1. Laura

    such lovely images! glad your trip was good:) x

  2. looks like fun! and congrats on the new bun :)

  3. Ohmygosh, the pictures of your little one in her hat?! Beyond cute !!

    xo Becky

  4. Looks like a lovely trip. So glad you're sharing your love of NY with E.

  5. hey i saw your bidoo tout doux _ ahem your smally sweet belly
    besOs from France

  6. That floral tea kettle is beyond beautiful! Loving Marci's head piece!

  7. I am really enjoying your friend Marci's red coat and your outfit in the group picture! Loving all the RED! Looks like you guys had a great time! =)

    Char xo

  8. lovely pictures, looks like a great weekend!
    now i can't wait to go back to new york city in april .. such a wonderful place!
    xo, cheyenne

  9. Tinyo

    Eleanor reminds me so much of my goddaughter :-) I think that we need to plan a city trip with our little boy soon, I'm determined to get him to Paris soon (new york would be a stretch for us as we're in Dublin!)

    I would love love love to know where your friend Marci got her ring? it is such a pretty colour x

  10. Banana

    sooo cute!! :)
    Greetings from Germany :)

  11. Lou

    like your glasses !!

  12. love your nyc photos…as a new yorker sometimes you forget to take a moment and take in the scenes around you…this year we did some "staycation" festivities and visited the sites as well, well worth it!

  13. Sonja

    these are awesome, i'm glad you posted them!
    Those places seem so amazing,I think you posted about tea and sympathy before (? or maybe a different tea place but) I've wanted to go there ever since!

  14. Linh

    AWESOME PICS! :) and i love your glasses!

  15. beautiful pictures! looks like an amazing time :)


  16. I LOVE a good cream tea, it's the first thing I want every time we go back to England.

  17. Mrs. Ham

    im in love with that picture of you! you're simply stunning! miss marci's jacket ain't so bad either!!

  18. Laura

    Looks like a lovely holiday in the city! Thanks for sharing such sweet, heartwarming, and gorgeous photos!

  19. leyla.

    i can never get tired of new york snapshots! there are some very fashionable people in your circle :)

    happy new year!


  20. just look at her face! how do you live with that everyday without melting?!

  21. Ria

    I love all of the pictures. It looks like y'all had a blast! My favorite one has to be the one of the tea pot! So prettyy!

  22. eleanor's eyes! i can't get over how captivating they are on that little face.

  23. It looks like you guys are having a really good time taking those group photos. :P

    Great shots!

  24. Cassie

    Gorgeous you! So pretty. Your pictures are fabulous. I'd love to know what you shoot with. Your pictures are so clean and crisp and the details are perfect.


  25. cait

    Looks like you had a great trip! I love the wide eyes of E where she's just trying to take in as much of New York as possible. Cute baby bump too!!

  26. She is growing up so fast! I love her bottom two teeth! :)
    We are planning our first trip to NY this year, so I love hearing about all your favorite restaurants and I love these pics! :)

  27. those are beautiful pictures.

    and eleanor looks adorable in that big winter coat. :P

  28. Naomi – it was so good to see you! I'm so glad that little Eleanor let me hold her so long.

    Tinyo – the turquoise ring belonged to a dear friend of mine who passed away.

    Red coat and headband from Anthro a few years ago.

  29. Daphné

    Lovely pictures!
    I love Marci's coat!

  30. i love tea and sympathy!! Looks like fun!

  31. hi! i just love your photos and your blog! i'm always excited when i see a new post from you on my google reader, haha. for my own sake i wish you posted more about your fashion choices because i love your style, but i totally respect why you don't. i don't think i would either. anyway, have a blessed 2012!

  32. I love that navy blazer you have on in the group shot!! The cut of it is amazing. Where is it from?!

  33. melynda


    m x

  34. anna

    You inspire me everytime i see your posts!!
    with love, anna

  35. Anca

    aahhh, i recognized the tea & sympathy teapot! Used to go there every day!! miss it!

  36. I just love the picture of Eleanor taking in all of the lights, she is so so beautiful. You have such a wonderful little family. :)

  37. Sari

    Lovely pictures!! Being in the city during the holidays has its own presence. Also, does Josh wears a suit even on weekends?? I wish my man does that =_='


  38. eleanor is so adorable, i cannot even get over it!

  39. Eden

    baby bumps are so darn cute. :)

  40. Caty

    You look fantastic, Naomi! And can I say how much I LOVE that floral-print teapot?!

  41. oh goodness, that second picture is just too cute for words! your trip back to the big city just looks perfect! and of course, you are gorgeous as always!
    xo TJ

  42. your life is so charming and inspiring!

  43. oh, i cannot wait to go to new york in march. loving seeing these pics!

  44. Every single image is utter perfection!Your shot's make me want to visit so bad!


  45. Soo soo soo jealous! New York in the winter is my favorite time of year!


  46. So cute!! What a great year! Here is more blessed and amazing things to come!!

  47. I love the natural coloring blocking that seems to happen in your outfits, your surroundings, your photos.

  48. Great pictures and stories. I've been following your blog and instagram and I must say you have a great family/life!

    Please visit my food & cat website. Beavercat.com

    Thank you for your time and have a great day! :)

  49. I always love looking at your photos and reading your posts. so happy to be following your blog! xo


  50. Sabrina

    Oh-my-goodness..Your friends coat! It's red, it's long, and it has a hood!! I'm in love.

  51. Jenna E

    What a beautiful year!! xo

  52. Where are these cat eye torti frames from?!?!?! I am obsessed with eye wear and would love to know where these are from. Thanks in advance!!! xo, Kim http://www.eatsleepwear.com