1. Josi

    How do you manage taking Eleanor to concerts? Is she such a lovely, well-behaved girl, so that she won't make a peep and you can follow the music?

    Eleanor is really the sweetest baby I've ever seen. And I've really seen a loooot.

  2. Jessie

    It's never too early to start a love for music and art! I saw the 5 Browns once in concert… AMAZING!!!

  3. E has the cutest little hats. She's just the sweetest little lady!

  4. Mariana

    How do you manage it with your little baby girl?!
    Cute, Cute, Cute Baby Girl!!!

  5. Jordan

    I saw the 5 Browns on the Today show this morning!

  6. *Love* them! Saw them live when I was a piano student in high school, and they were so inspiring! They were also on the Today Show this morning sharing about a pretty hard issue with grace and poise. So brave!

  7. seriously it's insane how beautiful Eleanor is, a baby should not be that ridiculously cute, it's not fair for the rest of us lol but it helps she always happy ;]


  8. she didn't make a peep? wow, that's awesome/incredible! I wish my baby boy would stay quiet so we could go to concerts :)
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  9. My husband and I also went to that concert! How do you know them personally?

  10. Eleanor's eyes are absolutely GORGEOUS!!

  11. i swear that lil' girl knows something we don't and she's not telling.

  12. Sonja

    Gosh can she be any more beautiful!? Seriously! She's the prettiest,cutest baby I ever did see! Yup!
    That sounds like a really fun performance! Good date!

  13. Emily

    Lucky! That's awesome.

  14. JH

    you two are such lucky ducks to have a good baby :D it's date night for us too! no babies though, but should still be romantic on the Hoboken waterfront!


  15. Kim

    Oh dear, I just happen to love them! My favorite musical geniuses..

    found the route

  16. that's wonderful you are exposing her to music at such an early age! i actually started music classes with all my children when they were six months.

  17. She's so cute! :] And what a fun night!

  18. I love this idea of Christmas dates! Plus, your baby girl is freakin' adorable as always.

  19. you all look great! are you good friends with the 5 browns?!?
    xo TJ

  20. Gaby

    i love eleanor's beanie, too cute! you've inspired me to think of 12 dates with my husband, though it may have to wait until next year…

  21. So cute! Looks like fun.

  22. karlee

    love evelyns hat…and her face!

  23. LeeLee

    Aww, baby Eleanor is so cute. Love the hat.

  24. Kendra

    How does she already look older than when I saw her a month ago? Maybe the same goes for Ev but I don't notice it. Again, jealous of her concert-going ability.

  25. aw! Elanor is so precious!

  26. I LOVE her hat!! She has such a cute grin. Go E for not making a peep during the show, what a good girlie!

  27. berrie

    I love Eleanor's jacket! Where'd you get it?

  28. Abigail

    I absolutely love this idea of the 12 dates of christmas! I think I may just have to borrow the idea for my blog! Husband and I made gingerbread houses today, so I think i'll go ahead and count that for our first date of christmas!

    also, your little gal is quite cute!


  29. your baby girl's coat is stinking adorable. What a gorgeous family you have :) love your blog to pieces.

    xo. Taylor

  30. you look adorable as usual. yay for quiet babies! I have never heard of the 5 browns, i will have to check them out!

  31. Leah

    Love the 5 Browns! And your baby girl is so beautiful!

  32. even if she did make noise, she is too cute to complain about!

  33. That picture is just to adoarble.

  34. E is so cute in her winter gear!!

  35. Heidz

    I want her hat for me and look at those eyes! I must say she has to be one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. Well behaved to! <3

  36. Heidz

    *too (whoops!)

  37. Olivas

    I like your looks!!!!

  38. i just LOVE your sense of style & outfits, naomi !!


  39. SOOOOO Cute!!!
    Where is miss E's coat from?


  40. That baby's eyes just get prettier and prettier every time I see them!


  41. I hate commenting when there are already so many, but I cannot stay silent! Your little miss Eleanor is one of the most gorgeous babies on the planet! I love coming to your blog just to see pictures of her. (I hope that is not creepy, I just love babies and have a special fondness for the name Eleanor.)

  42. I bet that concert was magical. I would love to see them in person. Also, the sister on the right in the greenish dress? I want that! Gorgeous.

  43. beth

    what a sweet face :) and sweet series!

  44. How fun! Yay for adorable faces enjoying concerts! ;)

  45. LV

    Awesome photos!

  46. They are so talented, and considering all the awful things they've gone through, certainly deserving of future success!

    Elanor is a doll!

  47. Jenna

    One of those guys is my home teacher. Fun!

  48. AHHHH! I'm obsessed with the 5 Browns! I've played piano competitively for eight years and finally got to meet them awhile ago. Performing piano is one of my biggest passions and I only wish I were as good as any one of them so I could tour :P