we tried out the new shophouse kitchen over at dupont circle the other week with friends. we hear it’s the new asian spin-off from the people that brought us chipotle. the grilled steak was delicious but overall the meal was far too spicy for us (and we had the mildest sauce.) i suppose we are pretty wimpy though when it comes to spices so we aren’t really the ones you should ask.... Read more

refinery29 feature!

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today i am sharing 4 looks on refinery29 if you’d like to check them out! i consider myself in no way a fashion blogger but had a blast with refinery29’s dc team the other week on this shoot. you can check out my interview and looks HERE if you’d like! thanks again for having me, refinery29!... Read more

rice to riches.

one of my favorite little places to grab a treat when we lived in new york was rice to riches. i am a big rice pudding girl so it’s kind of perfect. my favorite is their sex, drugs and rocky road. uh-mazing! we stopped by while we were in new york the other week and stuffed ourselves with as much rice pudding as we could before feeling too sick.... Read more

holiday dessert party.

on christmas eve-eve, we had a few friends over for some dessert and christmas music. (a dessert party sounded like the perfect excuse to whip up all of the holiday treats i’ve been wanting to make!) but before we move onto some photos, i would like to take this opportunity to tell you that cake pops are the most torturous thing i have ever made and doubt i’ll be attempting them again anytime soon… or ever.... Read more

eleanor walking!

santa claus brought eleanor a little push toy for christmas to help her practice walking! here she is below cracking herself up as she takes her first steps with her new little walker…

oh my gosh i just love that squishy smiley face! she is such a character! … *ps. a few inquired as to where we found this push toy.... Read more