gratitude, part II

{eleanor, last june in her bumbo seat when we were moving into our new home.}

things i am thankful for, around my home:
a home!… we maybe be renting, but we’ve worked hard to make this little space feel like our own. so i’m thankful for it. for the old wood floors, the squeaky staircase, the cracks in the walls because it’s so darn old. for our own little parking spot out back (bless you, parking spot!), and for that little teeny tiny yard in front for mister kingsley to play and eat grass and run around like a chicken.
new crisp white bed sheets… even if they are the cheapest and lowest thread count sheets i can find at target (because that is the only kind i buy) they are still crisp clean perfect sheets in my opinion.
-the little messes… the ones that show eleanor played here. and there. and over there too. even the messes i make, i don’t mind so much (though i should note i am not speaking for josh here) because our home is lived in. and i like that.
-hot water… it’s nice to take a shower and not run out of hot water. love!
the linens closet and that glorious thing called a washer & dryer… we’ve lived without both before (hello new york city living!) so i don’t take these things for granted. and i’m completely aware that if we keep up this city living thing, our next space or the one after that could very well not have that fancy linens closet…so i’ll just keep on singing the praises of my tiny linens closet while i can. it’s a big deal here.

what little things around your home
are you thankful for?

gratitude, part I here.
  1. @lliE

    I'm grateful for little messes, too. I have three little kids that make little messes all day. But wouldn't I be lost without 'em?

  2. I never take my washer and dryer foregranted either. I will never forget how much is a pain to live without one and now if I could just get a linen closet. I love your gratitude post. We all needs to stop and think about what we are grateful for sometimes :)


  3. Emily

    I am thankful this year for a fireplace. We have never had one and have always dreamed of hanging stockings on one, one day. There's something about a cozy fire that is home:)

  4. bethani

    having your own washer and dryer is the best!! nothing sucks worse then countless hours in a stinky, hot, humid laundromat.

    oh and speaking of target sheets.. did you know on black friday they sell 1000 thread count for 20 bucks? any size too! but only on black friday :)

  5. AmandaB.

    I love having a garage. My car isn't hot or cold when I get in it and I don't have to scrap snow/ice off of it like I do at work.

  6. a washer and dryer! what a wonderous thing to have in your own home! i miss mine terribly. after growing up in the suburbs and then going to city living the last few years, i'll NEVER take mine for granted again when we have them in the future (soon i hope!)

    cute thankful list.

    even cuter? that sweet baby e in her bumbo.

  7. @bethani, i had no idea. THANK YOU! will try to snag some of those.

    and @amandaB, you are pretty lucky. a garage is one my dream list of things i would love to have someday. :)

  8. Lauren

    I'm grateful for my house! I especially enjoy the backyard, the garage, and spare bedrooms (to store my stuff!).

    Myers Maison

  9. dish washer and garbage disposal! also two things not common in city living. honestly don't know how i lived without those two.!

  10. My art collection, because every piece brings back a memory of a trip or a celebration.
    The pieces of furniture we've gotten from our families, because they remind me of the history of where we come from
    The dog hair, because it comes from little beasties who love me unconditionally.
    The sound of a tiny little voice coming from a bright yellow bedroom.
    Two pairs of rain boots by the front door–one big (mine) and one tiny (the boy's).

    Such a lovely post!

  11. Lindsey

    My rented,
    hardwood floors (that squeak) my 50s tiled bathroom, giant closets, decorative fireplace, big bright windows for the kitty to snooze in, a backyard that is a little slice of heaven that the landlord lets me garden in. It's good to never forget your many blessings :)

  12. itsawant

    how adorable! I'm thankful for having a roof over my head, having heat, having a comfortable bed, having some character in this old rental home, and just having the great "homey" feeling in general! Great post!

  13. itsawant

    how adorable! I'm thankful for having a roof over my head, having heat, having a comfortable bed, having some character in this old rental home, and just having the great "homey" feeling in general! Great post!

  14. Agree with the hot water… Especially after showering in a community bathroom all semester at school!

  15. I'm grateful for our spacious duplex. I love having more space! oh, and our own washer and dryer!!

  16. i'm super super super grateful for our lint brush. we have three precious pups and they leave their little fluffy hairs everywhere…..i'm constantly chasing them around with it but i wouldn't have it any other way.

  17. I love this!

    Around our little studio apartment I'm so grateful for a love seat, a crackling candle, a teapot & a washer & dryer! (I know what you mean about city life!! It's even more rare in studios, but we are luck luck lucky!).

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  19. Hanna

    i just moved half away around the world with only a rucksack and my brand new husband for company. Our apartment has literally nothing except a bed (which we scored 2nd hand this week), a chest of drawers which we found on the street and are renovating, and our picture frames which i packed from home. It amazing how a few little pictures can make even an empty apartment feel like home…

  20. Kiasa

    I love this Naomi! I love that we have a washer and dryer right outside our basement bedroom door (it's still the building one, and it consumes endless amounts or quarters), but it is a blessing. I'll have to try Targets white sheets! I love that we live in such an awesome neighborhood.

  21. that picture of E is just so adorable.

  22. I'm grateful for our front lawn, the park across the road & the beach a 5min bike ride away. All lifesavers when I have a bored/grumpy little 12month old at home!

  23. Katy

    ahhh a washer and drier. Mine is outside my door and to the right. Which means in the winter I have to put on snow boots to go wash my clothes. BLAH! Such a sweet post.

