the nutcracker.

my friend sarah and i went to see washington ballet’s the nutcracker the other week at the warner theater. i loved it. the beautiful theater (those ceilings). the wonderful orchestra. how it snowed the entire snow scene and not just for a few seconds at the end. it brought back so many memories of years and years of dancing in the nutcracker when i was little… and all i could think about at the end was how i had to get me and my pregnant belly into a ballet class stat. (although i haven’t yet… i’m so good at coming up with excuses.)
it was fun seeing the ballet with another former dancer, too… sarah and i first met when we were 14 years old and silly bun heads attending an 8 week summer ballet intensive in new york city. we both ended up back in nyc for the college years and now we’re both in dc! how it is we only end up seeing each other 2 or 3 times a year when we only live 5 minutes away from each other these days is beyond me. resolution for the new year perhaps?
  1. Suzanne

    Oh, the Nutcracker is my favorite! I'm not a dancer, but went every year as a kid with my family. Can't wait to take my daughters (3 and 7 mos.) someday!

  2. Jessi

    I love the Nutcracker! I haven't gone to see it in years, but my mom and I used to go every year to see it at the local college. It wasn't anything fancy but it was always beautiful. I can't imagine how awesome it would be to see at the at the Warner Theater. How lovely!

  3. Alaythea

    I want to go see the Nutcracker ballet so bad! Also, when did you develop your love for ballet and dancing? My daughter is almost 5 and is taking ballet. She likes it a lot but when will I know if she's in love with it? I don't want to force her but I also don't want to wait till it's too late to develop her dancing. I guess I want her to be obsessed with it and she's not, at least not yet! Lol!

  4. How fun! I planned going this year but it didn't happen. Sounds like you and your friend are meant to be!!


  5. Ha, is "bun head" a ballerina word? I haven't heard that one. I went to see the Nutcracker at the Warner as well– beautiful :)

  6. Shannon

    "Silly bun heads" cracked me up.

  7. my older sister and i are the ones out of our family of girls that got the ballet dancing bug, and we go to the ballet together (not often enough, though). everytime we go, i almost hurt to be back in a class. at least my sis gets to teach ballet, so she's in it a bit still. i miss dancing in the nutcracker as well :)

  8. My best friend was a professional dancer and now has SIX children (she's only 30!). It was so inpspiring, albeit hillarious, to see her dance her way through her pregnancies! During this last one, she actually did a lot of Zumba…right up until the end, which was so funny it was featured in one of the local papers. So fun!!!

  9. Cassie

    I took my little girls out for a nutcracker date. It's the first time I've ever seen a ballet in person (though I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching dance and am unsure how I've missed out on this for so long?) They loved it too, and it is sure to become a tradition for us.

  10. I went to the nutcraker too! my favorite christmas tradition. love it.

  11. Shannon

    i love the nutcracker so much but it has been years since i have seen it! it looks like y'all had a wonderful time.

    here's hoping next year is my year to see it!

  12. I've never seen it :(

    You should totally sign up for a ballet class :) No more excuses! I take a Stott pilates class through our local ballet company + all the teachers are dancers. It's so fun.

  13. Gentri

    Oh I bet it was amazing!! I saw Ballet West's production of the nutcracker this year (actually took my sister as part of her Christmas gift because she'd never seen it, and we're a family of dancers!). It was so fun!

  14. Jessica

    Wow I bet seeing it there was amazing.
    The Nutcracker came to my small town and it was so much fun, I absolutely loved it!!!! The sets and the costumes were so beautiful.

    I was especially looking forward to the Sugar Plum Fairy dance/song… so beautiful. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  15. christy

    My mom took me to the Nutcracker every year starting when I was 4 years old. Now I take my daughters and it is glorious! I'm curious where did you study dance when you were in Utah, Naomi? Thanks! Congratulations on baby #2! So happy for you.

  16. I was in the Nutcracker every year growing up and every time I see it I want to start dancing again haha.

  17. I'm going to see this tomorrow night with the hubs! I can't wait, and this just made me even more excited.

    One Month and Counting

  18. kaitlin

    c'est magnifique! those sets and that ceiling are so dreamy!

  19. I am so glad you loved it!!! {I was in the Washington Ballet Nutcracker for 4 years..During dress rehearsal I would wander around the front of the theatre and go up and down the steps looking in the grand mirror pretending I was a princess} It's my favorite…but I'm biased. Also for classes you should take classes at the Washington Ballet ! I go from time to time and they are wonderful. Here is the schedule .
    merry christmas!

  20. I used to love the nutcracker as a little girl!! my dad plays the soundtrack every year at christmas time now and we love to dance around to it!

    i also love that picture of the nutcrackers ;)

  21. Brooke

    Oh my goodness! My mom and I used to go and see the Nutcracker every year until I moved away! It is one of my favorite ballets of all time…the music is enchanting! I'm glad you had a good time!


  22. I have yet to see a live play of the nutcracker, I am looking forward to changing that in the near future.

  23. Oh my gosh! This just reminded me of how long it has been since I've seen the nutcracker! Now I really want to go, and I can't get the little sugar plum fairy song out of my head.


  24. Dilyn

    have you ever heard of pure barre? it is a new fitness franchise that is supposed to be a blend of barre technique and pilates…it is just a big room with mirrors and bars, not sure if there is a in DC yet!
    <3 dilyn.

  25. Ooh, The Nutcracker is so fun! I used to go see my best friend dance as a little kid. I haven't been in many years but maybe next year!

  26. LeeLee

    I love The Nutecracker. All of it is perfect.

  27. i love the nutcracker, i watch it every year, all alone in my living room. my husband isn't allowed cuz he just makes fun of, well, way too much. xx

  28. I love that ballet!

  29. Danielle

    Fun!!I love the nutcracker!

  30. adore the nutcracker so much, and miss dancing in it. the stage looks incredible though. and i love the orchestra!!
    xo TJ

  31. The Nutcracker is one of my favorite live performances.

  32. Hannah

    aw, the nutcracker. i love it. you should take ballet again!!! it's so wonderful.

  33. Jenna E

    I have not yet seen the Nutcracker!!!! It's shameful I know :(

  34. haley

    I saw The Nutcracker this weekend as well! I danced for years and years and did countless Nutcracker performances…I adore it. Now I teach baby ballerinas and a couple of my kids were in their first one this year…so exciting to see :)

  35. How fun! Nothing is more fun for former dancer friends than to enjoy a ballet! I should have seen the ballet this season as well!

  36. definitely a resolution. glad you such a good time :)

  37. Caroline

    I'm am only 12 and a serious ballet dancer. I am currently performing in my nutcracker (opening night was nov 29) and our last show is Christmas eve. I love your blog and dont let your age stop you from dancing.
    P.S. I'm a bunhead too! ;)

  38. something about that magical song really lets you know the holidays are here!i have a fun dancey dubstep version of it playing on my blog lol
    i love your blog naomi..I started reading it my 2nd month pregnant! now shes 4 months! arent little girls soo much fun!? you inspired me to start blogging again..theres too much joy in motherhood to not wanna share it with world!

  39. Septime Webre's nutcracker is my absolute favorite. I danced in his Nutcracker production for 7 years (when i was younger) while he was the director of American Repertory Ballet in Princeton, before he went off to become even more amazing at the Washington Ballet. And I didn't realize you did a summer intensive before attending Juilliard! – where did you do yours? I also did one at age 14, at Joffrey.