feet on the table.

probably the only one in the world who can get away with having her feet on the dinner table, in my opinion. i can’t help but giggle at her desired sitting positions as of late. these little ones sure know how to bring lots of smiles to the dinner table. :)
ps. we’re on day two of sleep training (again) at our house. this means day two of no shower or sleep for this mama. i would really love a nap, today. but gosh, i’d also really love a new mint green colored fiat and these shoes, too. i’ll just keep on dreaming.
  1. aww already a little dancer it looks like! haha how sweet:)

  2. Shannon

    she is such a cute little girl. the older she gets, the more and more she looks like your twin sisters!

  3. Josie

    There really is nothing cuter than splayed baby toes!

  4. What does your sleep training entail. We are also trying with our little one, exactly 1 month younger than yours! She is seriously to die for!

  5. abby

    oh dear . . . i remember my friends sleep training with their little one last fall. terrible, but they were thankful in the end!

  6. LeeLee

    Aw, so cute. Love the green colored fiat and shoes. :) Have a lovely week!

  7. Hi! Love,love, love your blog! And Eleanor! She reminds me so much of my Avery who will be 9mo tomorrow.

    We did sleep training at 4 months and I'm not gonna lie, it was hard. The first night,she SCREAMED for 2 hours until she finally fell asleep. Each night, she cried less and less and about three weeks later, going to bed was easy.

    It really helped that we have a video monitor so we could see she was fine, just mad. We also found that going in at the 5,10,15,etc intervals just made her more mad.

    We are all a happier family now that we have our own sleep areas.

    Good luck!

  8. Mariela

    HaHa!, so cute! good luck with the sleep training, is hard so I hope you get a nap today : ) and a Fiat one day, I want one too : ) .

  9. melanie

    those toes! ha! adorable!

  10. paula

    Oh my lord. When you think she just couldnt be any cuter…!!! :)

  11. We had a big, longstanding feet on the table issue. It was cute when she was tiny, but now, not so much. Especially when she'd try it at other people's houses. We had to nip it in the bud!

  12. that is adorable! i just love baby feet ;) i'm always kissing and tickling jess' little tiny toes. they couldn't be cuter.

  13. Mel

    those toes! :)
    so adorable!


  14. Kristel

    Oh can you tell us what you're doing for sleep training?? My little one is a terrible sleeper and I don't even know what to do anymore.

  15. we did a modified version of the Ferber method (didn't leave him in his crib until he stopped crying, went in at intervals to help him calm down) and within four days owen was sleeping through the night like a champ! a month later, he gets 10 hours straight through at night and settles down for naps much better as well.

    those first few days were so hard on me though! hang in there, it'll get better!

  16. Nina

    how sweet eleanor looks! and her feet on the table – adorable. the most best photos of her are the ones, where we can see her eyes. her beautiful eyes-colour. these eyes with the little eyelashes – can't stop looking on the photos of them! eyes are for me the most beautiful thing on people. greetings from germany, nina

  17. she and her foot are most welcome to use my table any time. adorable!

  18. pamwares

    she is too cute.

    good luck with the sleeping and/or nap!

    One last thing….I'll take the mint green fiat as well.

  19. She is just the cutest little girl EVER! Lucky mama :)

  20. @betty and veronica & @kristel,

    we have co-slept with E and loved it, plus she is a wonderful sleeper that way (of course!) but we are trying to get her to sleep in her crib for the entire night now as i'm getting a huge baby bump and need better space in my bed… i know there are a million methods of sleep training out there but we've just been going in when she starts to cry and stand beside her crib and talk or sing to her (never picking her up) to comfort her as she's falling back asleep. the first night she was up almost every hour, but last night was better. fewer times. i know it takes longer this way over just letting her cry it out, but it's what i'm comfortable with and it's working for us. we're hoping in a week or two she'll be sleeping for longer stretches (only getting up once in the night to nurse). good luck though! it's crazy hard finding what works for you and your baby and sticking to it!


  21. Maria

    Haha, how could you get mad at her for sitting like this! It's so adorable! I hope you get some sleep soon!

  22. Olya

    oh, naomi… i'll wish well for you every minute of the day until you're all set and done. i can't do sleep training…it just turns my insides out to hear my baby cry, my first one nearly made me nuts, so i gave up and co-sleep until THEY take off :) hat off to you for sticking with it! you can do it!
    i love your blog and have been following you forever, just never had the time to comment. i'm the @livingnotes that instagrams you all the time ;) XO

  23. so adorable. i did the same sort of sleep training style, and it worked way quicker than i imagined. keep it up, you need your rest! xx

  24. Norbyah

    i just found your blog a few days ago via the IFB newsletter….and i'm hooked from all the way over here in hong kong. your daughter is so gorgeous. your pictures are amazing and i thought your video on your about me page was so cute. and yes, those anthropologie shoes would be nice. take heart, the sleep will eventually get better. i'm a mum of three….and, while it's not perfect with the sleep stuff, it does get better. oh, and the first picture of your eleanor with those toes….i love it.


