a holiday weekend together in new york city, part I

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last time we were in new york city, baby girl was only about 8 weeks old… so this trip was kind of extra special since she’s more aware of her surroundings. josh and i had so much fun watching her take it all in… meeting our old friends, people watching and making friends with strangers on the subway or in restaurants or stores, listening to all of the sounds and noises on the street.
also, that baby snow suit saved us. talk about cold. eleanor, you are a little trouper. and you make our family trips extra fun.
  1. Daniela

    sweet! merry christmas :)


  2. katrina

    what restaurant is that?! it looks so yummy!
    what an adorable family you've got. such a cute trip.

  3. Naomi!! These pictures are stunning. I mean, I always love your photography, but pictures 1-3 are superb. And #6!! Your outfit is adorable and Eleonor's snowsuit!! Only she could pull that look off with such class. :)

  4. OMG these are the most precious pics ever! The one of you and her in from of lincoln center is adorable!

    xo Jackie

  5. That picture of Eleanor looking up at the camera is precious. What a perfectly beautiful baby!

  6. Beth

    Eleanor's sparkly eyes in that close-up photo…I'm melting!

  7. How stinking cute! Eleanor is just too adorable!

  8. VIR

    I love E's hat, where is it from? I'd love to get one for my baby too. You have a very adorable family, congrats on the new baby too! XO

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  10. As usual, what an adorable family…even in the chilly cold!

    Where are those shoes from? I've seen them pop up in various posts, but never asked before…

  11. @lindsay, found the snow suit at dawn price baby here on the hill. it's 30% off too so is a huge steal!

    @katrina, restaurant is cafeteria in chelsea.

    @VIR, e's hat is from a consignment shop.

    @kelly louise, shoes are from ruche.


  12. Baby snow suit looks so great :)
    I am so jelaouse :D

    Nice family trip :)

    Big hug from Serbia,

    Tara ♥

  13. What a darling family!

  14. Beautiful photos. Your family is just so cute.

  15. n.davis

    Love these! That picture of her eyes is gorgeous!

  16. So cute! Where did you get your hat? And mittens??

  17. MY GOSH!!! THOSE EYES…..wow

  18. Ainsley

    so lovely!

  19. girl, where do you get your tights? to die for! xxx

  20. Your blog is beautiful! first time visitor. Love the pic of El looking up at you with her colorful hat tied under her chin.

  21. I LOVE your hat Naomi! May I ask where you it is from?! it is the perfect shade of orange!