twelve dates of christmas: on our fifth date of christmas…

…we drove around the neighborhoods
near chevy chase in bethesda maryland
and admired all the beautiful christmas lights on each home.
then we went for sushi (cooked rolls for me)
and came home to watch the green lantern together.
can you guess who picked the first part of our date and who picked the last part? ;)

  1. Ash

    sounds like most of our dates this christmas (: my father grew up in bethesda, but i've never visited during the holidays- i bet it's insanely gorgeous!

  2. you better run
    there's 4 days till christmas

  3. kwistin

    heehee, i'mma go out on a limb here and guess you chose the first part… :)

  4. haha. i love the mix of the date. i wonder who picked the first……

  5. oh my gosh the lights there are simply gorgeous!

  6. Kendra

    we rented that movie last weekend. A bit cheesy, no? we just got back from nyc! We had a blast but boy that city life was so foreign to me! It was nuts! more on that later! Love the photo of Eleanor below. She's darling!

  7. Natalie

    sounds like something my husband would pick out :)

  8. Mrs. Ham

    thats too funny! my husband always wants to watch those kind of movies too. i usually fall asleep so i don't mind too much! :)

  9. ha, oh gosh. i watched green lantern with the mister. it was….interesting. good thing i adore ryan reynolds!
    xo TJ

  10. @mrs. ham, i fell asleep too!

    @mary, i suppose it depends on who you ask but if you're asking me, no.

  11. Hilary

    HA that sounds just like me and my husband! Driving around "Griswolding" is what my family calls it and then followed by a cheesy guy movie.

  12. Jessica

    LOVE the first part of your date hahaha.

    I just soooo did not like the Green Lantern. I thought there was no character development whatsoever and everything just happened so fast.. I'm like what is this movie?! hahaha.

    Christmas is soooooo soon! Merry Christmas :D


  13. alissa b

    poor you haha green latern was such a flop! my boyfriend made me sit through that in theaters!

    alissa b

  14. Jane

    I love your red cableknit skirt? Where is it from and are you yellow/green tights from Anthropologie? I think I have them!

  15. Rachel

    Not to be a downer, but I thought sushi wasn't safe during pregnancy because of bacteria AND mercury. So, while cooked sushi takes care of the bacteria part, there's still mercury exposure…

  16. @chapstick fanatic, thanks for the tip!

    @jane, from zara!

    @rachel, while i'm sure everyone's opinion varies on this, i double checked about this with my doctor during my pregnancy with Eleanor and he gave me the all clear!

  17. Brooke

    Haha, that sounds familiar! My husband loves the actiony superhero movies as well. In fact as part of my husband's and my '8 dates of hanukkah' he (and I) chose to watch star wars haha. Gotta love it!


  18. Awe super cute! I liked that you both contributed to the date! =)