  25. Mariana

    She is just… Ah… SOOO CUTE!!!

    I really hope you get a nap. Good luck!

  26. Bridget

    ugh. sleep training. good luck, naomi. parker's 6 months old and i've done literally nothing sleep-training wise with him. co-sleeping, nursing on demand. we have a beautiful crib that he's spent all of three hours in?? my heart goes out to mamas and papas who need to start the sleep-training. it's hard! we'll be there soon enough ourselves, i'm sure. so, all that to say, good luck! to all three (four!) of you!

    but what i really should be commenting on is that adorable picture of her with her foot on the 'table'. so cute. she is totally beautiful.

  27. Kari

    Naomi, thank you so much for sharing your sleep training methods with us (in the comment section). We too practice attachment parenting over here, and it's so validating to hear somebody else who uses Sears' methods. Our little one will be 8 months tomorrow and isn't sleeping through the night yet. We hope to gradually start night weaning within the next month, and I'm hoping that will help Adam sleep through the night. I would really like to sleep through the night as well! ;)

    p.s. her feet are too cute!

  28. haha oh, her little niblet toes are just the cutest thing!

  29. Fenke

    right now, noa is the only person who will get away with burping while giving me a kiss.

  30. how are kids just SO flexible? she's precious.

  31. Cheryl

    LOVE the shoes and mini-car!
    Have a great week, you're fabulous. And so is Eleanor! ;) Hope you get to nap or sleep more soon.

  32. Lottie

    HEr little foot is so adorable and I will I had E's flexibility–no amount of yoga will have me doing that!

    And I hope the sleep settles down and both of you will be able to sleep through the night.

  33. 2busy

    Oh look at that naughty girl! ;) She has got the yoga toes. Holy cow!

  34. Mary

    We went through sleep training with our twins about a month ago. It was so hard to get through, but oh so so worth it. Getting eight hours of sleep {in a row!} is something that hadn't happened for us since I was five months pregnant, and it is incredibly sweet. Hang in there!

    P.S. I know you know this already, but Eleanor is just too adorable.

  35. Foster

    My little girl does the same at the table. Its adorable. Good luck with the sleep training.

    I am still going through the process.

  36. i want a fiat too! and you already know i think shes beyond precious.

  37. Olivia

    SO adorable!!!

  38. we're just doing sleep training too and it's rough…so i feel ya and good luck! we've been doing it over a week and it does pay off!

  39. so sweet <3

  40. brittany

    your little lady could not be any more beautiful! and that foot… that foot is beyond cute.

  41. blog

    Eleanor is so precious!

  42. Our little guy (who is only 10 days younger than E) starts sitting that way last week! :) We are also sleep training him as well. Many hugs to you. Sleep training is not fun.

  43. jones

    those little toes all kicked back are beyond precious.

    hope baby e has longer dreams this evening!

  44. Babies get away with everything when they're that cute!

  45. Rebecca

    That Fiat is adorable! Your little one is even more adorable though. Those toes!

  46. Brenny

    Hahaha her toes! So cute!

  47. Flexible and bold. Impressive.

  48. what is sleep training?

  49. Annie

    I read this blog everyday and never bother to comment even though e is quite seriously the cutest (and most stylish) baby on the internet. But today as I sipped my morning coffee I saw those cheeks! in the second pic and just had to say something. Those cheeks! Why don't they make squeezable computer screens? Darling!

  50. Eleanor is the second cutest baby out there, after my little girl of course! I adore checking in on your family, I don't have the stomach for sleep training. Isobel is 15months old & still gets up way too much in the night…it's too easy to just roll over & breastfeed her. I'm just holding onto the dream that it doesn't last long…Good for you guys, good luck with it all. You should write a bit about it for us!

  51. jaimey

    A little snack & a little stretch. Two birds with one stone, I say! ;) SO CUTE.

    Good luck with the sleep training–I'm a sleep training survivor–have done it twice now, and both times with my husband out of town for work. (Not by choice, but necessity.) It works; it definitely works. But it's hard. Definitely hard.

    Hopefully it'll just be a few more nights, and little Eleanor will be sleeping great. :)

  52. that is so adorably hilarious. i can't imagine that this position is *that* comfortable but it sure is cute.

