a baby! a baby! another baby!

thank you so much for the sweet response to our news. we are so excited! (although sometimes it seems crazy to think we’ll have two babies over here.)
baby is due mid june (i’m 15 weeks along right now) but if i base this off my first pregnancy with eleanor and her ever-so-fashionably-late arrival, i’ll just plan on having a baby sometime in july. ;)
we always knew if we got to have more than one baby we’d want them close together. i especially loved growing up with siblings so close in age (i’m 18 months older than my next younger sister) and really want that for eleanor and this little one on the way. we’ve already started teaching her to “share”, so let it be known, we’re ready for this challenge over here…and this blessing!
  1. Skye

    so happy for the new addition to your adorable family! our first baby is set to join us at the end of march and i'm thrilled…so i can only imagine your excitement at having the second angel baby join your happy home!

  2. Ashten

    Congrats! You are so adorable with your new little bump!!

  3. Meaghan

    Congratulations! I know exactly how you feel, I just had my second baby boy 3 months ago when my first one was only 17 months old. It can be a challenge at times but oh so worth it. :)And cute baby bump.

  4. bhapppy

    Congratulations! I am absolutely agree with close sibling idea, though in the title you are talking about 3 babies!!! is that a part of plan?!
    can't wait to see these two little angles messing around. :))

  5. Atryell

    Congrats that is so awesome! I love how small you still are at 15 weeks! You are the cutest pregnant lady!

  6. tameeka

    Congrats on Baby #2 and thanks for creating such an awesome blog :) Happy holidays!

  7. janis

    yay! so excited for the davis family! are you guys hoping for a girl or a boy??

  8. I can't wait to see the next cutie!

  9. Carolina

    you are so cute! woot! :)

  10. This makes me stoked to get pregnant…. that is so weird I just said that :P

  11. Kaitlen

    Seriously. Could you be any cuter?

    Congrats to you and your adorable family :)

    Thanks for responding about the lipstick!

  12. Tea

    Also – what colour lipstick are you wearing in this photo? I love it.

  13. Sunja

    Congratulations! Adorable photos! We are currently trying to get pregnant with our first child. I hope we can stay as hip and fashionable as your cute little family when we get there! :P

  14. Major props on continuing to nurse! Are you going to tandem nurse? Such a cute bump!

  15. Congrats congrats!!! Your beautiful family keeps growing and that's just so lovely!

  16. The Egg

    cutest post ever! congrats to you and your growing family!!!

    xoxo the egg out west.

  17. Jocelyn

    Congratulations!! I am so excited for this blessing in your guys life :]

  18. July


  19. Congratulations! You are beautifully pregnant! <3
    xx. Jillian

  20. thanks so much everyone!

    to those who asked, i don't think we're going to find out the sex. we had so much fun doing it that way with eleanor… surprises! surprises!

    @clara, yes! we just got a copy. kinda cool!

    @lisalantic, probably! we'll see how it goes…

    and @tea, my lipstick is heat wave by nars.

  21. Jessica

    You look so wonderful! Congratulations! I'm about 21 months older than my brother and it was really nice growing up with a sibling close in age. It's also nice now that we're adults, because we are going through major life changes together (school, moving out, dating, working, etc). He's my buddy :)

  22. yayyy!! congratulations! i was so excited by your christmas card. what a blessing for you all! and you look gorgeous (i almost bought that sweater in cream…now you're making me wish i did :) )

  23. Amanda

    You are seriously the prettiest person on the entire planet; it must be said.

    If wishes were fishes, I'd wish for a post on your style: Hair, makeup, clothes, etc..

    Share the wealth with us mere mortals…

  24. Your blog is a pleasure to read , your pictures are always so poetic…And I love your sens of style. I am very Happy for you, you are extremly pretty just like your little (growing) family.
    Much love, from Paris (France).


  25. Jessie

    So, so, cute! I'm glad you survived the first trimester okay. :) I agree: siblings are sooo important. I think you'll do a fine job raising two.

  26. So happy for your sweet little fam! You make the cutest pregnant lady xx

  27. revelesp

    My english is not very, but in few words, every morning when I saw your stories my life is enjoy!! you are a very very beautiful family with a lot of love!! thank you for share with us your blog!
    nadia from france

  28. Congrats! I have to say that I am due around the same time as you are! I'm really excited for a June baby, and it would be really special if this one would come on my grandma's birthday!

  29. Erin

    Well, very MERRY CHRISTMAS! *big grin* I loved following your blog through Eleanor's birth and I'm so excited to read about baby #2. Congratulations!!

  30. Lottie

    Congratulations! How exciting! And I bet Eleanor cannot wait to meet her new brother or sister.

  31. Margaret

    Amazing news! Congratulations Naomi, Josh and Elenor! I love your pics with your tree so colorful and festive in the background!

  32. oh my lord! congrats! :)

  33. leyla.

    there definitely is something to siblings being close in age… my sister and i are six years apart and as a child and teen i never got do a lot of things with her because i was younger. we finally started to bond and got much closer in my late teens.

    congratulations and eleanor will be a great big sis!

