rice to riches.

one of my favorite little places to grab a treat when we lived in new york was rice to riches. i am a big rice pudding girl so it’s kind of perfect. my favorite is their sex, drugs and rocky road. uh-mazing! we stopped by while we were in new york the other week and stuffed ourselves with as much rice pudding as we could before feeling too sick. we let eleanor try a little of papa’s vanilla and she loved it. smart little cookie, that one. it’s fun to share my favorite things with her and have her approve of them, if you know what i mean. makes me feel like we’re kindred spirits, or something.
  1. Mal

    I have never been there, but my friend who lives in NYC raves about it. I want to check it out next time I'm visiting the city.


  2. Shannon

    Oh yummmm. Little Eleanor seems to have a good sense for good food!

  3. LeeLee

    That is so sweet and sounds delicious.

  4. I don't really like it but the name is too funny! And E. looks cute as always :)

  5. I love rice pudding (rice cream to us Aussies :P)!! I need to make some for myself soon…I've been craving it!

  6. rice pudding is so good! That place is probably delicious. Glad Eleanor liked it!

  7. kathi.

    wow looks very delicious!
    and eleanor is soooo sweet!

  8. LOVE this place. Their rice pudding is incredible. Love the cheesecake flavored one.


  9. Melissa

    Looks delicious!

  10. The pictures are beautiful! Looks like you guys had a great trip!

  11. colleen

    i lived around the corner from the one on spring street during my summer internship. not surprisingly, my love for rice pudding grew quite a lot that summer.

  12. yum!! That looks delish!

  13. Baby Eleanor does have some great taste. Love that place too!

  14. i love their category 5 and graham cracker. went there 4 times when i was visiting during labor day weekend then had two tubes shipped to my house. thinking about ordering again. one of my favorite places!

  15. Yay, it's still there! I loved their rice pudding… and I don't like rice pudding most of the time!

  16. Eeny

    Their rice pudding is awesome. Yum!
    Vanilla or cinnamon are my favorite flavors. I guess I know what will be on my menue soon. Homemade rice pudding =)

  17. Ashley

    yummm! I love that place! It's such a cute shop too!

  18. Mariana

    It looks yummy!!!
    And you both look cute!!!

  19. Rice to Riches is my absolute favorite dessert place in NYC. I recommend it to everyone I know who visits there!

  20. Your blog makes me hungry.

  21. holy deliciousness!

  22. kelsey

    I love Rice to Riches! I stopped in last time I was in NYC – such a treat! Glad Eleanor liked it.

  23. Alaythea

    I hate rich pudding but I saw a thing about that place on TV. I thought it was crazy that there was actually a place that served nothing but rice pudding!

  24. Alaythea

    *rice, not rich! Lol!

  25. Jillian

    There are a few rice pudding places in Portland (Oregon, where I live) that I will have to try. I've never really given it a chance but rocky road sounds amazing! I'm sure my little munchkin would love it too!

  26. Tish

    Your daughter is getting the good stuff! Way to start her out right ;)

  27. I really love your blog! I think it's pretty amazing that you share all your nice adventures with your baby girl. The things I love most about your blog/about your life, are the simple pleasures and how you celebrate them!
    Also, me as a teacher love seeing all your wonderful toys for your baby girl (:

    Keep on the good stuff!

    Nice greetings from Vienna, Austria ;)


  28. Looove the matching hats! Too cute.
    xx. Jillian

  29. alayne

    I'm headed to NYC in the spring and I'd love your suggestions of places to eat, shop, and visit. Email me if you get a chance? That would be lovely. :) alaynejane(at)gmail.com

  30. alayne

    I'm headed to NYC in the spring and I'd love your suggestions of places to eat, shop, and visit. Email me if you get a chance? That would be lovely. :) alaynejane(at)gmail.com

  31. DEL

    Yummy, i love rice pudding as well, i like your blog!

  32. I bet my boys would love it! sounds like such a fun spot. I love NY so much. My husband and I almost moved their until we had children. We live in San Francisco and it is super expensive, but we knew it would be EVEN MORE pricey living there, trying to find good/inexpensive schools, etc. By the way, I have been following your blog for over a year and I just love it!! I love reading up on your ridiculously adorable family. xo- Desiree

  33. Wishbone

    you have the most beautiful family xo

  34. Cute pictures! I am glad you got to stop at a special place on your trip! =)

  35. this makes me wish i liked rice pudding.

  36. Alex

    I looooooooove that place!!

  37. On every NY trip we've been on we have not been here! It's always on my list of places I would like to eat but we just get too busy. So… you can totally order it online and have it shipped to you! Worth it? I just might.

  38. leyla.

    since i'm a fanatic about rice, made any kind of way, i'll make sure to stop by there on my next visit to nyc. looks delicious! warm wishes for the new year!

  39. whimsy

    fun! my mom makes rice pudding as a danish tradition every christmas eve. i never eat it… but the rest of the family loves it:) ive always been too scared to try it!! but maybe now i will !!

  40. Sonja

    I wish we had something like that in toronto! Rice pudding is the best!!! :o)
    I feel like I should start compiling a notebook of suggestions I get through your blog for one day when I visit places! hehe

  41. Mrs. Ham

    where is your shirt from? it so cute!

  42. tRiSh

    Next time I' there, I'll have a go! I like that they have so many different flavors!

  43. Jennifer

    Oh my goodness, that stuff is dangerous! My favorites are chocolate hazelnut bear hug and morello cherry cheesecake. Their bowls are great keepers; I've got a whole slew of the small and medium sizes that I use every day. Now you're making me think I'll need to stop over there next week after work (and start my diet a couple of days late)!

  44. Jennifer

    Oh, and for those who don't like rice pudding, know that this is different than most traditional recipes… to me it's much more rich… I always describe it as more like the consistency gelato but not frozen, very thick and creamy. I'd recommend even rice pudding haters give it a try; they'll let you sample as many flavors as you want!

  45. Charis

    Oh my gosh… 1. you two look adorable & 2. a restaurant that serves rice pudding?! Seriously?!

  46. Eleanor has the most beautiful color, they are almost gold, magical! ian, orla & i love to read rock star diaries.
    All the way from Wales, love Amie, Ian & a very muddy apricot poodle xx


  47. color eyes* I mean sorry

  48. Renee

    I have never heard of Rice to Riches. It sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing. :)

  49. I've always wanted to try that place! I've only heard good things about it!

  50. Em

    You've made me so homesick for beloved NY! I used to go to Rice to Riches all the time. (And that was before I knew it was featured on the movie Hitch.)

    The raspberry was always my favorite, but that rocky road is oh so delicious too.