life lately, according to my iphone pictures.

…and some from josh, too.

ps. my baby girl turns ONE tomorrow. ONE. i can’t believe how this year flew by. so i’m off to go stare at my beautiful baby girl who is napping right now while she’s still a “something-month old” for a few more hours. xo ... Read more

happy birthday, husband!

happy birthday to my love! i loved you so much before, but watching you take on the roll of “papa” so naturally this past year, i can’t believe how much more i love you now. looking forward to seeing you as a “papa of two” soon… ;) i love you. xo taza *polaroid from a trip to mexico a few years ago.... Read more

this week.

i’m not sure if it’s the sleep training thing (which is really just code for mama and papa getting no sleep), the fatigue of my current pregnancy (i could fall asleep standing up, i swear), or a combination of both, but this week hasn’t been my best. today i feel how kingsley looks in this photo:

it’s been hard staying on top of things this week and when i fall behind i begin to feel so overwhelmed.... Read more


…was just beautiful. 55 degrees and sunny. we tried to spend as much time outside as possible. after all, panda told eleanor his face is too pale and needs some sun… ;)

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feet on the table.

probably the only one in the world who can get away with having her feet on the dinner table, in my opinion. i can’t help but giggle at her desired sitting positions as of late. these little ones sure know how to bring lots of smiles to the dinner table. :) ps. we’re on day two of sleep training (again) at our house.... Read more