  34. Thats brilliant new, Congratulations! What another great addition to your already wonderful family :)

  35. congratulations! I am happy for little E. My sister and I are one year and one month apart, and I can't say how much I thank my parents for having us so close in time.

  36. Lizeylou

    I dont think that I have ever made a comment on your blog before – but with news of another baby how could I not!
    Congratulations – its such an exciting time. My daughters are 17months apart and are already such great friends (well most of the time)
    I look forward to reading all about this new wonderful adventure.
    Best wishes!

  37. Michelle

    you done good ;). exactly my thoughts on having kids close together :) my first two are 19 months apart.. and its so perfect. This next one has taken some time so he/she will be 3 1/2 years behind them sadly! hah.
    A challenge and blessing is right! you are so cute!
    I'm excited to read along your pregnancy right along with mine.
    Congrats! you looke beautiful!

  38. Whitney

    so happy! y'all are just all so cute. you look great!

  39. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I am so happy for you guys!! E will love having having a best friend that lives with her! haha My sister and I are 21 months apart and my mom said it was the best thing ever!! We always played together so she wouldnt have to entertain us all the time! Congrats again!

  40. congratulations!! xx

  41. my older brother is 16 months older than i, and my oldest brother is 15 months older than him. three kids under three. i think my mom had to be nuts, but i'm so glad she it did that way now. college years were awesome with us all in similar situation and mutual friends.

    again so happy for you guys!

  42. Rachael

    Wow, another baby?! That's so exciting!!! I wonder if it'll be a boy this time?!

  43. KCN

    congratulations all around! how special that your babies will be close in age! (i have to start reading your blog in secret away from my 9 month old baby girl so she does not get any ideas-ha!)

  44. Congratulations : )

    I am enjoying all of your posts!

    : )

  45. katrina

    congratulations!!! two beautiful babies!

  46. AWWW YAY!!! congratulations! you're such a cute mommy!

  47. Liesl

    How exciting!!! Congratulations again! You both make such lovely parents and are such a beautiful family I imagine it can only get better!

    Liesl :)

  48. one more person to love back in the family :) awww.. :) Congratulations :)

  49. Lick

    You make insanely cute offspring. Cannot wait to behold the beauty of this new baby! Congrats-you and I are due around the same time. Yay summer babies!

  50. Congratulations! Such exciting news.

  51. Blicious

    Im in tears!!! I am so excited for your and Josh!! congrats to baby #2. Precious!!!!!! Happy Holidays!


  52. Congratulations and good luck with everything!

  53. Erica!

    You are adorable! Congratulations to your beautiful (growing) family!

  54. SO excited for your family! You all are incredible parents! xo

  55. Nems

    yahoo! are you going to find out the sex this time? I also did not find out the sex for my son and it was so EXCITING! If I have another I think I'll do that again. take care!

  56. Congratulations!!!!
    One more Baby ♥♥♥

  57. So excited for you 3!!! Love how you announced it…super cute!

  58. Hilary

    Ok i had a dream about your family (is that weird/creepy? Maybe a little. Sorry) last night. We ran into each other and you got a phone call from your doctor and told you that you were having twins. Crazy.

  59. Congrats!! That's so exciting!
    BTW what brand/shade is your lipstick? I love it!

  60. Alexia

    I am so thrilled for your news. As the mamma of a six month old, you make another baby seem doable….congratulations!

  61. Félicitations! Congratulations!

  62. Congratulations!!
    Just a quick question: how are you keeping your lovely Christmas Tree save from Eleanor? We've got a 7 months old who can now crawl and is terrorising the place ;)

  63. Victoria

    omg this is such exciting news! :) I'm so happy for you.x

  64. july babies are the best! i'm july 15th:) again so excited for you and so nice to see how blessed you guys are and that it is not being taken for granted:)

  65. Marisa M

    So exciting! And such a blessing!

  66. Dejah

    Congratulations! Eleanor is such a beautiful baby, and now another!

  67. Enara



  68. CONGRATS to you and your family! I found your great blog via Daybook and I am so so glad I did. I too am due with my second (I have a 2 yr old) on June 9th. I will definitely be following you along on your journey. Happy Pregnancy!!

  69. Jenna E

    Yaaaay Congrats on your pregnancy! I LOVE you Christmas card. We wanted to do that too but unfortunately our appointment to hear our sweet babes heartbeat isn't until January 5th. So the big news will have to wait!!

  70. RPoeta

    Congratulations! I am due March 2012. Yay for 2012 babies. I am so happy for your family.

  71. Melanie

    Congratulations (sorry I am French). I have just discovered your blog, I like it !

  72. Congratulations (sorryI am French). I have just discovered your blog, I like it !

  73. Antonia

    This is great. My sister ist 17months younger than me, and it's been amazing! Congrats!

  74. Ju

    Parabéns, linda! Com certeza será uma bênção!