holiday dessert party.

on christmas eve-eve, we had a few friends over for some dessert and christmas music. (a dessert party sounded like the perfect excuse to whip up all of the holiday treats i’ve been wanting to make!) but before we move onto some photos, i would like to take this opportunity to tell you that cake pops are the most torturous thing i have ever made and doubt i’ll be attempting them again anytime soon… or ever. (emma and emily made it look so easy.) i wanted to crawl under a rock and cry when my first batch turned out like this.
besides that sorry experience, we had a great time celebrating christmas with some music, conversation and of course, yummy treats.
hope everyone had a beautiful christmas holiday!

  1. Janine

    I had the most awful time making cake pops too. I'll leave those to the professionals.

  2. Shannon

    I have always wanted to make cake pops but now I'm scared. They have those little cake pop makers at Target, maybe I should try that!

  3. so so cute! and you don't look pregnant, you look great

  4. Well, I will say that the second batch of cake pops looks absolutely delicious. Thanks for being honest though!

  5. Have been a little timid to try cake pops myself…you did a good job! Way to stick with it! All the goodies look sooooo yummy!

  6. I totally think cake pops are incredibly tedious and not really worth the crazy amount of effor they take—good for you for tackling them!!

    Happy New Year!


  7. Jes

    I agree! I tried to make cake pops and they took me forever! I was like, "What am I missing here…"

    My roommate bought me a cake pop maker for Christmas so I am excited to try it out!

  8. Great photos

  9. Beautiful, and looks like lots of fun, too!

    How do you do your hair like that?!

  10. nice photos! you had a really merry Christmas. Eleanor is so big and beautiful!

  11. Those two teeths – looks so charming when she smiles.

  12. Colleen

    Making cake pops was the worst experience of my life too, only I did cry I think. Stupid heavy balls. Ugh, anyway even once you figure the trick out you are so turned off by the process it is def a "never ever again" type if thing! Such a cute party though!!

  13. anna

    i'd like to have a family like your one!!
    kisses anna!

  14. Such yummy looking treats!!!!

  15. Ashley

    I've heard cake pops can be ridiculously tricky! It's not just you. And I'd speak for myself but I haven't been brave enough to try them yet!

  16. Xenia

    Wowww I'm from spain and we don't usually do cake pops but I think i'll try to do them, althought i know what the result will be.
    I love your bolg.

  17. I can totally relate to the cake pops. I even had a small funeral for my cake pop disasters. Pictures in the link –

  18. Claire

    My goodness! Little Miss Eleanor's eyes are just beautiful – like pools of honey!

    You guys have me desperate to move on from my student-y lifestyle and live like a proper adult… darn recession has a lot to answer for!

    Anyway, your joie de vivre is inspirational – reading your blog has made me less cynical and allowed me to openly take pleasure in the little things that are so lovely about each day. Before, I would have been worried that people found me silly or frivolous – you've shown me that this is not the case and I'm sincerely grateful.

    What a long comment! I wish you all every happiness for the coming new year and another healthy, happy little bundle :)


  19. jessica

    All of your Christmas treats look so yummy, even the difficult cake pops! I had a friend try them and although they were good, she said the same thing about how difficult they were to make! Never again! Haha.

  20. Looks like a great time. I love cake balls, though I can imagine that they would be slightly tedious.

  21. Erin

    Looks like the cake pops turned out ok in the end! A dessert party is a fun idea, and a great excuse for holiday baking/eating!

  22. Fun! I've never tried cake pops but I'll take your word that they're difficult. Looks like a delightful party.


  23. Chaucee

    I've heard good and bad experiences with cake pops. My mom makes them and they're absolutely delicious! Perhaps it just takes a little practice :)

  24. Kendra

    So sad we missed out, but looks like it was a grand ol' time! I've never attempted cake pops either for that same reason. Too stressful for me to even look at! But they turned out great!

  25. The photos of those desserts are beautiful, especially with the Christmas tree lights in the background. She's really starting to look less like a baby and more like a little girl. :) Thank you for daily inspiration, Naomi. Happy holidays Davis family!

