1. you guys are so cute! my favorite are the leg warmers! so stylish xxo em

  2. i can't decide if she's cuter asleep or awake.

    also, your thanksgiving meal is making me want to have another thanksgiving right now.

  3. Mrs. Ham

    hey i have that h&m; shirt! i love the length! love her in the leg warmers! she always smiles! cute family!


  4. That one of E sleeping is so sweet!! I'd be tempted to wake her just to play some more.

  5. I know that I have said this before, but my goodness, you guys are the cutest family EVER

  6. how on earth did your bangs grow out so fast?

  7. Brooke

    Ah! Such precious little memories. Thank you guys for showing the faith and family are the best priorities in life. God bless you and your sweet family!



  8. Those leg warmers on E are so cute!!


  9. wow! Is it the iphone4? Takes way better pics than my 3gs! Love the shot of the two dogs playing!

  10. Jean

    i so want to get a picture of me in my bf's brother's dog's kennel… love that shot of eleanor in kingsley kennel! super cute!

  11. How does Eleanor get cuter in every post?!

    I can't decide if I want to ask Santa for an iPhone or a new camera lens for Christmas!!

  12. Love these! Eleanor is just the cutest thing ever! I love her hats and her adorable leg warmers!

  13. Gaby

    love the shot of the christmas tree sticking out the car sun roof, too funny :)

  14. You live in such a beautiful neighborhood and Eleanor is such a little cutie. Seriously I say this every time I come to your blog but it's so true!

    Petit Monstree

  15. lisa.

    such cute photos. your street looks so picturesque to live on. i love how you capture so many moments so beautifully!

  16. Grace

    love this blog. haven't visited in a while but I'm back! you always have the most beautiful family memories captured


  17. Maria

    So cuteeeee

  18. Breanne

    Is that a rhodesian ridgeback kingsley is playing with? :)
    He looks just like my Benaiah

  19. all of these photos are just so precious! it always looks like you and your little family are up to so much!! how do you keep so busy?!
    xo TJ

  20. Sarah M

    Love the jacket you are wearing in the top right photo!

    Also the pick of you with the Christmas tree in the sun roof is totally adorable!

  21. that top left photo literally looks like a movie set! you guys are so cute! you always look like you're having the most fun! :) x

  22. Caty

    I may or may not be because of you that I am growing my hair out again and planning to dye it "hombre style." :)

  23. Marina

    wow i love your Blog!!
    You guys are so wonderful!! :)
    xx Marina

  24. I love the picture of you with the christmas tree. So so funny. And the one with the icecream, of course, because smiling babies are always cute.

  25. I love all these photos! Eleanor and Kingsley are such a dynamic duo!

  26. Amazing pictures!!!
    …and the dog fight looks very dynamic :D

  27. truly beautiful photos! you look like you really enjoyed thanksgiving!

  28. Kendra

    love the leg warmers! And Evelyn would never EVER conk out like that on the bed. How awesome.

  29. so cute! Especially the one when E was entering Kingsley's cage!

  30. Astra

    so sweet, i especially love the one where E is reaching for the ice cream! x

  31. toytulip

    You have such a beautiful family! It's nice and inspiring to get to see you! :) Have a nice, warm December and Happy Holidays! :D

  32. How does your baby get cuter and cuter everytime you post a pic of her! Ha ha! I just think your an adorable family and I love "being" a part of your lives through loving your blog. Thanks for sharing…you always inspire me to live a more beautiful life. Hearts, Janna lynn

  33. Laura

    you must be the cutest wee family! the photo of eleanor and kingsley in the cage is so cute – and so are the other ones:) x

  34. I love the pictures! So cute! :)

  35. ok.. whenever you post little instagram pics of eleanor like this i literally call in all the girls (all mommies too) who i work with and we just go on and on over these photos about how stinkin cute she is!! haha what a happy little girl!

  36. Poo

    Ah Eleanor, you're so cute! :)

  37. taylor

    these are all great pictures. the coloring in all of them is so pretty. that baby girl (and mr. kingsley) are so adorable!

  38. Shannon

    Baby legwarmers! So dang cute!

  39. bethani

    haha the leg warmer picture makes me laugh. so freakin stylish and cute!!

