rockstar giveaway! (closed)

today we have a rockstar giveaway for you from our sponsor ONA!
ONA is giving away the venice bag in the color of your choice! the handcrafted venice bag is a naturally milled full-grain leather SLR camera bag designed to hold a camera body, 3-4 lenses, small personal items and even an iPad all at once! to see all of the color options, go here.

to enter to win, please visit ONA and comment below telling me which color venice bag you would choose if you are the winner. the winner will be drawn at random and announced this coming friday.
you can also follow ONA on twitter and facebook for more info and updates!
good luck!
update // 12/1 i never heard back from our first winner so we’ve drawn another!
congrats to our winner below!
please email me your contact info- naomi.megan{at}

  1. Love the camel color!

  2. Sabriel

    the camel is so beautiful! This would be so helpful in my floral design business!

  3. Ashley

    These bags are amazing. My husband is my second shooter for all my weddings and always carries our camera bag. He would LOVE the black one!

  4. leahlulu

    ooh the Venice bag in camel is divine!! I've been searching and then some for a cute camera bag that's actually cute! just in case you want to verify I'm a photog :) have a great day!

  5. Perfect, I definitely love the Venice in 'Stone'. I've recently inherited a DSLR from a friend and though I haven't quite mastered how to use it, it would be lovely to have it with more often. And with the Venice, at least I won't look like a tourist carrying my camera in it!

    Thank you and good luck to everyone!

  6. emma

    That's so cool! I think the Stone one is my favourite.

  7. Woot woot! Camel please! These bags are so stunning, and totally stylish for a carrying camera equipment. I can't stand the others on the market these days, which scream: "I have a giant, expensive camera in here!" Lovely. I want.

  8. melina

    Beautifull bag! My favorite is plum! love love!!

  9. Lara

    I definitely choose the camel one, it s perfect! camel bag, pleaseecoometoomeeee!!!! [email protected]

  10. Lilith

    I adore the stone colored one !

  11. nic

    Love the bag in stone. This is a great giveaway as I've been looking for a stylish camera (hard to find)!

  12. Angie

    I love the venice bag in camel. Suck a great giveaway!

  13. Shan

    I would love, love, LOVE the Brooklyn Chestnut bag, it is such a rich, warm colour and I would find it so enldessly useful!

  14. Kate

    I think I love the stone, it looks so versatile. Adore the look of the ONA bags!

  15. Emily

    The Plum! I love all these bags.

  16. jess

    i adore the camel color. it'a a very rich and warm color to accessorize with.

  17. laura

    There's no way I'll win (never really win anything…) but I absolutely adore the stone and camel colors!! Thanks!

  18. Hannah

    oh my goodness! this is so perfect! i've noticed lately how much i've outgrown my camera bag, and would love love love this one in camel!

  19. AlyssaD

    This would be PERFECT considering I am going to Venice for graduation this May! I love the Camel color :] What an awesome give away!!

  20. I love this bag in plum…awesome giveaway!

    xo erica

  21. ciara

    classy camel would be a lovely addition…awesome giveaway

  22. Kelly

    What a great bag!!!! I'm in love with all of the colors but i really love the venice bag in stone

  23. This is the most beautiful camera bag I have seen! The plum is lovely.

  24. Nicole

    What an awesome giveaway but you know you just can't go wrong with the Venice – Camel

  25. Janel A

    I LOOOVE the venice bag in camel. i'm going abroad next semester, and this would be perfect for books, camera and my laptop!


  26. Love these bags! I like them all, but I think I like the Venice in Stone the most.

  27. Quinn

    Camel, for sure!

  28. jujee7

    Um….camel. No, stone. No, camel. No, stone.

    Goodness, they are both gorgeous.

    Going with stone.

    How lucky would I call myself if I won? Wow!

  29. EmmaJ

    My sensible side wants camel. My other side wants plum. But sensible will probable win out, so camel.

  30. I would most definitely go for The Venice in that gorgeous deep shade of plum! It's nearest to a Christmas shade!

  31. Mania

    The Venice – Camel would be great :)

  32. Thais

    I would go for that gorgeous plum color! Such a good pop of color to a more neutral outfit. But really… I'd take any color! :D

  33. Love the Camel look, so classic!

  34. The venice in camel is just beautiful. Can never go wrong with a strong neutral.

  35. Tiffany

    Camel for sure!

  36. Karen

    The stone! Oh, swoon.

  37. i would choose the camel colored one!

  38. ewmackey

    I love the venice bag in the camel color! I've been eyeing a fancy SLR camera for a while, and I think this bag is just the catalyst I need to buy one.

  39. The stone is my favorite!

  40. Stefanie

    I love the camel color! It can go well with anything!

  41. im a sucker for the tan/brown leather bags. SO by far "The Venice – Camel" :D

  42. The chestnut is gorgeous!

  43. JenLee

    The Venice – plum!! What a delicious color! I need me a new camera bag and these look incredible.

  44. Tessa

    love this big – in either plum or black.

  45. Betsy

    I think I'm in love. The Stone color is perfection.

  46. the chestnut is beautiful!! my camera would love this new little home!

  47. Jennifer

    I would choose the camel color. What a beautiful and stylish bag!

  48. lisha

    Beautiful!!! I love the camel.

  49. Wow!! I love this bag! Especially in Camel :)

  50. Plum is a beautiful colour especially now in fall.
    It must look great to a fall outfit and golden, red and brown leaves. How beautiful?!


  51. Plum is a beautiful colour especially now in fall.
    It must look great to a fall outfit and golden, red and brown leaves. How beautiful?!


  52. Brittany

    I can't get enough of camel. Love it.

  53. Lily

    OOOH! i like the bag in camel!