first pizza.

last week we found ourselves at 2amy’s one day where eleanor enjoyed her first pizza crust (see?).
it’s fun to watch this girl try new solid foods and actually *like* them. maybe this means a diet of only eating solids in the form of blackberries, toast, cheese sticks and chicken for the rest of our lives isn’t really going to happen! i mean, pizza crust now too?! baby girl, hooray! we’re finally getting somewhere…

  1. Monica

    Haha yummy, good job E.

    PS your hair. love.

  2. @lliE

    Our baby girl has the Exact same diet. And, yes, she likes her first pizza crust, too.

    Funny babies.

  3. Gaby

    Wow, pizza at 10 months… she's definitely your offspring :)

  4. Mmm that pizza looks delicious! And you always dress E in the most adorable outfits :)

  5. She is always dressed so cute!

    Where do you get all her cute clothes?! :)

  6. naomi, i LOVE that 'pizza' is one of the search labels on this blog. xo

  7. brittany

    What lipsticks do you always wear? They look amazing! Please share!

  8. Oh my goodness! Look at her little teeth popping through!

  9. kelly

    looks fun and delicious!

  10. Aww… Congrats on baby girl eating more solid foods. I love E's clothes. I might have to have her jacket- coveting.

  11. rachael

    this is the best! i can't wait for my sister to have her first baby (in seven months :( )

  12. she is looking more and more like a little girl and less and less like a baby! (i'm sure that is bittersweet, huh?)

  13. Liesl

    Adorable, as always…what a beautiful family and such fun adventures you all have! The pizza looks delish too!

    Liesl :)

  14. Kari



  15. Eleanor is just the cutest baby I've ever seen. Those front teeth! Ahh, I'm dying. So cute.

  16. her little red coat is so cute!!

  17. How fun! She is just adorable! Good job on liking pizza! haha =) You have the cutest little family!

  18. Cassie

    she is such a doll! x

  19. I swear….I used to look at your blog and think what an adorable lady….then I thought…what an adorable couple…now I think..what an adorable baby!!!! She is so cute….and has great taste in food! Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh! hearts, janna lynn

  20. I'm sure she's going to tuck into burgers and shakes and whole pizzas and what not VERY SOON and then that'll make three of you. The way you guys love food and eat with such gusto, there's no way that little cutie will stay on her limited diet ;)…

    smiles, F.

  21. Fenke

    i have to say, seeing noa enjoying food (especially what i cooked) is one of my greatest pleasures, as it is so important in our live – good food and enjoying it :-)

  22. She is one happy beautiful little girl! That pizza looks delicious!

  23. your babygirl is just adorable, you can be so proud!
    and by the way, what kind if lipstick do you use? the color is awesome :)

  24. leyla.

    oh, goodness look at that deliciousness! i can see why eleaonor likes it. who wouldn't?

  25. she is such a doll! I love all your posts!

  26. Mariana

    Cute, cute, cute!!!
    We love pizza! When my little boy ate pizza for the first time, we ordered it with zucchini. And now he always want to eat zucchini, when we are eating pizza. :)

  27. so she IS your daughter!! the pizza proves it, once and for all ;)

  28. Congrats on your first pizza Eleanor!:)

  29. oh yumm, that pizza looks so good. hooray for eleanor!

  30. So precious!

  31. Shannon

    That pizza looks delicious and so does that sweet Eleanor!

  32. Jillian

    I've been at 2amys twice in the last week. Can't get enough of it!

  33. Lottie

    I love Eleanor's smile especially as you can see her teeth…it's so cute!

    Glad she enjoyed her first pizza crust…she has amazing taste in food!

  34. yum yum yum that pizza looks AWESOME!
    was this one of the 12 dates of Christmas?

  35. Jenni

    Way to go Eleanor! That's what those cutie cutie teeth are for. Lots of love.

  36. Sara

    Absolutely adorable!

  37. Where is Josh's great coat from? David, my husband wants one like that.

  38. yummy, love 2amys! been awhile since i've been to that part of the city.

  39. Welcome to the wonderful world of pizza sweet baby girl! I'm envious I've just recently come to terms that I can't tolerate dairy anymore. It's grave indeed. :)

    And I was just thinking how tiny are you! I can't believe your pregnant and still that tiny. Lucky!

  40. what a smart baby! i mean…who could hate pizza crust? :)

  41. Unknown

    I am in love with your glasses!! So chic…also, congratulations on your new bundle…Eleanor is beautiful and I am sure your next will be just as cute!

  42. my fourth daughters first food was pizza crust. She was out on a date with the MR and Me for our wedding anniversary and chowed down on that pizza crust. What a first food :)

  43. i am from france and love your blog !!!

  44. Alyssa

    That pizza looks SO good! If I'm ever in the D.C. area I'll definitely have to stop there and have one. :]

    Shop Vintage ♥

  45. Apt. #34

    I hope you had the deviled eggs – oh how I miss them so!! and congrats on the new baby bump – you inspire me to get over my fear of being pregnant!

  46. amberly

    I'm like you Naomi — pizza, all day, everyday!!! :) Looks like Eleanor is on board, too!!

  47. Supal

    NO WAY! I live across the street from 2AMYS!!! Love their donuts too.

  48. Wow. Out blog perusing and found your site. Hiya fellow D.C.-er. You, my dear, have mad style. LOVE IT.

  49. LB

    you have the most adorable family and blog. i love all the pictures you post of little E, she's the cutest baby girl ever!