eleanor’s first thanksgiving.

thanksgiving day was wonderful this year.
eleanor did this really kind thing where she slept in until 9am (which meant we all slept in until 9am…. ahhhhh-mazing) which started our day off quite nicely.
we then spent most of the day cooking, eating, skyping with family and checking out some monuments together in glorious 65 degree weather. we loved having my little sisters come to town. they are always a lot of fun (and such big helps in the kitchen). and we loved polishing off left overs all weekend long, too…. turkey and stuffing is somehow always better the second day. it just is.
hope your thanksgiving day was great, too!
  1. Allie

    Such an adorable picture! My Thanksgiving was absolutely perfect and I'm glad yours sounds just as good!

  2. Brooklyn

    Eleanor is such a cutie! Glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

  3. holtkamp

    your dinner spread is making me hungry for thanksgiving again! glad you guys had a good one!

  4. Shannon

    Love Eleanor's smile! I also believe that turkey and stuffing is better the next day. Preferably mashed all together in a sandwich.

  5. Sounds like a very happy Thanksgiving! You and Eleanor are adorable, and she's so on trend in her colored pants :)

  6. you guys are adorable, as always :)

  7. Christy

    So funny. My little guy slept till nine too! I thought he was dead.

  8. C.

    That's a very appetising table… I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving here in Ireland!

  9. Ashten

    I am seriously loving your glasses! Your daughter is beautiful. Happy holiday season!

  10. Rachel

    Leftovers are magic flavor gifts!

  11. Such a cute picture of you two :) Looks like a great Thanksgiving. I look forward to having them at my house one day (when we have a house, haha).

  12. Jessi

    Your meal looks so delicious! So glad to hear you got to sleep in. Doesn't that always make the day so much better?? Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving with family :)

  13. JacPfef

    after eating thanksgiving leftovers for the last 4 days, I am somehow STILL craving thanksgiving food. YUM.

    Your thanksgiving sounds (and looks) lovely!

  14. sam

    Where did you get your tunic? Adorable!

  15. Kendra

    Yay for sleeping in! And the weather has been delightful. We spent Saturday wandering the city too. Should've given you a jingle!

  16. Looks like a beautiful Thanksgiving. I love left over turkey and stuffing!

  17. Abigail

    Love your dishes! and little Eleanor looks so happy. absolutely adorable!


  18. Looks tasty! Mine could have been better, but it was just a learning experience for next year. Not sure how to make the holiday as festive as I want but we'll figure it out!

  19. cute cute, your dinner looks delicious!

    I love your Manhattan/NYC map on the wall! Where is it from? Looking for something like it :)


  20. gah I cant get over how cute she is.

  21. Kimber

    Gorgeous pic of the two of you!! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  22. ah so cute! hope you had a good one : )

  23. Love the picture of you and Eleanor! Gorgeous spread as well. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

  24. you and your daughter are so beautiful!! Happy Holidays!

  25. her smile in that photo is straight off the gerber jar. so sweet. xx

  26. Mrs. C

    Oh I love your table! Looks beautiful!!!! And how happy is E!! Just makes me smile!! I've got a simple recipe for baked cinnamon apple chips!!! Perfect for entertaining!


  27. AaReAn

    It looks like you had a wonderful holiday! BTW I emailed you a little bit ago about ad rates…just hoping it doesn't get lost in the shuffle!

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!



  28. Alivia

    Too cute! Your table looks just perfect, also :)

  29. Isn't sleeping in glorious?! My husband was kind enough to let me sleep in after midnight shopping on black friday. He took care of baby all morning. I think I finally got up around 11:30 am. So nice.

    Eleanor looks adorable. Is there ever a bad picture of her?! Impossible!

  30. E is such a cutie pie! Looks like she really enjoyed her first Thanksgiving!

  31. Looks like a great time had by all – so exciting when it's a baby's first!

  32. Maria

    The table looks amazing! As does the cooking! It's good to see that y'all had a good Thanksgiving.

  33. Jordan

    I have the same stripped tunic :)

  34. gosh isn't it SO nice when they sleep!? ours took a loong nap right before we ate and that was heaven in our book!
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  35. I love the style of all your images. It's like this soft glow that I can seem to get with my camera….

  36. hyemi

    just to let you know… you're one of my top inspirations for my recovery from addictions. every time i wanna give up, i check your blog and feel inspired to try again so i can someday have a happy family like yours :) so thanks!

  37. Alex

    She has such a beautiful little smile!

  38. Reena

    Naomi, I really love love your tunic! May I ask where you got it? :)

  39. robyn

    you and eleanor are the cutest!!

  40. Kelsey

    I can't believe she's so old already. Feels like I was just reading pregnancy posts the other day.

  41. you're table look delicious! i'm glad you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

  42. oh gosh, baby e in that last photo is just too precious! she's getting so big!
    and you are right, turkey, stuffing, and green bean casserole is just always better the next day. ADORE!
    xo TJ

  43. Sara

    Your table looks lovely, and that photo of you two is so sweet!

  44. look at the way she's posing/smiling at the camera! she loves it.

  45. janis

    i like the look of that table!

  46. It sounds like your weekend was just perfect! And sleeping in until 9 am is wonderful!! :] Also, I LOVE your shirt in that picture!!

  47. my thanksgiving was great and i am glad yours was too! (i like my turkey the next day in a sandwich to)

  48. this is completely random, but I just thought you might want to check this out
    rainymood.com (even better when you open youtube and play moonlight sonata at the same time)
    seriously, I have it playing now. it's amazing.

    anyways, have a good day! eleanor looks adorable and perfect, as per usual :)

  49. You and Eleanor are the cutest ever. Love your blog and your family. Glad to hear your thanksgiving was amazing!

  50. Michelle

    That table looks amazing! I always love looking at your gorgeous photos, Eleanor looks like such a fun girl xo

  51. the table looked promising! Glad to hear you had an amazing thanksgiving :) xo

  52. Table full of plates with lovely meal and smile on your faces! What a perfect combination :) Seems you´ve really enjoyed a family day!

  53. Betsy

    Oh what a beautiful spread! how gorgeous it must have been to have your sisters there for eleanor's first thanksgiving.

  54. whimsy

    looks so beautiful! i have those same plates:) they are my fav

  55. I'm totally falling in love with your blog you and your little family look amazing and the food you make looks so good and tasty. I'm just gonna look at all your pages fot the whole evening :)