a 20 week baby bump!

time is flying by, i tell you. eleanor turns 1 years old in 2 short weeks and i am half way through this second pregnancy. before you know it, we’ll be putting back up those christmas decorations! ;)
i swear my belly button popped back out by day 5 of this new pregnancy (perhaps that has something to do with my abs never fully coming back together from the first time around…. and you really wanted to know that, right?) but i fortunately haven’t really experienced morning sickness or food aversions yet (still able to eat meat over here!) so all is good. it makes me wonder if i’m carrying a boy this time (we’re not finding out the sex again until the birth) as it’s all been pretty different this time around. but who knows, right? we’ll see….
i think we’re confusing eleanor since we’re always pointing to my growing belly and saying “baby!” and then again using the word whenever we are out and about and see an actual baby. but i’ve been re-reading most of my pregnancy books and whenever there is a little photo of a baby on the page she loves to lean in and give it a kiss. it’s kind of the cutest thing ever. i’m really looking forward to seeing her as a big sister.
  1. How cute are you?!

  2. Britney

    HELLO beautiful baby bump! You are doing quite well baking that baby, not to mention taking care of yourself and little E!–speaking of which, I can't believe she's turning 1! My little boy was born in March so his first birthday is coming up as well and I'm totally becoming a basket case about taking in every moment that he's "still" a baby. He kind of just looks at me like, "Mom, calm down."
    That's very exciting that you're waiting to find out the gender! Maybe you're right and it's a boy!–he would be a very studdly little man, no doubt <3

  3. Oh, it's really fantastic and you're so beautiful!
    I'am a new follower of you great blog (and I'm French, sorry for my pityfull english…)

  4. What an adorable photograph! LOVE the dress on you, especially with those red tights!


  5. Can you get any cuter with the belly and little E? That's great you're waiting find out [again]! I think I'd like to do that someday but I know it won't happen. I'd die of curiosity!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  6. so happppy for you!! <3

  7. Gaby

    wow, i can't believe you're already halfway through! time really is flying by!

  8. I want mine close together too, and was always worried that the older one might hate not being the only one anymore! but since she's already kissing little baby pictures, i am not worried anymore! haha, so precious. and so is your dress! where did you get it? i've been looking for one like that for lightyears.

  9. you couldn't be any cuter! love it!

  10. Tracy

    so sweet!

  11. That is just the cutest thing!
    You look amazing!! I wish I looked as cute as you, I'm 26 weeks along with my first. :)

  12. Cortney

    So sweet to see you both with such big grins!

  13. leyla.

    oh goodness! look at you two! very adorable and so fashionable. i would be curious to see how you would dress a boy, since you have such an unique style.


  14. you look great! and I always love seeing how you and your little girl dress!

  15. First of all, you look beautiful and glowing and fantastic! Good for you for stylin' it through your pregnancy!
    The same thing happened to my belly button with my third boy… it popped out super early. Turned out I had a hernia (which happens a lot with subsequent pregnancies). Just be careful lifting up baby E so you don't end up with a bad hernia! Mine was pretty painful, but I'm almost 5 months postpartum and it is finally closing back up.
    Love your blog, by the way!

  16. Sam

    You both look beautiful :D

  17. meg


  18. I love this photo! So much joy coming out from you! May the Lord always always bless you so very much! <3

  19. Natalie

    love your shoes :)

  20. marla

    what a sweet picture! i'm almost 20 weeks with my second also and my belly button popped out before my belly. my morning sickness was also way better this go around and i am having a boy, so perhaps you will too!

    my 18 week bump:

  21. rachael

    super excited for you! when i first saw you were carrying eleanor i was so pumped and surprised. can't wait to see if its a girl or a boy.

  22. Berni

    Aww Eleanor is going to be such a good big sis & can I say- you must be one of the most stunning ladies [pregnant or not], you look glowing!

  23. Eleanor is too cute! I love that you're waiting to find out the sex of this baby too!

  24. Adorable! Love the way eleanor is peeking over. I hope it's a boy!

  25. Tina

    You look so great for being 20 weeks along, and honestly, how adorable is your daughter? With children like this, I say have 20. But then you may become that awkward TV special, so maybe 10 is a better number. Hope you'll continue to feel great!


  26. SO cute! My two are 16 months apart (2 and almost 8 mos, now). People make strange comments about how my hands are so full… but I say they are full of love. How exciting for you!

  27. That's adorable about eleanor kissing the babies, so sweet! You look fantastic for being in your 20th week, I hope everything continues to go well :)

  28. That's adorable about eleanor kissing the babies, so sweet! You look fantastic for being in your 20th week, I hope everything continues to go well :)

  29. Rebecca

    Congratulations!!! Our first two are close (15 months apart). I wouldn't have it any other way! They're inseparable.

  30. iz

    You look fantastic! So happy for you and your family. I love reading your blog everyday and following you in your fun adventures. I love that the focus is family. Reading your blog always puts me in a good mood. Thanks for letting us into your world!

  31. rebeca

    Hello from spain!!!! I read your blog every day and for me it is an fantastic break…

    Big kisses!

  32. Sonja

    cute cute cute! the photo, Eleanor kissing photos of babies…everything! It's great that you're not feeling sick this time around! :o)

  33. kwistin

    heehee! this is one of my favorites of you two. i love the juxtaposition of your poses, both leaning different ways. it's like you're balancing each other out. what a good team. ;)

  34. Rebecca

    You look gorgeous! Best of luck with your pregnancy!