  26. Eden

    i saw your tweet about making cake pops! they are harder to make than you'd think! your home looks so festive!

    hope you had a merry christmas!

    xox, eden

  27. Eden

    i saw your tweet about making cake pops! they are harder to make than you'd think! your home looks so festive!

    hope you had a merry christmas!

    xox, eden

  28. Kim

    Her outfit is too cute! Tights and denim shorts?! adorable

    found the route

  29. Oh dear! You poor thing… it seems the easier the DIY/Recipe the harder it is in the kitchen! I must say the final FINAL results look flawless!

    Love & Lollies… Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  30. the last one is PRICELESS.

  31. katilda

    i wore green skinnies on christmas and i feel like our pants are opposite-soulmates. (i realize that sounds like a not good thing, to be an opposite soulmate, but let's just run with it.) also i tried to make fudge this week after all my coworkers (aka their wives) sent in the nicest treats to the office. let's just say my fudge turned out to be more like marshmallow cream than fudge, and i'm not plotting to spread it between chocolate cookies and pretend i meant to make oreos the entire time.

  32. jenn

    What a fun idea! The cake pops look delicious, even if they were difficult to make.

  33. I think you might need to add yourself to the list of people making cake pops look easy. They look like they turned out so good. Also, I love your holiday party outfit! So cute and festive!

  34. Bah! I tried making cake pops once and they turned out waay worse than yours. They are so frustrating and people make them seem like a piece of cake (hah-just realized what I said)

    I'm sure they still tasted great.

  35. Erin

    Baby elbow patches are so sweet. I love dessert parties.

  36. Kieren

    So glad I've not the only one that failed at cake pops this years! Mine were so bad, I had to run to Costco before our party! Needless to say, I got the Bakerella cake pop book for Christmas, but am not sure if I have the guts to try again! I still have dough in the freezer, but it's the dipping that's so hard for me!

  37. Mrs. Ham

    Cake pops are really tricky!! You'll get the hang of them!!

    Do you play the piano?!! I didn't know you had one! Looks like a wonderful party!

  38. Love her little sweater with the elbow pads. Also, a dessert party sounds like a great idea!

  39. Supal

    I'm going to admit that I've watched the Baby E walking video like 30 times… and shared it with my ENTIRE office.

    I love this holiday dessert party idea! Perfect for an office party too.

  40. Sara

    Goodness that child of yours is beautiful :) love the balancing act!

  41. Sara

    Goodness that child of yours is beautiful :) love the balancing act!

  42. Laura

    SO beautiful! So jealous of your cake pop skills!

  43. The cake pops look pretty at least! I love Eleanor's elbow patches! Too cute. I see you made some press cookies. I did too! I made them into Candy Canes too. Check them out! :)


  44. Jillian

    What are those delicious looking puff pastry things?!

  45. seeing these photos just makes me think "it's a wonderful life" … your family is so darling.

  46. Glad to know it's not just me! They still taste great, though!

  47. jennifer

    Eleanor's eyes are just GORGEOUS! And I think you did a great job with your cake pops. I'm gonna try them myself after the new year. Happy holidays!

  48. I envy your Christmas, I wish I were better looking so happy.

  49. The cakepops turned out great!

    Lovely pictures :)

  50. a dessert party sounds amazing! & i just have to say, your baby girl's eyes are so beautiful! :)

  51. Kelsi

    Yeah girl, cake pops are really, really hard. I tried to make them for Christmas gifts, and although I'd already made them several times before, I had a serious meltdown in the kitchen at 2 a.m.!

    P.S. Your bun is so cute. Makes me wish I had long hair again!

  52. CasiDee

    Your family is just so stinkin cute! And the party looks like a blast. Makes me want to throw one of my own! Where did you get those red pants from? They are super cute. :)

  53. Cake Pops totally intimidate me! :) God Bless you for trying! lol They are super cute though.. I love your red pants! I found some at American Eagle that I wore on Christmas Eve. My husband calls them my hot pants :)

  54. Caitlin

    I didn't think anyone could be as cute as you are, but Eleanor totally is :) You guys are too much!!