  24. Speaking of NY apartments… I wish I had a washer/dryer! I am greatful that we are moving from our shoebox studio apartment into a bit bigger 1 1/2 bedroom! YAY! Never has counter space felt sooooo good!

  25. I'm grateful for a basement to send kids to when you have company over so they can entertain themselves down there! (It's more of a death trap right now since there's SO much junk down there!)

  26. Bev

    What a lovely list! Once i start my gratitude lists i start coming up with more and more to be grateful for…the gift that keeps on giving :)

  27. Jamie

    Great post! This is the week to remember our blessings.

  28. ah! what a great list! and that picture of eleanor is priceless!

  29. these are perfect, you really put thought into them.

  30. after hearing about the woman who had her face and hands ripped off by a chimpanzee, i must say I am very grateful to have these things….every little thing is a huge blessing!

  31. Ashten

    My little rental isn't as cool as yours, but I love our little porch. My dog, Warner, goes out there and barks at everyone like it's his job and we get to put lights on it for Christmas! I can't wait!

  32. today i

    I am thankful for my 3 children and yes their mess as well!

  33. Jessica

    Aw, this is so sweet. We just purchased a home and I'm most thankful for that…we were living with parents prior, so this is huge for us.

  34. Definitely the washer and drier, hee, but the little messes, too. Just like you said. And nowadays, I think the breadmaker. Plus just having a home with a back yard that needs raking and all the muss and fuss that comes with owning :)

  35. such a lovely list, as always! adore the one of you talking about your home being lived in. so important. and so precious! love!
    xo TJ

  36. she is soooo cute! i am thankful for the food placed on my table, the roof over my head, and the pillow to lay it on. have a spectacular thanksgiving everyone!!!

  37. joolee

    ditto on the little messes. love those little dirty handprints on our back door too. i almost hate to wipe them off! and i'm thankful our beautiful laminate wood flooring that was just installed TODAY!! it's wonderful – the previous owners of our house had no children…hence the carpet under the dining table. (!!??) nightmare, i tell you…so it's not real wood, but oh this flooring is amazing…now for a cozy rug and a Christmas tree. :)

  38. Jess

    Such a little cutie. x

  39. Love this post as well! I like that you are doing different topics for things you are grateful for! Things I am grateful for around my home are my comfy bed and comfy couch, our cute picture wall, and lots of memories with my husband! :]

  40. honestly. ur blog is super awesome. i even put yours as my blog list. keep on writing, ok. love it.

    yer, we shuld be grateful to all the things god gave us. amen for that.

    by the way. this is my blog:

  41. Sal

    i am thankful for thick duvets and underfloor heating!

  42. amber

    I am thankful for my warm bed, our fire place, large laundry room, and my (finally) completed craigslist dresser re-do. :)

  43. Awww! As always, Eleanor is absolutely adorable!

  44. Samantha

    I loved your post today because it graciously let all your readers see that life is not perfect, but we are thankful for what we have anyway. Enjoy this Thanksgiving with your little angel!
    sincerely, s

  45. Juliette

    Thankful for my teeny-tiny shoe box home in the heart of Paris :)

  46. Tami

    i'm thankful for a laundry room inside the house and our very own mailbox at the end of our driveway.

  47. I'm thankful for my family and friends and my camera…

  48. Definitely grateful for heating. And blankets. And my pillow. And all other things that keep my warm.

  49. Danielle


  50. mark just said – oh look! a bumbap! haha. and then he said, oh look, vagima.
    yay! day club!

  51. Lottie

    I am thankful for my washer dryer too, despite the dryer no being the greatest. I am thankful for our bed and our bedroom…I love it now afer having moved some things around and the pink roses on the bedside bookcase make me smile.

    I will be especially grateful for our oven when it is working again!

  52. to be honest i am just thankful to have my home back. after suffering a devastating flood back in June we were just able to move back in 3 weeks ago. just in time for the holidays. my heart breaks for the other 15,000 people in my city that have to spend theirs in FEMA trailers. we are definitely blessed! in more ways than one.

  53. Things around the house – hm. The new painting above my bed, the gradual process of completing my home office, fresh baked food in the oven – to name a few!


  54. I love the theme of this–I am also thankful for many things within my own home. Home should be where you want to be.

    Love your blog as always.


  55. Rachael

    Your little daughter..I just want to hold her! She's so cute!!
    I am thankful for my sister and I's Apartment! We just moved in this summer, and it is so great.
    I'm thankful for our Washer and Dryer too! It is so awesome that we have one in the apartment!

  56. I'm thankful for our fireplace. It keeps us warm and cozy during the cold weather. :)

  57. my bed, and the people who live in my home!

  58. These exact things! It's like you extracted my own wonderful things I'm so happy to have (because I know what it's like not to have them) from my brain and put them in your blog post!

  59. Yes, hot water is a biggie. our fire place,our freshly painted green front doors that make me happy, essential oils that I use for just about everything,and big giant fat leather couch that fits us all.

  60. cait

    Love that you're thankful for the little things – it's so easy to take the simple everyday things for granted.

  61. holtkamp

    although i am so grateful for everything i have now, i will be so grateful when we have a parking spot of our own! :)

  62. Mel

    hey, have you gotten your babe screened for lead poisoning by her pediatrician since you live in such an old house? just making sure!!!