  35. Elise

    I love Eleanor's cute little red jacket! Adorable. Love how your outfit has some hints of red in it…

  36. Brenny

    hee hee soooo cute! i heard that every pregnancy after the first you show and grow way faster. your family is so adorable! and it will be even more so with the new babes! congrats:)

  37. Will you please tell where your shoes are from!? SO perfect.

  38. Rachel

    you are so adorable!!!love this photo!

  39. what an adorable bump!

  40. Rachael

    Gosh, I can't believe Eleanor is going to be one soon!! I wish children can stop growing and stay young and cute forever!!
    That is exciting though, that you're going to wait until the baby comes to find out if it's a boy or a girl! I don't know if I could last that long!! If I were pregnant, I mean.

  41. Necole

    Omg you and Eleanor are adorable!! You make me want to go for #3!! Love it!

  42. ariel

    you look lovely! my babes are 17 months apart. it was a little rough at the beginning, but they are so fun together now :) best of luck to you!

  43. Kate

    Love how Eleanor is peeking around in the pic. I can't believe she's almost a year old! I started following your blog just a couple weeks before she was born, being pregnant myself and appreciating a look at what was ahead for me. Hard to believe it's been a year. But I'll bet it's even harder for you. ;)

  44. I didn't see it, if you already answered, but where is that amazing jacket from?! vintage? It's great.

    I bet you are having a boy! I can't wait to see how you'll dress a baby boy… mini bow ties like josh's?!

    electric fringe

  45. I think we all want to know where you got your amazing clothes from!

  46. Elisa

    Congratulations to you and your adorable family! :) We have 3 of our own, and you are right.. watching your first become a big sis is one of the funnest things to look forward too.
    I absolutely adore you and your sense of style and design. If you are sharing, would you share where you purchased your fabulous shoes in this pic. They are just what I have been searching for.
    (mom of 3 in San Diego)

  47. The second pregnancy is so precious. Enjoy it while you can. My older 2 had the same age gap. I look back on it fondly. My 3 boys are now 7, 10 and 12. x

  48. Kia

    Where do you buy Eleanor's coats? I love the red one and they greyish one. I have a 1 year old and just cannot find a cute (and warm) coat for her.

  49. Shay

    You are so cute! Love the dress!

  50. HOT

    Jealous and very happy for you!! :-)

  51. My twins were 17 months when my third was born. I love having them close in age, it gets better (and easier!) with each passing month. Congratulations!

  52. Maria O.

    I realize everyone is commenting about your babies, but where did you get your tights? I'm on the hunt for opaque red tights and you are wearing what I want!

  53. this question is out of curiosity, not spite: Do you only answer a "where did you get that" question if more than one reader asks it?

  54. That picture is so lovely you look amazing and are so stylish ! You make life beautiful and really, thank you for showing that :)
    Good luck with the pregnancy, I really hope it's a boy :)

  55. Congratulations. You're the coolest, most creative, colourful, vibrant mother ever!

    HEY, i'll remember you when i become a mother (hopefully!)

  56. Taylor

    Where do you shop for your little girl?! Her clothes are absolutely adorable! I cringe at putting my (future) babies in matchy-matchy Gymboree outfits and must take notes:)

    Also, the chicness that you continue to be inspires me on my crummiest feeling of days. Thanks!

    xo Taylor

  57. @taylor, thanks! i shop for her everywhere. zara baby tends to be my favorite right now.

    @mallosaurus, this is my first time getting to check these comments and respond. i try to respond to everyones comments but i'm sorry if i am not fast enough for you. there is only so much time in the day! to answer your other question, my dress is the airplane dress from Hatch Collection!

    @maria o, tights where from anthropologie!

    @electric fringe, the jacket is vintage. thanks!

    @kia, her coat in this photo is from zara. her blue one is from a consignment shop in richmond.

    and i think someone asked where my shoes were from but i can't find that comment? they are from ruche.

    thanks for the nice comments all! we are so excited about this second bebe!


  58. Lovely photo !!! :) congrats!!

  59. Nikki

    so cool!!! congratulations!

  60. oh no you are fine! i'm sorry if i came off rude or impatient (i guess i am impatient!) I need to be more understanding… thanks for letting me know girl!

  61. Awe! I love the pic! I'm at 22 weeks with my third but my youngest is only 15 months and my belly button popped out super early too! I think it is cause I'm pregnant again so soon! I was much less sick with this pregnancy, my oldest is a boy (4y), middle a girl (15mo) and we just found out that this one is a boy! Excited to keep up with your pregnancy :)



  62. Jennifer

    i'm catching up on your blog posts and it's so funny (at least to me) that things you're posting are the same things I think about my little girl and my current pregnancy. Like confusing our 18 month old by telling her about the baby in mommy's belly but also pointing to babies when we're out in public. She seems to think now that her belly has a baby. She pulls up her shirt and says "baby." She also puts her feet on the table like your sweet eleanor does. I'm sure these things are all common things but it's always nice to be able to relate to someone else.

  63. So glad you're waiting to find out the sex. I wish more people would do that! It's probably the best surprise in the world.

  64. PIXI PR

    You look great. My son is 1,5 year and i have a 10 week bump. Thought I´d be fast and agree on looking pregnant by 8th week

    Greetings from Denmark/Pixi PR

  65. You look great! It's so nice to see a happy growing family! :) also, I love your shoes… would you be able to tell me where you got them? I've been looking all over for cut out wedges like those!

  66. loudie

    So beautiful ! Tellement élégante !