  40. Hannah

    aww these are so cute! i love the one where eleanor is trying to grab the ice cream!!



  41. you're so beautiful. i love your hair. also love that dress you got from H&M;! do you like your ergo baby? i am researching different carriers and right now that is my top choice…

  42. Alivia

    So lovely, as always. Your hair, though it's been said 500 times already, is gorgeous.

  43. You guys are the cutest! As always, love your pictures!

  44. You guys are the cutest! As always, love your pictures!

  45. milleh

    Very beatiful blogs you've done. I like it, and i'll follow your blog now and I'll read your blog everyday.

    I hope you will stop by my blog when you have time :)

    // Kamilla

  46. Eleanor is clearly a fashionista in the making – love the leg warmers!

  47. Your pictures are always so beautiful. And so are you, geez girl…give us others a chance ;)

  48. justine

    I have never commented before but had to after these pictures of Eleanor — oh my gosh, darling.

  49. AHH airborn Kingsley! FIERCE.

  50. How fun! Can you post the recipe for those delicous looking rolls??

  51. Love these pictures…darling!!

  52. Stacey

    I don't think it's possible to be any more adorable then you already are!

  53. Love the pictures. Especially the one of your little girl in the hallway and the one of you with the tree. Spontaneous, cute and fun.

  54. The one with the ice cream had me cracking up. It looks like Eleanor is about to go "coning"!

  55. Kim

    Your baby is the cutest thing ever. I want her! By the way, I love the name Eleanor. It has a classy, sophisticated ring to it.

    Found The Route

  56. These photos are just precious // & I think that especially of the ones of your little Eleanor. :)

    Our daughter (first too) is a tid bit older that yours & I just love seeing other mommas in the same/similar boat. :)

  57. Amelia

    that photo of eleanor sleeping is so, so sweet & i love her little leg warmers! that picture josh took of you at a restaurant is really beautiful too!

  58. Rachael

    Love all those photos! Your photo of your dog is cute.
    And your daughter…sigh. Makes me smile.

  59. Vee

    Oh my goodness, Eleanor is so adorable in these pictures! She has such a fun collection of winter hats. :)

  60. I <3 your baby's hats! She is so adorable! Makes me wanna have a baby too! :)

  61. Great photos! Your little miss is so cute!

  62. roysie

    Hey Naomi, I love reading your blog. You have a great eye and you have such fun with motherhood! All the best to you guys this holiday season!

  63. What a cute little baby. I love your pictures, they're amazing!

  64. alissa b

    you make me ready to be a mommy! baaah lol

    but i simply love the photo of you in the car with the tree, looking up. its such a cute snapshot (as are all the others!)

    great photos, great post!

    alissa b

  65. E

    I LOVE your blog and felt SUPER cool when I realized that my husband and I were doing something that YOU do! I just posted today about OUR 12 Dates of Christmas :) Loved reading about your Date 1! Glad you enjoyed yourself!!!!

  66. Just found your Blog and I love it!!! Love your pictures and stories! And your hair ;)

    Do you use only IPhone Pics or do you have a camera too? I love the look of your pictures! Is it done with an app or photoshop?

    Love from Hamburg, Germany,


  67. THANK YOU for having colored lights on your tree!!!


  68. May

    E. is growing up so fast.
    I adore this pic of her sleeping, so sweet.


  69. Diane.

    can you throw out some ideas of where to get winter baby hats? I live in Hawaii (where finding cold weather clothing is nearly impossible!) and will be traveling to New Jersey, Michigan and Tennessee to visit family over Christmas.

  70. I am fairly certain that your baby is quite possibly the cutest one I have ever seen.
    Did I mention I work at a Children's Museum where I see LOTS of babies/children everyday?

    So it means a lot coming from me!
    She is adorable :D

  71. oh my your blog is absolutely incredible, wow, so happy to have run into, but you must hear this everyday, beautiful blog! happy to learn about you and your life!

  72. Allison

    wow great iphone photos!!! do you use instagram?

  73. Cassie

    That Eleanor couldn't get any cuter! That's a fact!

  74. Margaret

    Mmm…what are those delicious looking things (Josh?) baked? Orange knots? Look yummy!