waking up on a wednesday.

yesterday josh woke up at the crack of dawn for his morning run. in the process, another person who lives in this house and who doesn’t quite yet understand what a beautiful thing sleeping in can be also sat up wide eyed, ready to play. i looked at them both and just rolled over. noooooooo. i can’t do this yet. please don’t let it be morning.
and somehow, within the next 3 seconds i was back asleep. so josh kindly skipped out on his run and managed to shower and shave all while holding eleanor. he also bathed my little girl and then, as i was finally waking up, he suggested the most wonderful thing i could hear at 7 in the morning… “let’s go to mcdonalds for breakfast.”
that man sure knows how to steal my heart.
and that, my friends, is how a pretty rockin’ wednesday began. sometimes starting the morning off with a little mickey d’s together is the only way to do it.
  1. Sheri

    Ahhh this is SO cute! You just had me & my housemates all cooing over your gorgeous family xx

  2. I love the lion hat! Where is it from? Also, now I want a mcflurry

  3. Emily

    naomi, i found a cool app called Diptic…it lets you put multiple pictures together as one pic. it's really simple and quite fun! just thought i'd let you know :)

  4. Are you still a huge Big Mac fan? I feel like I haven't seen as many "Ode to a Big Mac" type pictures if forever.

  5. goodness, that sounds wonderful. you're a lucky woman :)

  6. Stacey

    McDonalds should really pay you for advertising. This post makes me want to eat there haha :)

  7. Chelsea

    i love your pink lip color! what is it?

  8. Charis

    Eleanor's lion hat is too cute!

  9. Brooke

    AW, how fun!! My daughter has that same lion hat too :D

  10. Daniela

    I guess that is great, to have a caring husband and a bit more of sleep (single mom here)…

    That breakfast looks delicious… and that mouse is so cute ^^

  11. Daniela

    Oops… it's a lion hehe but still cute ^^

  12. elanor always has the cutest hats! love love

  13. marli

    i love that you don't shy away from fast food (& documenting it). thank you for being real. =)

  14. OK, I just gotta ask. Are you sponsored by McDonalds? Because as a husband and father of average looks and above average weight, I envy your ability to casually make McDonalds look sexy in some kind of weird hipsterish-LDS way.

  15. @dan, we are not sponsored by mcdonalds. we just enjoy going every couple of months for a breakfast/ dinner. :)

  16. xeyno

    When I have a baby I will need to figure out where you get these cute baby hats :)

  17. K. Marie

    glad we share the same guilty pleasure ;)

  18. tiffany

    i luv you guys!! you're so real and live a life that i truly adore! xx