, Josh!

  22. Svenja

    I guess love is the most beautiful gift in life when i read those lines. I'm so lucky for you three :)

  23. inga

    awwww happy birthday to him :) hope you have/had a nice day <3

  24. Jennifer

    aw, happy birthday! <3

  25. It's so true! I think my hubby has become so much hotter as a dad! It must be ingrained in us women to feel that way!

    But, your hubby is lookin' pretty smokin' in this picture!

  26. Happy Birthday Josh! Hope you get spoiled with lots of cup cakes (or at least one!).

    Kel xo

  27. Mariana

    Sweet! :)

    Happy Happy Birthday!!

  28. A.E.

    thanks for your loving example as a wife!

  29. anna

    Happy birthday Josh!!

  30. Liesl

    What a sweet post to your hubby and Happy, Happy Birthday to him!!!

    Liesl :)

  31. Liesl

    What a sweet post to your hubby and Happy, Happy Birthday to him!!!

    Liesl :)

  32. best of birthday wishes!

  33. Lauren

    Oh my gosh you guys are the cutest couple and family ever! Happy birthday Josh!

  34. Mrs C

    Wow u guys are just an awesome couple, Happy Bday Josh aka Mr Taza hehe!

  35. robyn

    oh happy birthday josh! you two are the cutest… and i know i am not alone in saying, i wish my husband and i lived in dc so we could all be friends;)

  36. Your blog makes me so happy! It's my little pick-me-up every day! Happy birthday to your sweet hubby!

  37. Kelly

    Happy Birthday, Tie & Fries! I hope that you had both of those things today. Well, most days. But specifically today.

  38. reidmore

    happy birthday, josh!

  39. amberly

    HAFFY BIRFDAY JOSH, you dapper man, you!!!!!

    *sends 2 dozen cupcakes your way*

  40. Happy birth day!!!!!!

  41. Happy birthday!!

  42. Jaclyn

    loving your blog all the way from Sydney…x

  43. aww :) happy birthday!
    xo, cheyenne

  44. aww :) happy birthday!
    xo, cheyenne

  45. you bring lovely memories
    thanks for sharing :)

  46. Megan

    Happy Birthday to your husband. (It was my husband's birthday weekend too and I gifted him with a birthday trip to DC. The weather was gorge and we had so much fun sight seeing all over town. I think he'll have fantastic memories of our trip for the rest of his life). I hope that you had a memorable weekend celebrating this brand new year of his life!

  47. Happy Birthday to your hubs!

  48. Have fun celebrating your hubbies special day together!

  49. Skye

    Happy birthday, Josh! You two are so cute together and I'm happy you have each other!

  50. so cute and so very excited to see what baby number two looks like (boy or girl), the name you decide and who he / she looks like more :)
    xo TJ

  51. Erin

    Happy {belated} birthday, Josh!

  52. Happy birthday Jjjjjjosh!