1. oh, how these instagrams just instantly make my heart smile. wishing you a happy new year! =)

  2. Merry Christmas from my family to yours :)

  3. And a happy new year xx

  4. Great photos :)


    Greeting from Serbia,


  5. Mariana

    LoOoVe your beautiful family! :)

    Have a great week!

  6. great and funny family pictures. so cute! have a Cupcake sweet day;)

  7. Mariela

    Lovely pictures!, hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a Happy New Year!.

  8. Eleanor has got to be the cutest baby ever.

  9. colleen

    hah! she is funny with all the berry juice around her mouth. and i adore that picture of kingsley. hope you're still enjoying the holiday season!

  10. LeeLee

    Best way to spend the holidays.

  11. Laura

    So lovely! Eleanor is adorable xo

  12. Heidi

    Hehe. These are all super cute, but the one with Eleanor "driving" the car made me laugh out loud. Hope you had a happy Christmas.


  13. Melissa

    Fun pictures!

  14. Such awesome photos!

    Love the subway shots–I miss taking public transit!!!!


  15. britney

    SERIOUSLY eleanor has the best smile. incredible!!

  16. Such great photos! I take iphone pics all the time, but they are never this cute! But I don't have any sweet babies to take pictures of, so that may be my main issue. Happy new year!

  17. these are so beautiful! your little one is so sweet and adorable :)

  18. anna

    u are a very special family!

  19. Your little family is so adorable – hope you had a great holiday!

  20. Abby

    Beautiful photos! She looks like such a happy baby.

  21. Xenia

    Hey I'm new in here, but i have to say that i love this blog. E is so adorable.
    I encoraged myself and opened a blog, i'm starting so it barely have something, but if you like you can visit it.
    Nice IG photos.

  22. Love the picture of you standing in the subway alone. So chic. And of course I luuurve all the pictures of Eleanor. Always a cutie!

  23. Rachel

    so cute.. ah, I cannot wait to see pictures of when Eleanor is with her new brother or sister.. it will be double the cuteness. :)

  24. Chelsea

    she is SUCH a dolly!

    Happy new year to your sweet fam!

  25. Claire

    She is HONESTLY the cutest baby I've ever seen!

  26. Lena

    My goodness, this baby giggles like no other. This smile is precious!

  27. Laura

    i love instagrams! so sweet!

  28. Lovely photos.
    I'm reaaaalllyyy diggin' your lip color. What are you wearing?
    xx. Jillian

  29. Grace

    This is the first time I have posted on your blog, but I absolutely love seeing your cute pictures and crafty ideas on here~
    the three photos together of Eleanor reading, sleeping and driving are to die for! you have such a beautiful little girl, I hope you all had a merry Christmas!

  30. Ana

    She's such a happy baby! Too cute!

  31. Kelsi

    Oh my goodness, Eleanor is THE cutest baby I think I have ever seen. She looks so happy all the time!

    P.S. I need to know where you got the shoes in the fourth picture down on the left side. I think I'm in love! ♥

  32. too cute you guys!


  33. i just noticed her little baby leg warmers. so cute.

  34. She is getting cuter with the second :)

    Merry Christmas!

  35. Very Very cute! I love these kinds of posts!

  36. Mary

    Nice pictures. i love the 7th picture where you are sitting down with that pink long skirt/dress. Can you tell me where you got it?

    Mary from ♥ meowwzie.blogspot.com ♥

  37. Katie

    These instagrams are so great! And Eleanor oh my cuteness. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

  38. You're pictures are always so cute! Do you use a certain/specific Iphone app? My Iphone pics never look this good!

  39. gorgeous photos!

  40. oh my goodness. eleanor is hands down THEE cutest baby i have seen in such a long time. wow, you two make gorgeous babies! can't wait to see what the new one looks like. i bet you have a boy to complete your perfect little family.

    happy holidays, xo

  41. Jessica

    You and your little family, your blog and your photos are so beautiful and cheerful, I'm happy I found my way over here!
    And I just love that Christmas tree, absolutely stunning.
    Happy New Year!

  42. i love following you two on instagram. you guys inspire me to find more happiness and joy in life even if it gets tough. i blame that on your beautiful family and beautiful life you share.

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  45. hehehe the one of e driving is gold!

  46. love love love. isn't the intsa tilt-shift awesome? :o)

  47. These shots from your iPhone reminded me of a flashback montage! Wouldn't it be nice if you compiled the pictures and place them in picture frames? They'd make good conversation pieces!

    Zymeth Blues

  48. I love days in instagram. My favorite is pink skirt and cutie patootie on the floor looking at the camera.

  49. Your pictures are always so amazing and bring a smile to my face instantly :)