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today i am sharing 4 looks on refinery29 if you’d like to check them out! i consider myself in no way a fashion blogger but had a blast with refinery29’s dc team the other week on this shoot. you can check out my interview and looks HERE if you’d like! thanks again for having me, refinery29!
  1. How exciting! Congrats! You look lovely. :)


  2. The Egg


  3. JenLynn

    Received the feature in my inbox today. Loved it. Great to get an 'inside' peek.

  4. It just goes to show that you have really great style if you're not even trying to highlight it on your blog but still being recognized. Nothing wrong with being humble. Congrats!!!

  5. ah you are the cutest Naomi! I love Refinery 29

  6. Love your style!!

    Where oh where did you get those awesome gold Frye heels??


  7. Congrats! It was a great feature :)

  8. This is an amazing article and feature! You and your family look stunning as always. I'm so glad you're getting this wonderful recognition :)

  9. Is that your kitchen right below your stairs? I love that !

  10. Shan

    I love that you are getting so much publicity these days! I must say it is well deserved. Your blog always brings a bit of joy to my day–you are such an inspiration! Plus, I love seeing the pictures of you out and about in DC. I moved from there in May and miss it!

  11. Mariela

    Congrats!, great interview and style.

  12. alissa b

    too cute! can't wait to read.

    glad you're getting some spotlight lately, your blog/you deserve it! i love when new posts of yours pop up on my dashboard

    alissa b

  13. The Mrs.

    I second that frye request- wherever did you find those lovely gold oxfords???

    Amazing outfits! Love all the color and texture combinations! Way to rock it, girl!

  14. meg bags

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  15. Malin

    Rockin' it! Nice feature :)

  16. Flore

    I sent you a scan from French Glamour cuz you were on it, did you get it ?

  17. Meg

    where are your cute oxfords from?! (the ones you are wearing with the red pants) Love them!

  18. whimsy

    i love it. so happy for you! congrats, so fun to get all this press recognition! you look amazing in all the shots of course:)

  19. Maria

    Congratulations! This is so awesome!

  20. So cute and fun! What a great opportunity! Love it!
    Luvv, Leigh B

  21. Fantastic! Love it. :)

  22. Lily

    I LOVE this — you look so fabulous!

  23. Caty

    Great feature! Love the five words you used to describe your style.

  24. Jenna E

    awesome!!! Great job!! xo

  25. Sonja

    This is wonderful! You're gorgeous and the questions and photos are fantastic. Gah I love your style!!!
    I also like that the rest of the gang made a few appearances, cute!

  26. omggggg. i loved the interview! by the way, i didn't wanna bring any negativity in this comment, but there was this person who wrote a rude comment and I COMPLETELY told them off because I've followed your blog for so long and it just pissed me off. ANYWAY HOORAY for your interview! I loved every single one of your outfits :) :)


  27. you are too adorable girl! i adored all of your outfits. seriously, perfect! congratulations girl!
    xo TJ

  28. Alyssa

    Congratulations, Naomi! I read your feature, I love all the looks you put together. I also love The Greedy Seagull, and Thrush is such a beautiful little shop as well. Come and check out Preloved if you have a chance. :]

    Shop Preloved ♥

  29. Congrats! This is so funny :)
    I've been reading your blog long before your fame, so it is so funny to see the nice attention you're getting.
    Take care and happy new year to you and your family :)

  30. Joy

    sweet! congrats.

  31. Jess

    Congratulations! Your outfits are fabulous!

    Happy New Year!

    The Vintage Huntress

  32. tRiSh

    Lovely feature! I love all the styles you're showing in the interview! Thanks for sharing a little bit more in the interview. =)

  33. Jennifer

    Great interview! Your home looks so cosy and wonderful!

  34. Katz NYC

    Nice job! Even your blog isn't a fashion blog you have very distinctive style that inspires many of us. Definitely my favorite blog out there. Have a great New Year filled with love and giggles!

  35. holtkamp

    that site and slideshow took forever to load but i loved it! you do have great style!

  36. Charis

    You look gorgeous Naomi, love the red jeans!

  37. hoops118

    oops, I meant your testament to NOT being fashion savvy baffles me!

  38. robyn

    loved all your darling outfits and answers to interview the questions!

  39. i love those oxford heels(Frye heels)! where are they from?

  40. I really enjoyed this article! Congrats on the well deserved recognition! :)

  41. Congratulations on being mentioned in Refinery 29! I'm a GW student new to your blog, and I love it! Can't wait to read more. Happy New Year!

  42. made

    I loved this post of yours Naomi! I'm a massive fan of your blog form way back!

    Sending love from Autralia,

    xx Made