1. i am so glad there is a part II! she's the best little thing

  2. Sarah

    Oh my gosh I've never heard of ths little guy, but i can tell you I love him at first sight…. I mean seriously how hilarious!

    – Sarah

  3. Nems

    hhaha that's awesome

  4. Annabel

    Oh my gosh.

  5. catiepat

    Treats and snoozing, treats and snoozing
    I love Marcel the shell!

  6. love marcel. so hilarious.

  7. omigoodness!
    yay! Marcel is my favorite.
    This made my day.
    because of Marcel i'm naming my first puppy allen.

  8. sinika

    So funny! Thanks for sharing!

  9. hahaha that is awesome!

  10. Marcel is my FAV! so so cute

  11. oh my goodness!! she is just the cutest thing! i love when the dog barks and she screams and dives into the couch cushion. perfection. <3 thanks for sharing!

  12. Oh god, I can smell his face – hahah that bit made me laugh so much! :) x

  13. I laughed so hard! Thank you for posting this :)

  14. Mallory

    MARCEL!!! MY favorite little shell.

  15. Erin

    i L♥ve Marcel!!

  16. Eeny

    I love marcel the shell.
    Too cute.

  17. Such cuteness!!! <3

  18. Oh my gosh I'm so glad you posted this! I loved the first video and didn't realize that they made a second one!

  19. Haley K

    "i like to get a feel for daily life"…seriously, how cute is marcel??? :)

    and i think "general" is stellar nickname ;)

    my little boy and i just watched this together(twice)…he kept touching the screen where Marcel was and would say "aaawwww" in his being-soft-voice :)


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE marcel the shell. with shoes.

    Seriously. one of the best videos ever.

    I have friends that dressed up as Marcel the shell, and the lint puppy.
    It was HILARIOUS.


  21. haha i love marcel the shell! anf yes, i did hear that they were making a book. i plan on getting it if i see it.


  22. T.

    I LOVE Marcel the Shell! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Ms. Dee

    I love how he's standing on the Z key and you can see all of the Zs going on in the background.

  24. by BUN

    I love Marcel! I have totes already watched this like 10x by now. loves it.

    xoxo bun.

    stop it.

    so excited! thanks for letting me know!
    – cori

  26. Rachel U

    favorite. EVER.

  27. This is so so so cute! Thx for the inspiration. Will spend my day watching Marcel :)

  28. This makes me so happy, I love Marcel the Shell! I could watch this over and over again…and probably will. Thanks for sharing!

  29. A TV show?? Nuh-uh that is so exciting! Oh, the adorable anticipation!

  30. Lulu

    Hi! I love your blog! I was just over at Huffington Post and saw a photo of you and your husband for an article regarding on-line dating! It's on the front page, check it out!


    Take Care!



  32. All he cares about is treats and snoozin'. Snoozin' and treats.
    Ha!! Love Marcel the Shell.

  33. I love Marcel the shell so much!! I'm so glad they've made a second one but I wish there were more so I could watch all day! It makes me so happy :)

  34. yyyyyyyyessssssss!!!!! giving all my friends the book for christmas.

  35. Chelsea


    "can I have a drip of water!"

  36. Cait

    this is awesome and hilarious. thanks for sharing!

  37. Jenna E

    I was so excited when I saw they made a second one, and I am even more excited about the book. So cute!!

  38. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    standin' on the z button.


  39. Madi

    This is the cutest thing ever!!!

  40. aww my favorite little shell!! and can I tell you, this totally made my week last week! I used the same quote on my blog too. :-)

  41. hahahahaha seriously, this is amazing!

    my favorite is "all he cares about is snoozing and treats…treats and snoozing"

    Thanks for sharing!!

  42. Liesl

    Yay, indeed! :) Love Marcel and love the title of this blog post and the last quote…so, so true!

    Liesl :)