gratitude, part III

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i love having a holiday completely dedicated to sitting back and taking into account all that we truly are thankful for.
i am most thankful for the people in my life…
i am grateful to be a daughter of God and to know that i matter to Him, always.
i am grateful to have a husband who is patient with me, quick to forgive, always willing to serve everyone around him. i am especially grateful for his love.
i am grateful to be a new mother. the past 9 1/2 months have been so humbling. and special. and magical. and beautiful. and gosh, i could just squeeze eleanor’s baby cheeks all day long.
i’m grateful for family and friends who are always supportive and encouraging.
i’m grateful for all the wonderful people i have “met”, too, through this blog. what a crazy world, right? but so many of you have really touched and inspired me through your blogs, photos, words, emails and comments. i’m grateful for you.
when i think really think about it, my relationships with my loved ones, my family, my new baby girl, my relationship with my heavenly father… these are the things i am most thankful for in life. what a wonderful world. happy thanksgiving!
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  1. Love this! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family!!

  2. Jessica

    You have such a beautiful family
    yes it is is wonderful to just take a look at all the things we are grateful for because I feel like a lot of us take that for granted sometimes.

    My Thanksgiving was last month (I'm Canadian) however, I love doing thankful lists. :)

  3. Becca

    I'm thankful for your blog, which I have just discovered in the last few months! As another mother (and former resident of Capitol Hill) with a baby girl, I find so much encouragement here. Thanks for blogging!

  4. Carin

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Josie

    I've started writing 5 things I'm grateful for each day and it sure does make you feel good. Even if things aren't perfect, it helps you to see life in a glass half full kind of way. I am especially grateful this week because we discovered our baby bump is a healthy baby girl!

  6. Love the video, thank you for sharing…we are in the middle of adopting from Ethiopia so this gave me goosebumps too!!! God bless and Happy Thanksgiving!!! BTW here is our adoption blog

  7. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. this is beautiful. both the video and your words of gratefulness.

    happy thanksgiving. c:

  9. Chelsea

    her little hats are so adorable.

    happy thanksgiving to you guyS!

    god bless.

  10. So happy for Andrew and Carissa, how thankful they must be today! Hope you have a lovely thanksgiving!

  11. Your baby wears the best hats. Happy thanksgiving! X

  12. Mrs. Ham

    what a wonderful thanksgiving post! i love that video of them showing her all the things that are an everyday thing to us, that he hasn't experienced yet. kicking leaves, kartwheels etc. it couldn't be sweeter!


  13. oh my god… the little frog is so sweet :)

  14. Mariana

    You wrote this so beautiful…

  15. aww…this is too sweet!

  16. J.Lynn

    This video is beautiful and has truly made my day. Happy thanksgiving doll!

  17. she is beautiful, just like your Eleanor!

  18. naomi! this is so beautiful! i loved your interview with the washington examiner. you are an awesome example of latter-day saints. and i loved the gallo's video with rinah. so awesome.

  19. Katz NYC

    That video is sooo sweet. What a wonderful family. Made me so happy to watch that.

  20. seeing this rinah video makes my day.

    happy 1st thanksgiving, eleanor!

  21. Hello!!

    It's already 25th Nov at my side.
    And I have never celebrate Thanksgiving.

    And seeing everyone listing their thankful lists makes me want to do one too. Next year I'll remember. Hee.

    So lovely!! :)

  22. happy Thanksgiving Naomi! Eleanor's little hats are just so adorable.

  23. Kamille

    i love that video so much. i pretty much cried through their first video, and then i spent part of this summer in uganda, and am now obsessed with anything ugandan. how lucky to have been able to bring one of their beautiful children into their family. webale niabo for sharing this.

  24. That video made me cry. I'm so overjoyed that they were able to give Rinah a wonderful home where she will be loved. The fact that they couple is so young, and so willing to bring another life into their home that they too will love and cherish… is astounding.

  25. Emily

    what a blessing to get to see this precious girl come home to her forever family. being an adoptive mother, i love seeing another family experience the miracle of adoption. there is absolutely NO way to describe the overwhelming joy that you feel when your child is placed into your arms :) thank you for sharing this wonderful blessing :)

  26. Bradley

    What a touching thanksgiving day post! We at Mormon Market love what you've done with your blog, and are grateful for you. Happy Holidays!


  27. The story of Andrew, Carissa and Rinah – I found myself with tears streaming down my face. Thank you for sharing – please let them know that our hearts are leaping for joy for their family. Thank you for sharing.

  28. Hi!

    I love your blog! I just wanted pass along a master list of 20+ Black Friday Sales for fashion I created at my blog:

    Thought it would be lovely to share it with you and your readers! It surely won’t disappoint!

    Happy holidays and shopping!


  29. Sera Pie

    These lists of gratitude are so inspiring and wonderful!

  30. Camille

    your blog is so cute! you seem like you had an awesome holiday!

  31. happy thanksgiving!! I have been following their Rinah story since you originally posted it and I am so excited for them! what a darling little family.

  32. Beautiful post! It makes me want to get off the computer and go count my blessings!

  33. Unknown

    Hey Naomi! My name's Mallorey and I've been reading your blog for a while…and at some point I realized that you're from Woodland Hills, which is where my dad's cousin Laura Hughes lives and where we come to stay every single Thanksgiving! We're here right now, and when I mentioned that I followed the blog of a girl from Woodland Hills, she told me she knows you and your family! Thought that was a cool and funny coincidence!

  34. Johanna

    I love this video. I remember reading about this couple and I got a little teary seeing this. Such a great ending!

  35. vanessa

    That is a BEAUTIFUL video. Absolutely wonderful

  36. What a special thanksgiving for you…hope it was wonderful!

  37. carissa

    aww. you are too sweet. i cant wait to see you guys. love you three!

  38. Sonja

    Beautiful posts of thanks! :o)
    loved them all, it IS pretty great having a holiday that reminds us of all the things we might take advantage of.
    Whenever I travel I'm reminded of the whole water thing by the way haha.
    Also I've been reading carissa and andrews blog for some time now, and am so so so happy for them!!!! Thanks for posting this, it reminded me to check! :o)

  39. Jac

    So happy Andrew, Carissa and Rinah are finally joined <3

    also, i love E's vast assortments of hats! she's already as stylish as her mother :)

  40. What a beautiful new family! I'm sure they'll love her to bits

  41. Thank you for sharing this video, it's beautiful. Family is truly amazing, I too feel so grateful for my loved ones.

  42. Daniela

    Eleanor hats are the best :)

  43. Alisha

    So much beauty!

    I love the hats!

    You will have to tell us again where you got your glasses – they are stunning and I am after some new frames xx

  44. Sarah

    I love Eleanor's hats!!! I'm having a baby girl next month and would really love to know where you got those. thanks

  45. l.c.s.

    i am grateful for Johnny Rockets (in the background of the first picture). i am also grateful for Bobby's Burger Palace on K St… if you haven't gone yet, you should!


  46. Kaylan

    Love Eleanor's hats! Where did you purchase those? You dress her so well. :) We've got a baby on the way and I'm stocking up on cute clothes!