1. Gentri

    That's my current favorite too! haha!

  2. harlin

    too cute, you guys are such a gorgeous couple!

  3. colleen

    i loved this. the office is our favorite too! and you look amazing.

  4. Gaby

    awesome, might have to go out and find some ben & jerry's now!

    p.s. congratulations on baby #2! So exciting :)

  5. I just felt warm fuzzies inside reading this.

  6. Megan

    Aah, sounds amazing!

  7. Brooke

    Oh shut up, you guys are too cute! We're in love with the office too!! Have a fun cozy night!



  8. love ben and jerrys and the office and bed. mmhmmm

  9. Jessie

    that sounds divine! Love me a little hubby time too.

  10. love anything mint. and i'm kind of obsessed with your long perfect hair. need to grow mine out asap!!
    xo TJ

  11. rachael

    hehe so cute!
    my friend is back from nyc for xmas and we too are having a night in!

  12. Those are the best kind of date nights…staying in and snuggling with icecream, and husband.

  13. KIKA

    LAUUUVVV mint chocolate cookie!!! so so good :)

  14. sounds like uper fun!!!

  15. To flippin' cute!

  16. If you like the mint chocolate cookie you should definitely try Ben and Jerry's Milk and Cookies! It is divine. Way better than actual milk and cookies!

  17. Simple and sweet :)

  18. Maren

    You look so cute!

  19. You two are so adorable!

  20. Incorporating the last week of December into the 7 dates of Christmas. Thanks for the romantic inspiration! We start Sunday! Can't wait :)

  21. Liesl

    You are both adorable…what fun!

    Liesl :)

  22. Mrs. Ham

    oh that tis the BEST flavor! even better when sharing!


  23. Sometimes, those kinds of dates are the best!

  24. half-baked will always own my heart.

  25. I just wanna be you!!!!


  26. Leenie

    Definitely a yummy flavor for this time of year. And perfect treat for the preggo cravings too ;). I couldn't be any more happier for you and your darling family!

  27. Yay for 'the office' and for the wife+husband dates! You look g-l-o-w-i-n-g!

  28. Rhianne

    I had no idea such a flavour existed!

  29. Um, that sounds like an amazing ice cream flavor, though Ben and Jerry's always has the best flavors…what a fun and relaxing evening!!

  30. Shannon

    My favorite is a tie between that one and Karamel Sutra. Yummmm.

  31. Ashley

    So simple and so sweet. :) And I bet you had just as great of a time as if you were out in a classy black dress!

  32. my favorite kind of date!!

  33. Samantha

    You look cute without your glasses :) My husband and I need to figure out how to have fun together again- jealous

  34. i love that ice cream but can't eat it due to my pregnancy induced indigestion. mint and chocolate are two of the biggest indigestion jerks. i miss them dearly! xx

  35. you guys are so adorable! my boyfriend and I have been doing mini dates as well and they've been great so far! cute idea!


  36. Tamara

    You two are so stinking cute. Have a wonderful weekend!

  37. You two are too cute. I could only imagine, this is exactly what keeps a marriage strong.


    ps. my favorite flavor is cookie dough! ;)

  38. The Mrs.

    The best date so far!!
    Love those kind!


  39. Michelle

    You are so cute au natural :-)

  40. Danielle

    y'all are so super adorable! you have my dream family, i swear… <3

  41. Oh YEAH! Mint Cookie is the BEST. If only I could have dairy… waaaa!

  42. Kuleigh

    That's my favorite date with my boyfriend too! Ice cream and tv cuddled up in bed! Nothing better. Have you tried the Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Snack Ben and Jerry's? It's so good!

  43. Are you channeling Chris and me? Naomi, this is my life. Cuddling up to tv and ice cream is a pretty wonderful way to date the husband.

  44. Cambria

    BESTTT ice cream! What a cute and cozy date!


  45. my friends and i love this flavor too!!!

  46. haley

    this is the best kind of date. love following your blog! congratulations on baby number 2 :)


  47. emily


  48. (-:

  49. This is such a cute series! Some of the best dates are spent on the couch with something good to eat, and something good on t.v.!

  50. Cortney

    I don't know if you've ever shared this on your blog (or if you want to) but I'm really curious as to your decisions regarding your career after leaving Julliard. From what I understand as a non dancer, it's crazy hard to get into and produces some of the best talent in the world. I assume you, too, must be incredibly talented and driven to get in, and I wonder if it was hard to kind of put the brakes on all of that and transition into being a stay-at-home-wife and then a SAHM? Did you ever want a career as a dancer? I guess I always assumed that if someone went to Julliard they wanted to do that as a career. Anyway, I've just always been curious and I never read anything about it on your blog, so just wondering.

  51. Erin

    Thanks for sharing the 12 Dates idea. I've been doing it with my husband, too! I don't know that we'll manage to get 12 dates done in time, but it's motivated me to get out and do some fun Christmas stuff around Chicago!

  52. that last photo you look soooo different (and still beautiful!) ummm unfair :)

  53. you guys are so adorable. i love living vicariously through you, naomi!