here’s to happiness – holiday edition {by jacqueline}

here are 10 things about the holidays
that make jacqueline terribly happy:
  1. secretly listening to holiday music in mid-october…
  2. ..and hearing your favorite holiday songs for the first time all year
  3. getting december holiday issues of your favorite magazines
  4. saying “happy holidays” and giving a big smile to everyone when you’re out and about (and having the sentiment returned!)
  5. that first bite of pumpkin pie
  6. making a stocking for your pet
  7. tracking santa’s trip online
  8. watching elf and home alone repeatedly, because once is not enough
  9. finding that perfect gift for a loved one…
  10. …and the look on their face when they unwrap it
thanks for sharing, jacqueline!
find more happy lists here.
photo by jacqueline, too.
  1. I love the happy lists! They remind me of things I love too which in return makes me happy! ^_^

  2. i have already watched Elf twice in two days, so…i think i'm right on track for #8.

  3. Holly

    i love everything this on this list!!! and i'll be honest in saying, every year, all i want is for a stranger to say happy holidays back to me…and mean it!

  4. Jacob

    what a lovely list. i love the holidays!

  5. I had no idea you can track Santa. I'm gonna have to check it out.

    And yes, all the HOliday issues of my favorite mags make me so happy.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. Nicole

    definitely agree with the sneaking of the christmas music in the fall. . . and finding that perfect gift.

    what a beautiful list.


  7. are those homemade donuts?? my mouth is watering

  8. that was awesome i totally agree!

  9. Mariana

    Happy Holidays! :-)

  10. Lexie

    My family (meaning my daughter, my husband, his brothers, their wives, their kids, and all of our parents – how lucky are we??) watched Elf last night and then Home Alone tonight! I love seeing that we aren't the only ones who consider those two movies to be holiday staples! And I can't believe how funny both movies are even after watching them dozens of times. Happy holidays, Davis family!

  11. dashing

    Love the happy and gratitude lists. Such a great reminder to BE THANKFUL!

  12. Jamie

    It's always the simple things… I love that.

    And I'm thankful to have read this because it totally reminded me that I need to watch Home Alone. Like NOW.

  13. t.

    all of those things are awesome! and i'd add national lampoon's christmas vacation. :)

  14. DM

    i love this list, i must do my own :)

  15. I don't know what those things are in that photo, but they look delicious and I want to eat them!! x

  16. ooh they look delicious! i love happy lists – its the small things in life which make the difference :)
    xox louise from 'the book'

  17. Sonja

    ah yes!!! I agree with all of these!
    Happy holidays!!!
    (am I allowed to say that already? :o)

  18. Yess pumpkin pie and holiday music! My loves

  19. yay I'm so happy the happy lists are back!

  20. Katie


  21. so cute! love tracking santa's trip. that's the best!!
    xo TJ

  22. I watch Elf and Home Alone non-stop also this time of year!

  23. I felt number 2 for the first time today! while i was walking through the airport to baggage claim, I heard "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and all I wanted to do was stand in front of the mini-store and sing along!

  24. Liesl

    Love, love, love and I too track Santa online every year…so fun!

    Liesl :)

  25. I don't think you could get more charming. yes on the elf repeatedly. allll weekend.

  26. Je suis une petite francaise de 22 ans et je viens tres souvent sur ton blog que j'adore ! J'adore ton look rétro, tu es magnifique et ta petite famille est trop chou !
    Continues ainsi <3


  27. wait, watching elf year round isn't normal? woops!

  28. Wonderful list! A great reminder to enjoy the smallest of things!

  29. Kelle

    i don't usually listen to christmas music early, but this year the bird and the bee released a new song that i have been listening to non-stop! the music sounds pretty christmassy i suppose, but i think the lyrics are just vague enough that i can listen to it guilt free all year round. :)

    love these lists!