  53. Medge

    She's sooo beautiful! My boyfriend and I live together, and we have an English Bullie too. Everytime I come to your blog, you make me want to have a baby to complete the family! lol.


  54. Mars

    so cute!! Love how flexible babies are. I definitely think babies are few that can pull off that way of eating ;)

  55. Karianne

    Please share your progress, today will be day 4 of our sleep training with our 9 month old. We are also going the no cry method, which is quite time consuming on our end but it breaks my heart to hear her cry. I don't want to traumatize the sweet baby that is used to sleeping between mommy & daddy… Anyhow I don't see much support online for us no cry mamas. You poor thing I couldn't imagine doing this while pregnant, the sooner you can enjoy the luxury of sleeping the better cause sooner than later your body will be too pregnant to get comfortable – I really hope this sleep training business only takes a week like they say in all of the cry it out forums

  56. robyn

    i'd love a new mint colored fiat too. kinda a little dream car of mine… i have that wished saved in one of my back pockets. who knows? maybe someday we'll both be driving one;)

  57. So presh! I'm impressed with her flexibility! hahahah

  58. Nif

    She is sooooooo cute!

  59. Naomi, I think it's awesome that you're not just letting her cry it out. That is such a horrible method of sleep training. The only reason a baby finally stops crying is because they've given up hope that someone is coming in to get them. Babies are too young to understand that sort of treatment and to make them give up (possibly feeling abandoned) is terrible.
    Good for you!

  60. Jennifer

    that is too funny!

  61. Tarana

    love those shoes from anthro!

  62. Emily

    So adorable! I love that she has her little toes all fanned out as well! Makes you want to nibble all over them when they're that cute, doesn't it?

    Also, those shoes from Anthro have been added to my wishlist. They're stunning & the turquoise color is perfect for spring and summer (will they ever come?)!

    moda + medialunas

  63. Brooke

    No joke, I posted a photo on instagram of my daughter with her feet on her high chair this morning! Too funny!

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  65. 13bees

    who makes that bib? :)

  66. so cute :) also, no sleep?! ah that sounds awful. hopefully your sweet husband will take baby watch for you tonight so you can nap a bit.

  67. Elle

    Absolutely gorgeous, I can't get enough of seeing pictures of this little bubs, she is F.A.B… well done you guys for making that… way to go! Love Elle xo


  68. Tania

    Hey Naomi…good for you to follow your mama instincts and pick the kind of sleep training that you guys feel most comfortable with. We did the same, always went in when she cried but tried to not pick up. Just my .02, it might help if Josh does some of these night wakings. I found that when M saw me she immediately thought MILK and got near-hysterical sometimes, whereas now when she sees my husband she almost always flops back down in her crib. She knows his milk supply is pretty low :) of course when she's teething, all bets are off. sigh.

  69. e_e_west

    However you decide to sleep train is personal, but it's so worth it in the end!! Exhausting, but worth it. We co-slept with my 3 year old and once we finally sleep trained she slept even better and went down well for naps. I put my now 7.5 month old in her crib at 2 months (she was in a bassinet before) and it has worked out so well. Then again it's hard to cosleep when you have two babies interests to balance!! Good luck – I'm sure its even harder when you are already tired!!

  70. Ella

    She's too cute for words! And very flexible. Love that about babies.

    Good luck with the sleeping… going on 27 months of nursing and my babe is not yet night weaned. We never had the stamina for sleep training in this house… we're a bunch of pushovers :)

  71. Brooke

    ahh so adorable! love this post!


  72. Baby toes!! Those pics are adorable.

  73. Oh my…sleep training? I swear by that! Wish I would have done it with my first. Lucky for me I got smart and did with my second one at 1 year old.
    It's amazing! You'll be soooo happy in the next few days. I promise! Be strong. I know it's hard. But you will ALL be happier in the end :-)

  74. Aja Lake

    o, my. those toes are too cute (my son's always reminded me of capers…ha!). she is an absolute doll.


  75. Emily

    Where did you get that high chair? I'm in the market and that one looks perfect! :)

  76. colleen

    oh gosh – good luck! and yes, she looks ridiculously cute with her foot up like that.

  77. Katie

    That is probably one of the most adorable things I've seen. Love her!

  78. those shoes are fierce! and those cheeks in the second picture, oh so adorable. and all those toes separated. perfect!!
    xo TJ

  79. My boy does the EXACT same thing!!!

  80. not a mama but a long-time nanny who has had her fair share of sleep-trained and non-sleep-trained babes.. STICK WITH IT!! be strong!! it is SO worth it. you will NOT regret it, especially with number two on the way.

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