kingsley turns 2!

yesterday mister kingsley turned 2!
we celebrated with lots of tummy rubs and a pup donut.
love this little monster like crazy.
happy birthday, kingsley!
see mister kingsley’s first birthday here.
  1. that hat Kingsley is wearing is so chic!

  2. Happy Birthday to your little man! Can't wait to see what kind of cake the little lady gets for her first birthday!

  3. happy birthday Kingsley! such a big boy now!

  4. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!! How is it he gets even more adorable with each post?! Can he possibly be my long distance, adoptive fur child? He is such a heart stealer ;)

  5. Laurie

    i just love that he had a pup doughnut with a candle in it for his birthday! happy 2nd birthday to mr. kingsley!

  6. Happy Birthday, Kingsley!
    Looks like you had a great time.

  7. bethani

    hes getting so so big!!!
    happy belated kingsley!

  8. He looks so funny and grumpy :) Happy birthday Kingsley!

    PS Also loved the Halloween post, you all looked adorable!

  9. aww, happy birthday to kingsley! it's hard to believe i started reading your blog BEFORE you got kingsley and i squealed with delight when i saw his chubby-puppy self on your page. that was also exactly around the time i started hanging out with my boyfriend (our two year anniversary is coming up soon!) and i showed him and said I wanted one for Christmas ;)

  10. Mariana

    Happy birthday kingsley!:) hes loks so cute with that hat!

  11. Awww Happy Birthday Kingsley! What a lucky pup to have such an awesome family.

  12. Alaythea

    I think it's so adorable how much you guys love that dog!!! He's too cute!

  13. Kristin

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who spoils a 2 year old bulldog rotten. They make it hard not to love them.

  14. Kendra

    Happy Birthday Kingsley! Thanks for being a sport while Ev played with your door :)

  15. So cute!

  16. Gaby

    love the party hat, nice touch :)

  17. Oh, my heart! He is so scrunchy and cute. Happy birthday, Kingsley!

  18. amanda

    aw! happy birthday to your little pooch! it looks like you made it quite the day for him!

  19. Mariana

    Happy Birthday, Kingsley!

  20. colleen

    happy birthday kingsley! seems like just yesterday he was the tiny puppy in the christmas card…

  21. Happy Birthday Kingsley!!

  22. How cute is kingsley…i love that ya'll still celebrate Kingsley now that he isn't the only little rockstar in the house! What a fun birthday!


  23. brittany

    what a god boy, wearing his birthday hat like that!!!

  24. Kelsi

    I just about fell over laughing at the first picture… he looks like he's thinking, "Only ONE donut?!"

    Happy Birthday, Kingsley!

  25. Allie

    Awww! whata cutieee! Happy birthday!!! Makes me soo happy to see things like this. PS, I loove the hat :)

  26. Mags

    Aw! They grow up so fast!

  27. Kari

    That is fabulous! What a lucky little pup. You're such great parents.

  28. happy birthday kingsley!!

  29. ha ha ha that tongue!!! happy birthday Mr. King!

  30. adorable! i make my little dog pupcakes on her birthday. she mostly licks the frosting :)

  31. Connie

    so cute! Love the party hat(:

  32. kaye i.

    Happy birthday, Kingsley!!!

  33. Happy Biiirthday!

  34. i'm kind of obsessed with the fact that you actually celebrate kingsley's birthday because i do the same. happy 2nd birthday!!!
    xo TJ

  35. Olivas

    Sooooooo cute!!!!Happy Birthday Kingsley!!!
    I love love love dogs!!!!!

  36. tRiSh

    Happy Day mister King!

  37. happy birthday you giant cutie pie!!

  38. Yay! Happy Birthday Kingsley!

  39. rebecca

    glad i'm not the only one that celebrates doggy birthdays. :)

  40. Sonja

    Awww. Happy Birthday Kingsleyyyy!!!!
    He's so cute! and man he wears that hat well, he doesn't seem bothered at all haha! It would've lasted all of 2 seconds on my dog.

  41. happy birthday kingsley!
    Horray for the pups in our lives!

  42. Holly

    happy birthday kingsley!!!

  43. Skye

    i love how you celebrate kingsley's birthday!

  44. Jennifer

    Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Kingsley! It looks like he had a wonderful celebration!

  45. Happy Birthday. So Beautiful

  46. happy birthday Kingsley!

  47. Kingsley's tongue kills me when it is out or he is licking his nose. Love how big it is!

  48. Cathi

    HaPpY HaPpY birthday Kingsley!!!

  49. yeah Kingsley!!!! Happy 2

  50. alex

    Yay happy birthday! Kingsley looks super cute!

  51. i just recently started following your blog, and I love it! My sweet puggy has the same birthday as Mr. Kingsley! too stinking cute :)

  52. Happy belated Bday to Kingsley

  53. I have wanted a bulldog for the LONGEST time and Kingsley is so adorable!!!

  54. Ashley

    I love Kingsley- he is adorabull!! Will he be posting again soon?

  55. Ashley

    I love Kingsley and miss his postings. He is adorabull and I can't wait to get a pair of my own bullies!

  56. I miss hearing from Kingsley!