1. B.e

    amazing! my favourite is the one with the elephant :)

  2. nice photos, the one of the tree is amazing, it would be perfect for Christmas card!

  3. oh, sleepy panda baby and beautiful lights! this made my morning!


  4. Sher

    this may be just the most adorable date night ever:)


  5. Illene

    I love those photos! The soft warm effect with little blurness to make those colorful lights stand out! :D

  6. love love love that elephant in lights!! great pics!

  7. I love the elephant and the trees! (And Eleanor's cute face of course)

  8. leyla.

    i just recently went to something similar, but in a botanical garden. the lights can be really mesmerizing. i love the elephant!

  9. Shannon

    Our zoo does zoolights too! But not with a cute sleeping Eleanor…

  10. Mariel

    The Calgary Zoo does zoo lights too! So fun!

  11. I had plans to go to this on Friday but it didn't end up working out– I'm definitely going to try to go before Christmas! It looks like such a nice time :)

  12. I didn't realize zoo lights was such a thing! We have it around here, too, but have never managed to go since it's in the bedtime zone.

  13. So beautiful! What a great date! I hope you have a great time at all your other Christmas dates!;)

  14. Myrna

    Love the elephant lights! you and your family are the cutest ever!!!!



  15. carissa

    oh my. rinah would love this. i wish we had time to go before we leave…

  16. Kendra

    oh, that does look like fun!

  17. Cassie

    love these photos! what a fun date!

  18. Mariana


  19. Thanks for the fantastic idea! I didn't even know the zoo did this. I love it.


  20. JH

    i hope a zoo near us (NYC/NJ) does zoo lights! i used to go in toledo and it was so fun… everyone there is in such a festive mood!


  21. Love the pictures :) Looks like you had a great time. I've been wanting to check out our zoo lights. I heard they even have a skating rink :) Pretty, pretty ♥

  22. Beautiful lights! I didn't kmow zoos did anything for Christmas season. A lot do for Halloween, E would probably love it :)

  23. that elephant is amazing!!xo

  24. mckenzie

    it's not a date if you take your kid. it's your first, i get it, i was the same way, but get a babysitter…it really doesn't count with the baby.

  25. I didn't know zoos did this. Really cool! Looks cold though! :)


  26. Haley K

    what a lovely night you 3 enjoyed!!

    and i'm glad you reminded me, we need to get to our zoo lights asap! :)

  27. Kaitlen

    What a fun date!

    If you don't mind me asking, what color lipstick are you wearing in these photos?

    Looks so great on you and hoping it would look great on me too :)

  28. Josie

    Oh she is just so sweet tucked up with her little panda!

  29. Oh my gosh, GORGEOUS photos!

  30. So pretty and adorable! :)

  31. How fun! Very lovely pictures!

  32. such a good date idea!

  33. love that eleanor gets to be included on the little dates. i'm sure she appreciates it…even if she sleeps through it. :)

  34. i love this – we have a "candy cane lane" here in Redondo Beach, CA, and every house on 5 or so blocks are decorated in lights. It's the one thing that really gets you into the spirit of Christmas!

    also – what lipstick are you wearing? Brand and color? It's almost matte, and exactly what i'm looking for!

  35. Very pretty. We have something like this back home in Austin it's so much fun to go to multiple time's through out the season.

  36. April

    Oh! We went there too! It was definitely a little chilly but I had so much fun! I love free events in DC :D

  37. Abigail

    Loving this! The Elephant is my fav!

  38. @mckenzie, we "choose" to take eleanor on our dates. of course we could leave her with a sitter and i'm sure we will more and more as she gets older, but she's pretty well behaved for a baby and we enjoy ourselves just fine.

    @alexis and @kaitlen, it's heat wave by nars. thanks!

  39. Libby

    we went to the zoo lights exhibit when we were in Chicago 2 weeks ago..it was awesome!

  40. What color nail polish are you wearing in the picture of you with the cup of something hot? I adore it!

  41. oh, these pictures are so lovely! I was just telling my husband about the "12 dates of Christmas" maybe he'll get my nudges :) love,SUZE

  42. how pretty!! this just made me that much more excited for my favorite christmas tradition with family – driving around and looking at all of the christmas lights on christmas eve!

  43. just lovely!


  44. Chelsey

    Love your lipstick-what is it?

  45. aww this looks like such a sweet date :) and jeez, look at that baby. so precious.

  46. I used to live so close to D.C. and I never, ever knew about Christmas lights at the zoo! Oh, man I missed out!

  47. Catt

    This is one of my most favorite Christmas Traditions! Pretty lights, crisp weather and my family!!

  48. kristen

    y'all are SO CUTE!!!! love it all.

  49. today i

    Love the picture with the coffee!

  50. Kim

    So beautiful! I need to go there!

    found the route

  51. I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award – the details are in my latest post. Hopefully there are even more out there that can appreciate what you do – like I do! Although it doesn't look like you need any help finding readers. PS. DYING to get to zoolights this year!

  52. Wahy

    Oh my god! that place is so cool! wish we had such thing in my place ;(

  53. Is it possible for your family to be any more precious?! So cute!

    Luvv, Leigh B

  54. Samantha

    Oh! the places we go…when we have a baby. Your post reminded me to go to our local zoo for their Christmas lights.

  55. so pretty! why when you are out in the cold do you look so pretty? i have a white face and runny nose!?! :)

  56. So pretty! Looks like a lot of fun!

  57. aw, so much fun! it all looks so magical! and baby e looks so adorable sleeping with that little stuffed bear!
    xo TJ

  58. You've inspired my husband and myself to take a little time to get dressed up and get out of the house lately. We brought our little one to see the Polyphonic Spree Holiday Concert last weekend and had a blast, too!

    By the by, what nail polish is that? I can't tell exactly what the color is, but I've been looking for something dark that doesn't look goth!

  59. Ahh i love it! i wish there was places like that in england :) so magical! X

  60. Tea

    Cute lipstick – what colour/brand is it?