15 friends project.

a few days ago a package arrived from the 15 friends project which i’m so excited to be a part of. the project was started by twig creative and is a collaboration between 15 different bloggers creating a piece of artwork via two separate canvases that are currently circulating. once the canvases are complete, they’ll be auctioned off on ebay with half the proceeds being donated to charity! you can follow the 15 friends project here.
i was the 5th person to receive the canvas. when it arrived, i noticed everyone so far had given such great attention to the detail towards the bottom but i wanted to do something with one of the blank top corners. since there was a pretty flower garden and a couple sitting at a table below, i used some old vintage fabric and made a few little clouds with silver linings up top. i can’t wait to see what else is added! what a great concept and a fun project to be a part of!
to see where the canvas has been and where it will end up next, you can follow along here.
  1. I like your glittery silver lining! :)

  2. what a cool idea! and i love your contribution :) so pretty

  3. Love this!

  4. Gaby

    what a wonderful project! and i love your addition, it's perfect. x

  5. Wow, that is turning out soo cute! I also like how the clouds are coming off the canvas. Are you going to post a pic when when everyone is done? I would love to see it!


  6. Best project ever. Looks so pretty & I love the silver lining. I will definitely follow along :)

  7. This is such a great idea! And I love the pattern of the fabric you used :)

  8. what a great project. and i love that part of the proceeds go to charity!

  9. Lana Lou

    Love the clouds- so fun!

  10. Felicity

    What a brilliant concept and how wonderful that you created clouds with silver linings.

    Happy day!

  11. Awesome project! What a fun way to raise money for charity!

  12. tori

    I love this project! Both canvases are turning out so great. And your silver lining clouds? So perfect.

  13. What a fascinating project! I can't wait to see the finished masterpiece!

  14. What a neat and cool thing to do and to be apart of!! I love your input on the the clouds with silver lining, very creative. Im excited to see what the finish product looks like : )

  15. Gentri

    Wow. Wow wow wow!!

  16. What a wonderful project! :) I love what you added to it and I can't wait to see it as it moves along!!

  17. Mariana

    Brilliant idea!
    Wow!!! :)

  18. Amanda

    Loving this project. It's been so fun to see it pop up all over the blogging world!

  19. what a cool idea. love your contribution!

  20. Anne

    When WILL you start scrapbooking?

  21. Anne

    When WILL you start scrapbooking?

  22. art + community for charity — I love it!


  23. this is such a cool idea! I'm kind of in love.

  24. This is such a great idea! I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  25. I Love your addition! The canvas is looking so great so far!

  26. I've been following this, so cool to see your contribution. Thanks for sharing!

  27. great fabric! And I love the sparkle outline. Soooo something I could do. Such a neat idea, thanks for sharing!

  28. Kristin

    this is a great idea..and it looks awesome so far..I cant wait to see the finished project.

  29. Tiffanie

    This is such an awesome idea! Can't wait to follow…

  30. what a neat project to be apart of. always love a cloud with a silver lining!

  31. Nancy

    Can't wait to see the final product.

  32. Carolina

    what a beautiful idea!

  33. Erin

    This is really awesome. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

  34. Love what you added Naomi! The glitter is fantastic:) Can't wait to see the finished product!

  35. What a fabulous idea. This reminds me of the Amish bread tradition! You're clouds are just what this needed. :)


  36. That's a fabulous idea – I love the details!

  37. Jordan

    This is awesome! I love it!

  38. Michelle

    SO SO glad to see that the package did make it to you! very very lovely, i want that fabric in a skirt. now on to posting your beauty on the twig blog! thanks for joining in naomi, we're big fans of all you do as a creative + mom + blogger.

  39. This looks like a ton of fun. I love that you lined the clouds in glitter. Totally makes it.

  40. what a great concept! and those clouds are brilliant! everyone is just so talented! ;)
    xo TJ

  41. what a great idea! This would be so fun to do with siblings as a gift to parents.

  42. Lindsay

    What an awesome idea! The canvas looks great so far and I love your addition.

  43. Janine

    that is an amazing project. wish i could do something like that.

  44. I love the concept! and the piece so far.

  45. Such a fun project! I love that it involves so many creative minds too! How do I join in the fun?

  46. Abigail

    This is great! I love your clouds and the silver linging. Can't wait to see the finished project!


  47. KayBee

    Awesome idea, and beautiful clouds…..the sparkley silver lining is a great touch :)

  48. So beautiful! What a fun idea!

  49. Kim

    That's so creative. I love the idea of it traveling around from friend to friend. I can't even imagine how it'll turn out

    found the route

  50. Hey girl, Just stumbled on your blogging website and I couldnt stop reading it! (not to sound too creepy!)

    You are a fantastic blogger, and very very beautiful. I just created my own not too long ago, have zero experience with this kinda thing – but from reading yours I feel so inspired! Thank you! Will add you to my favorites

  51. AaReAn

    This the greatest idea…I can't wait to see what the final product looks like! And there is nothin' better then a little glitter!! (i even did my nails w/ real glitter and clear nail polish! ha)



  52. What an amazing project! I love your addition to it :)

  53. jessica

    beautiful! such a color project!

  54. Carla!

    totally just saw this earlier today on another site – it was at the point before that lovely pink bush appeared.
    such a cool idea!