feet on the table.

probably the only one in the world who can get away with having her feet on the dinner table, in my opinion. i can’t help but giggle at her desired sitting positions as of late. these little ones sure know how to bring lots of smiles to the dinner table. :)
ps. we’re on day two of sleep training (again) at our house. this means day two of no shower or sleep for this mama. i would really love a nap, today. but gosh, i’d also really love a new mint green colored fiat and these shoes, too. i’ll just keep on dreaming.
  1. Eeeek, she is too cute!

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  3. I love your colorful style and I can't get enough of your daughter's cuteness!

  4. am

    "Surviving your Baby" is the only sleep training book you should read. I read SOOO many and then someone recommended SYB. It's the size of a pamphlet and it just works. I read it when my twins were 7 months old and it took two nights. And now they're amazing sleepers and nappers in their cribs.

  5. Jessica

    That little foot. Too beautiful.

  6. jp

    We're co-sleepers too! (our first baby is just 6 months). I get a LOT of grief about it, and honestly, it makes me SO happy to know there are other mamas out there! I know it's kind of a hot button issue – but would love to hear how the transition into her own crib is working.

  7. kwistin

    i literally giggled out loud when i saw this.


  8. She has the cutest toes ! <3

  9. molly

    this is so funny! my daughter, lillian, has started doing the same thing. they really do make us smile :) happy almost 1 year birthday to eleanor!

  10. Jessi

    Ahhh. Sleep training is rough, but so worth it! And the earlier you do it, the better. We started at 4 months with our one year old. But we'll definitely do it earlier with the next one :)

  11. Meg

    so darling!


  12. oh my gosh her flexible little body is adorable.

  13. Curtsay

    "Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child" is such a great book on helping babes sleep better. It has worked wonders with both my boys…we started early, like at 3 months because the older they get the harder it is!

    Good luck! It looks like you have a lot of people pulling for you to get some rest soon!

  14. Paula

    if only I was this flexible… ;) I'd try eating with my feet, haha

  15. Faith

    Look at how she's stretching her little toes! What a cutie.

  16. Marisa M

    If only I could be that flexible! Not 8 months preg! I'm impressed with your being open to what sleep training your fam is doing. You just have to do what works for your fam, have you read the No Cry Sleep Solutions?

  17. i have a 13 month old and he does the same thing with his feet at the high-chair too… cracks me up!

  18. So sweet :)

  19. Nikki

    I co sleep w my 4 month old and love it. We have started putting him in an infant bed to sleep then I'll usually pull him into bed to nurse in the middle of the night. We all get the most sleep this way and I'm happy w it. Reading your method of sleep training, I feel we might have similar views on the matter. In a couple of months we will probably start putting him in his own room. Are there any books you've used that you might suggest for gentle sleep training? (no crying it out for us either). -nicole

  20. ezrazoe

    those feet kill me… I love the splayed little toes! How are you feeling with this 2nd pregnancy? sick? tired? (maybe if you are not either of those.. you might have a boy in ya?)

  21. I know how you feel. My baby Miranda is almost exactly the same. I was co-sleeping with her because otherwise I would have been up 6-7 times a night! Then she started wanted to sleep attached so I had to get her back in the cot.

    I didn't use any books or approaches. Just fumbled my way through and thought that if she was still happy during the day then I wasn't pushing her too hard.

    I put a mattress next to her cot for me to sort of help her feel happy about the cot again. Then a week later took it out.

    Miranda is still feeding 1-2 times a night at 9 months but I feel much more human than when she was on me all night.

    I find that when she is clingly I let her be then the next week she is ok again.

  22. Kay

    These pictures make me think of the cute anime movie Ponyo! Such a cute baby girl!

  23. Kay

    These pictures make me think of the cute anime movie Ponyo! Such a cute baby girl!