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some of our dear friends have started a nonprofit organization, the foundation for survivors of abuse, in the hopes of bringing awareness to and help with removing the statute of limitations for sex abuse crimes. these laws are in need of change and i commend deondra, desirae and melody for their courage in coming forward to share their own painful story and also for their efforts with this organization. please check out their new website and help spread the word! josh and i know the 5 browns personally and they are some of the most down to earth, loving and kind people we know. i was talking with deondra last week and her positive outlook during our conversation about all of this was so inspiring to me. i’m just really proud of them and the difference they are making.
you can read more about their story in the daily beast. and also follow updates on their progress through their facebook page,
  1. You can follow their progress on Facebook too! Stay actively involved with their efforts to make change by liking their page at

  2. This is a really good thing. What amazing, strong women. They are an inspiration.

  3. Those girls are so brave to come forth. What an inspiration for other victims.

  4. hanner

    thanks so much for sharing this. after working with rape victims when i was in college and after i graduated, i feel so much more like this issue is so under-addressed. really happy for them that they're doing so much for this cause.

  5. Sara

    Such an awesome & inspirational foundation! Definitely sharing their story & website.

  6. oh wow, I'll check it out right now. This is absolutely relevant to me, too

  7. robyn

    these girls are amazing heros. they have an incredible account of bravery and standing for what's true and right.

  8. The 5 Browns are each individually amazing people and I am so proud of them even though I dont know them. I have been a fan for years and am inspired that they can look to eachother, and their music, for strength. Siblings are a powerful force. <3 One love.

  9. Lynette

    You're so right about inspiring. It's amazing what people are capable of.

  10. you are so lucky to be surrounded by such inspiring and uplifting people. i can see why you are just so amazing as well!
    xo TJ

  11. wow that is an amazing story, I just read the interview. I would think its even more difficult coming forward with something that person when you're famous. That takes courage. I'm glad to see they have also developed a non profit to help reach out to others. I hold lots of respect for the Brown girls.

  12. LMT

    very cool. There just isn't enough info and help for these issues. I'm glad others agree. My friend in Iceland dreams of opening a center focused on these issues. She's going to love this post. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Jo

    What a powerful interview! Thank God they've come through it as well as they have, and thank God for siblings!

  14. Thank you for sharing this through your blog.

  15. what a great cause!

  16. I didn't sleep all night after reading that story, those poor girls, cant imagine all they have been through, heartbreaking.

    But they are SO strong and how wonderful of them to stand strong (even against family) and start this foundation. I truly admire them!

  17. i'm divorced from an abusive x husband and i've always wanted to start something to help those that struggle with it. i was so lucky to come out stronger. i wish i could see more lucky people like the browns

  18. This is amazing. I am sooo glad someone is speaking up on this issue!

  19. thanks for sharing — so important.

  20. Jess

    I saw them on the Today Show this morning. They have an inspiring story. I can only imagine the courage that it took them to come forward. Incredible women! Thank you for sharing their story.