back from new york city…

we spent the weekend in new york city catching up with old and new friends, seeing all the lights and festivities the city has to offer during the holidays and just doing a few of our favorite things together in that beautiful city we used to call home. i don’t even care that it was 30 degrees outside, that place can do no wrong in my eyes when it’s decked out for the holidays.
hoping to go through and post more photos from our trip soon! but how cute is miss E leaning in and giving aunty sumaya a kiss at breakfast? :)
ps. last weeks giveaway winners are announced here!
  1. Kristen

    Ah, that girl is too cute for words — so I have nothing more to say on the matter!

  2. Brooke

    AH! That picture is too adorable!! Glad you all had fun!


  3. Yes, she is so cute! Excited to see the pictures that I didn't already see on Wild and Wily Brunette :)

  4. LeeLee

    Aw, so sweet. Happy holidays!!

  5. Karen

    This is way too sweet. Looking forward to more photos of your beautiful family!


  6. Leah

    I just started following your blog and have to say, you are beautiful and have a really great thing here! Keep it up, I look forward to reading more.
    Merry Christmas!


  7. Callie

    So sweet!

  8. from following your instagram, you seem like u had a blast! I definitely need to hit you up if I ever visit NY!


  9. aw love her little miss E's flower in her hair! I agree, cities look their best all dolled up for Christmas :)

  10. Micaela

    look at her little hands on her aunty's face! ADORABLE!!! i can't wait to see more photos :) and congrats again on baby #2! <3

  11. Mariana

    Oh,… Cute!!! :)

  12. Karen

    I have been trying to find the perfect lipstick, what do you use?

  13. I agree…NYC is the best at Christmastime :) E is totally cute as usual!

  14. Naomi, I always love your hair when it is curled. How do you get it to curl like that. I have similar hair and im usually quit boring with my hair but im ready to try something new. Can you share with me your trick :)

    i have to tell you that you have the cutest little girl. Happy Holidays!

  15. Oh sorry, email me if you would like. aliharman.2(at)


  16. Meg

    To get curls like yours, you wrap your hair around two fingers when you blow dry?! Or how do you do it? Don't your fingers get burned??

  17. @simply photography and @meg, yes, i wrap smaller chunks of hair around two fingers as i blow dry (i break it up into six chunks total). i use bumble and bumble's thickening spray before i blow dry and finish with a little hair spray. i use the semi cool setting on the blow dryer so no, your fingers don't burn. it takes just a few minutes!

    good luck!

  18. Cassie

    Wondering where you bought those fabulous frames? I used to wear cat eyes all the time, but love the updated version you're wearing…

  19. What a beautitful photo, really captures the moment :)

  20. This is gorgeous!

  21. so cute!! love your yellow top!

  22. lived here [nyc] my whole life!! but theres something about christmas in the never gets old!


    Mandi <3

  23. She is just SO cute, i could eat her up! But I won't ;)

    Happy holidays to your gorgeous little family. I'm sure with E and another little one on the way this Christmas is going to be especially magical for you. Enjoy.

    Katie x

  24. Mary

    This picture is so cute! Can't wait for more updates about your trip to New York!

    Happy Holidays!
    Mary from ♥ ♥

  25. so cute! love your sweater!!!!

  26. Charlene

    Oops just noticed you explained above! =)

  27. KY

    I LOVE your red lips here! I wish I could rock them as confidently as you do.

    And your baby? Gosh is she ever so precious. What a blessing to celebrate this holiday season :) Enjoy it!

  28. is that a giddy giddy hairclip in E's hair? If so, that's my friend's company and I'm patiently waiting for my first baby girl so I can deck her out in giddy giddy :)

  29. Katz NYC

    Oh wow I love that photo! You're lucky that you have someone around you to always snap the best photos ever. So cute. My husband hates it when I pull out the camera and ask him to take photos…

  30. oh goodness, baby e is cute as ever. and that little hair clip is precious! new york sounds fabulous in the winter time! super jealous!
    xo TJ

  31. Alivia

    This photo is perfect. I love it!!

  32. This is so adorable! She is such a sweetheart :)

  33. so stinkin cute. and your friend's hair is gorgeous. glad you enjoyed new york- christmas time is my favorite time to be there :)

  34. she's soooo adorable! xo

  35. that is too sweet! hope you have a great holiday!

  36. how cute is that!!

  37. Abigail

    ahh this picture is too cute!

  38. Headed to Chevy Chase tomorrow!! Xmas time with the family, I miss family holiday time, I do love seeing eleanor she is so sweet!

  39. What a cute photo! I am glad you had a great time! Congrats to the contest winners as well!

  40. i ve just discovered your blog…it s really fresh!
    the eyes of your baby..woowwww!!!
    you are a beautiful family!

    now i follow you ;-)

    P.S: can you tell me where your friend found her white pullover!! it s amazing!!!