halloween party.

here are a few photos from our halloween party last weekend. i didn’t get a photo of everyone who came which makes me sad, but the ones below are great! i love how creative everyone was with their costumes… from robbie who dressed up as ‘the bachelor’ (as his wife was traveling so he had to come solo) to julie and eli’s blue man group (genius) to andrea and ben’s gaddafi and body guard (they won best overall costume!) it was awesome.
josh and i hadn’t done the costume thing for halloween since we were bert and mary poppins back in 2008! so it was a lot of fun to brainstorm ideas for our family together. i posted a photo of our family costume the other day, but we were characters from the nutcracker ballet. i hadn’t worn point shoes since my sophomore year at juilliard so it was a big deal for me to put those puppies on. also, contrary to what any tutu pattern might tell you about only needing 5-7 yards of tulle, my tutu took 14 yards. that’s a lot of tulle! regardless, i maybe plan on wearing it around the house on a weekly basis. it’s just so fun.
and please note jesse’s skull head made out of cheese and ham below. clever girl. it was a pretty fun evening. thanks to all who came, brought treats and dressed up!

ps. the photo of josh handing out the “best/ scariest/ cutest” costume award certificates crack me up. it’s his favorite part of any party… the competition part. i mean, remember these photos from pie night last year? i love him.
  1. Misha

    Ohmygoodneessss the last photo of Kingsley is just sooo rad! Looks like a great party!

  2. Lauren

    You guys were super cute but I have to admit that the 99% costume is extremely frustrating and pretty insensitive. It's upsetting to see someone making fun of people who are exercising free speech and those who are actually dealing with misfortune and hardship. What ever happened to healing the sick and feeding the poor?

  3. Imagine someday im gonna have a family like you had.. So freaking cool to have them.. an awesome ideas :)

  4. Mari

    So I recently started reading your blog, I can't even remember who suggested it, and as I was looking through this post I saw a picture of my cousin Kendra and her baby. Random! So I had to comment about that.
    You and your family are totally cute!

  5. alex

    Okay, this just looks like too much fun. I love the costumes! And your girl is just too cute! I love the guys with the we are the 99% costume hahaha!

  6. sarah

    i think some of these costumes are very offensive. i am especially upset by the people dressed as occupy protesters, so rude. i was a really big fan of your blog but i've lost respect.