  55. becky

    I made cake pops for Halloween and they were a TOTAL disaster. So for Christmas, my mum bought be a cake pop maker–it's like a waffle iron but makes perfectly formed balls of cake, ready to decorate. It's obviously a little cheating device… but I am in love with it already and planning the many, many recipes I want to try.

    You always look like you host the perfect parties–so in awe of that.

  56. Whitney

    Eleanor is such a little fashionista!

    Those cake pops looks yummyyy.

  57. Traian

    You have the most beautiful baby and I think you are so brave to have a second one. Looks like you are going to have a very full but beautiful new year…Enjoy every moment with your great family. You are all such an inspiration :)

  58. The Egg

    i also had an epic cakepop failure over thanksgiving. pinterest makes them look so easy!

  59. Pan&Tea

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  60. Hannah

    wow !

  61. Pan&Tea

    Ive always wanted to make cake pops but now im kinda scared to make em. But they really do look scrumptiously delightful.

  62. Samantha

    I've heard that icing cake pops are really hard. I have wanted to try them too, but I don't want to buy the machine to make them.

  63. Beka

    My mom made those cake pops to give to the neighbors this year and it looked like quite a trial to make them! yours turned out cute though!

  64. Libby

    the last pic put a huge smile on my face because when i was little my dad would hold me on his hand like that and he would call me Queen of the Nile! He would say "ni ni niiii ni ni, ni ni ni ni ni ni ni, WOOOO!" and then drop me down and cradle me. adorable!

    and your first turn at cake pops looks better than my first turn at cake pops!! mine looked like bad dark brown joke!! it was disgusting and they went straight in the trash!

  65. Malin

    She's growing up!! So adorable! Love the baby girl + daddy pictures!!

  66. oh my…your pictures look like an amazing scene from a great beautiful

  67. alissa b

    such beautiful photos! it looks like a lovely holiday :) …and that food looks so delicious!

    alissa b

  68. Looks like such a lovely party! Happy Christmas indeed.

  69. keep going with the cake pops. Mine too where a disaster the first time i made them and literally took hours!

    Now I've made them 3 or 4 times, they are easy and I get my sister to help me and we are done in quick time.

    a dessert party sounds so fun. I laughed when I saw the other day someone call christmas eve-eve "christmas Adam" (dec 23) lol

  70. rachael

    ya look great! and eleanor is actually the cutest.

  71. I love the colorful lights on your christmas tree. I'm glad you guys had such a great Christmas!

  72. your daughter is the cutest little thing! ;)

  73. Jennifer

    Your girl is hipper as a itty bitty thing than I ever was or ever will be… cardigan with elbow patches? I die.

  74. haha! i love the last picture. we have a very similar pose with Jon and Jonas.

    Sorry to hear about the cake pops. i have certainly encountered many dishes that i just cannot master.

  75. Looks like such a fun evening! I love your red pants!!! Where did you get those?

  76. little eleanor has the prettiest little eyes! happy holidays to you and your adorable family. :)

  77. I swear, she has to be the most beautiful baby in the world.

    and that looks like a lovely time. :)

  78. Sherry

    Great idea ! Desserts look yummy ! Eleanor is an angel baby !

  79. How adorable is this party?! Desserts and Christmas music! I might have to steal that idea for next year! I also love that Eleanor is the blog post stealer! She is just so adorable that every post is about her!

  80. Andrea

    Your daughter has the most beautiful eye colour!

  81. lacey

    everything looks so yummy! eleanor just gets cuter and cuter and could her eyes be any more stunning!

  82. Sini

    Wow! Those cakepops looks so good! Even the first ones were ruined,was it worth of it? I haven't ever tasted cakepops,maybe i'll do it for the New Year's eve :) Little E is one of the cutest I have seen,so cute!

  83. Sini

    Wow! Those cakepops looks so good! Even the first ones were ruined,was it worth of it? I haven't ever tasted cakepops,maybe i'll do it for the New Year's eve :) Little E is one of the cutest I have seen,so cute!

  84. Sini

    Wow! Those cakepops looks so good! Even the first ones were ruined,was it worth of it? I haven't ever tasted cakepops,maybe i'll do it for the New Year's eve :) Little E is one of the cutest I have seen,so cute!